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  1. Introduction
    Serfel Jewelry and Jewelry Co., Ltd. was established in September 2006. It is a unique international high -end jewelry brand with unique fashion taste. The market tide of the jewelry brand fashion pioneer.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, Syphel Jewelery is the first brand of the jewelry. Like Chow Tai Sheng's jewelry brands, they all name their names in the world. From one thing, we can understand that there is a patent of Saifel Jewelry, that is, seamlessly connecting gold. The national regulations must reach 99.99 % of the golden gold content, so it is required that the welding link of gold cannot be added in the processing process of the processing process. The brand with gold welding has so far only Syphel.

  3. Syphel jewelry is a front -line brand. Many people know. Syphill, their welded welding technology, the gold content is as high as 999.9 ‰, which can enjoy a new service of 1 yuan each year.

    Ofir gold?

    Thefel's welded gold jewelry is generally good, and it has developed rapidly in recent years. It also has its own seat in the Chinese gold industry. The technology of technology is as high as 999.9 ‰, and their jewelry style also follows the trend.

    The search "gold jewelry", "gold jewelry", and "gold pendant" in Tmall. The ranking of Safir has a good ranking, and the sales volume is good. Brand awareness and user foundation.

    The Shenzhen Saifel Jewelry and Jewelry Co., Ltd., began in 1993, created the brand "without solder gold". Syphel pioneered the flaws of "Weldless Welding Technology" to end traditional gold "welded welding", making gold more pure and valuable, and won the "First Prize of the China Gold Association Technology".

  4. It is very good. The biggest feature is no welded gold without adding any solder. Such gold is more pure and more valuable, and it truly realizes "more positive, more environmentally friendly and healthier."

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