4 thoughts on “The gold price has fallen and wants to buy gold, but the bank makes you be careful. What is going on?”

  1. Because the global economy is presenting a relatively fluctuating trend, although the price of gold has fallen, it may be more fell later, so banks will make everyone be careful.

  2. The price of gold prices itself is very unstable, and its market fluctuates greatly. Some people will buy gold while the gold price decreases, but the bank makes you be careful. So what is going on? For our ordinary people, we may want to wait for the gold price to fall and buy it. After the rise, it can be sold. This can earn some profits from it, but the bank advises everyone to buy it carefully when the price of gold falls. So when is the best time to buy gold?
    If you simply want to buy because of the gold price, you still have to consider it carefully. You must start with it. It is recommended to buy gold bars or golden plates. Things, because the market of gold prices is very unstable, ordinary people go to buy physical gold, there will be various surgical expenses and work expenses. Even if the price of gold has risen significantly in the future, real gold, realization of real gold, and monetization may not make money. , So for ordinary people, don’t think about investing in gold as a profit, because this is an unwise behavior. Even if you sell it later, you can’t make much money, because when you buy A lot of costs, so if you want to make money through gold, you will die early.
    Because the Internet is developing rapidly now, many people can view the price of gold prices anytime, anywhere, but even if you know offline physical stores, it is impossible to adjust the price immediately. At least it may be about ten days. , So if you just cut the price, do n’t choose to buy it. You can wait for about ten days before considering buying gold, because the market at this time is generally relatively stable. In fact, personal suggestions You can choose to consider, but if you want to invest in gold, you can’t make much money, it is likely that you will lose money at that time, so the risk is still relatively large.

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