5 thoughts on “Can gold and platinum be put together?”

  1. It can only produce yellow and white, but it is difficult to break back after the alloy. Platinum is not enough to keep it in gold, but the platinum is rare than gold. You do n’t like to buy it back.

  2. I suggest that different varieties of jewelry should not be placed together. Although the nature of gold and platinum is very stable, no change will happen together, but the hardness of the two is different from the difference, the gold is soft, and the platinum is relatively hard. Worn

  3. No, the two are put together or worn together, it is easy to cause friction and cause the gold surface to be damaged, and gold can easily make platinum yellow and affect the color of platinum.

    So should be placed separately when collecting and custody of gold jewelry to avoid mixing with other jewelry, especially not to be placed with platinum jewelry. Gold is softer, while platinum is large.

  4. Gold cannot be worn with platinum jewelry, otherwise, the platinum ring will become yellow.
    The domestic platinum jewelry usually contains 90%of pure platinum and is attacked on the “PT900” logo. Platinum white gloss is naturally natural, and long -term wearing will not fade. The hardness of platinum makes it the best friend of diamonds. White K gold is gold and some alloys are white. It only contains 75%of gold.
    Molying the squeezing of daily gold, because the pure gold is too soft, the gold is usually synthesized with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to increase its hardness and durability. Generally speaking, the hardness of 18K gold inlaid with jewelry is lower than that of platinum and is easy to wear. If it is worn with platinum jewelry, platinum is easily stained by gold. Causes platinum discoloration. I don’t have easy cleaning, only to get a store for special care.

    The gold is relatively soft and easy to deform. Avoid collision, squeeze, pull, etc. to avoid deformation. Gold cannot be worn with platinum jewelry, otherwise, the platinum ring will become yellow. Because of the high hardness of platinum and low gold, after friction, the gold powder is dipped in the platinum surface, and the phenomenon of platinum turns yellow.

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