Epoxy powder coating features good corrosion resistance

Introduction to epoxy powder coating powder

It is a kind of thermosetting powder coating powder with corrosion resistance and toughness, the earliest application and rapid development, composed of epoxy resin, color filler, additives and curing agent. Epoxy powder coating powder is one of the corrosion-resistant coatings with good performance. It is widely favored and welcomed by the market because of its excellent adhesion, flexibility, and excellent corrosion resistance and anti-corrosion life.

Composition of epoxy powder coating powder

The preparation of epoxy powder coating powder is the only method to produce thermosetting powder coating powder, that is, melting and mixing extrusion method -- mixing, melting and mixing extrusion, fine grinding.

Epoxy powder coating powder epoxy resin required conditions: epoxy equivalent should be between 700 and 100 solid resin, molecular weight distribution is narrow; ​at its curing temperature, low melting viscosity, easy leveling, flat and thin coating; ​good dispersed to pigments and fillers.

Curing agents for epoxy powder coating powder mainly include dicyandiamide, designated derivatives, acid anhydride, imidazole, cyclic ether, phenolic resin polyester resin, boron trifluoride amine complex. In industry, dicyandiamide, imidazoles and cyclic ethers are generally used.


Characteristics of epoxy powder coating powder

(1) the adhesion of epoxy powder coating powder is strong, especially to metal;

② The film of epoxy powder coating powder has good mechanical properties, high hardness, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance;

③ The melting viscosity of epoxy powder coating powder is low, the leveling property is good, the coating is basically free of pinhole and shrinkage hole and other defects;

(4) There are many varieties of epoxy powder coating powder, which can be prepared with no light, light, pattern, hammer grain, etc.;

⑤ The coating thickness of epoxy powder coating powder can reach 50-300μm at a time. For the uncoated powder, it can be recycled;

⑥ The coating equipment of epoxy powder coating powder has high requirements and large investment, which requires complex and precise equipment.

Is the corrosion resistance of epoxy powder coating powder good?

Epoxy resin has strong anticorrosive adhesion, good flexibility and corrosion resistance.

The coating is divided into two kinds of base material: group A base material for resin, initiator; ​group B base material is active monomer, catalyst.

First division and mixed with b, three types of interpenetrating network that long at the molecular level, form interpenetrating polymer network structure, and further that the patience, strength, coating adhesion, resistance to penetration exudative and chemical languid is lazy get forward, also make coating has better function. Now, after an IPN to improve the function of the polymer, is a new type of polymer blend of skills.

Epoxy series anticorrosive coating is a kind of castor oil type polyurethane and polysubstituted ethylene interpenetrating polymer copolymer. During the mixing and curing process of the coating, the rubber network of the former and the plastic network of the latter penetrate, penetrate and firmly adhere to the surface of the coating.

Anti-corrosion maintenance and decoration on the surface of the material.

Epoxy resin series anti-corrosive coatings have high strength, high tolerance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, acid, alkali and salt corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, hydrolysis resistance, gasoline resistance, fire oil and other media, non-toxic and non-combustion and other excellent functions.

As an anti-corrosion material, epoxy resin not only has the characteristics of compact, water resistance, leakage resistance, advanced strength, together with strong adhesion, normal temperature operation, simple construction and other outstanding technology, and the price is moderate.

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