4 thoughts on “May I ask you, do you usually give me a gift to the guests?”

  1. Answer: There are different customs in various places. Generally, there are happy eggs, pastries, candy, cakes, and so on. You can ask the people around the family.
    The full -month wine refers to a banquet set up one month after the baby was born. In ancient times, the Han people believed that it was a difficulty to survive for a month after birth. At this time, in order to celebrate their children through the difficulties and wish newborns to grow up healthy, the full moon ritual ceremony is usually held.
    This to invite relatives and friends to participate in witness and pray for blessings for children. This is the source of “full moon wine”. Nowadays, people have set up a banquet to celebrate the birth of their babies. This ceremony is called “full moon wine”.
    If in ancient times, the full moon can also be called “full moon egg”. Unlike other wine club banquets, the host will prepare in advance and give the red eggs as a gift to guests attending the banquet. In convention, each guest’s home will send 4 “red eggs” for them to take it back to eat. Later, considering other factors, the cooked “red eggs” would also be replaced by red raw eggs.
    Stocks have extended to this day, and there have been many ways to express red eggs. According to the improvement of modern production technology, there are many rich and diverse red egg substitutes. Hong Kong -style milk eggs (this is a more western -style dessert, using sweet kidney beans, crispy crispy plasma.
    made a cute egg shape, packaged with red tin foil, clean and hygienic. ) There is also a name: egg yolk crisp (this is a kind of traditional craftsmanship of Soviet moon cakes evolved. The duck egg yolk embedded in oil, outsourced meringue, is an authentic Chinese flavor.) The red eggs are a reflection of authentic Chinese rituals!
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Man Moon Wine

  2. I am very happy to answer this question for you to see your personal point of description of this question and the suggestions for you. First of all, you can describe it. What do you usually send for your full monthly wine? Description First of all, the customs of China ’s great things are also different, but it is generally in the past, around the 1990s, most of them returned a red egg. Back gifts are usually a red envelope, and then give them a gift to 20 yuan 50 yuan. This can be said that if you come here to give gifts here and eat 20 yuan, and then let others take the gifts here. Generally, 50 yuan will be returned.

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