Now that it is more and more difficult to do catering, why are there so many people squeezing their heads for catering?

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  1. It is getting more and more difficult to do now, why are there so many people squeezing their heads for catering?

    This owner of the last job, named Huang, who was transferred to cook, before he did trade. Although it is said that the separation is like a mountain, the boss has its own way to ask professionals to manage.
    The minister of the floor knows what it is, from the training of the waiter, that is, the way of hospitality, how to welcome guests, as small as the tea cup and chopsticks, there is a unified standard for how to pour wine. When you go to the kitchen management, how many goods should you enter every day and how to deal with emergencies.
    . For example, the ribs are not enough. What kind of condiment is missing is the minister. In my eyes, although the ministerial salary is high, there are too many things to manage, there is no difference from the miscellaneousness, and the responsibility is important.
    The characteristics of making catering are large flowing water. For example, 100 tables for the New Year's Eve dinner in our store, calculated on the average consumption of each table, is 150,000 business, which does not include drinks and the like, and there is no arrears. Essence
    After the restaurant is closed every day, boss Huang will come to see the account book and take away cash. Sometimes I talk about tea with accounting, and of course the specific content cannot be known. There is just a weird image. Boss Huang is not attentive to the restaurant's operation. How much turnover is, he always looks like a smile.

    . For example, in the off -season, sometimes more employees are more than guests. Boss Huang did not lay off layoffs and paid a salary. As a chef, I feel embarrassed to eat and drink. I really look forward to a few tables of guests. I have done it. The atmosphere is not too embarrassing. The emperor is not urgent.
    Later, the relevant departments came to take the ledger, boss Huang, and the accountant also entered the game. It is said that it is suspected to make fake accounts, involving "money laundering". That is, every day, other income is calculated into the restaurant's turnover. As soon as this goes out, the money will be whitewashed, and the flowers can be bright. The information involved in the roadside society is 8 digits, and the boss is daring enough.
    Stherium, I went to another restaurant to work. The owner's surname Chen belonged to the first entrepreneurial. According to Boss Chen, he has done a market survey. Among the industries in all walks of life, he still has a good food and drinking.
    but Boss Chen ignored a problem, which is the passenger flow. He drove the store next to the cinema. It seemed that the traffic was large, but they all went to watch movies. There were not many real diners. Boss Chen's original idea was that the current young people are usually watching movies after eating, and relying on the mountains of the cinema, their own business must be good.
    The month just after opening, due to the high publicity of the hotel and the price discount, it naturally attracted many guests, which belongs to the loss of money. At the end of the event, the passenger traffic dropped immediately, so he did not live for 3 months. Boss Chen made another decision to change the dishes and changed from Sichuan cuisine to Cantonese cuisine.

    It is in this environment, enter the kitchen of Boss Chen's restaurant, and start working. Due to the sudden change of dishes, the only diners were at a loss and slowly lost. Re -drainage, tossed for another 2 months, the business began to slowly go to the track, and finally relieved.
    Even if the business improves, in addition to various expenses in the store, such as manual, water and electricity tuition stores, boss Chen found that income is not as good as ordinary people. In pain, he decided to go out at a low price and end with a loss of 150,000. I also unemployed again.
    The period of time to find a job, many people advise me to open a restaurant myself. What they didn't know was that the chef opened the restaurant, and the ten or seven or eight were ended with failure. First of all, there is no big data analysis. This fast food is better. They will compare from passenger flow, location, and store area.
    to determine where the store is opened. You can go to the site of foreign fast food to see if it is the only way for consumers. The other is the variety. Fast fast food allows trial and error. The soy milk and buns in Tianjin Store. After a period of time, the sales volume is not good, and it will be withdrawn immediately.
    is not accidental. After a market survey, foreign fast food found that the hot dry noodles were one of the favorite of Wuhan people. Before the sale, they also tried it to strive to approach the dietary habits of the locals. So once it was launched, the business was booming.

    It how I checked big data. The method is simple, that is, on the takeaway platform, the highest order rate is the highest. This is not tight, the dishes include eight major cuisines, fast food, foreign cuisine. It means that the eighteen martial arts must be proficient. In this way, the store can be unbeaten, but I don't have this.
    1 1. Preparation
    Is before deciding to enter the catering industry, everyone must do a good job of preparation, do more market research, and learn to see big data. Ask more, such as a restaurant, do well, why it suddenly sells at low prices. Don't be confused by superficial phenomena. Many guests may be entrusted and show you intentionally.
    2. Perseverance for
    The conditions in all aspects are in line with the restaurant. As the boss, you must keep a stare at each step. From the purchase of raw materials, the quality of the dishes, the management of the kitchen, to the waiter's training, the cashier control, etc., every link cannot be error.
    . Do not use relatives
    I hate people who are rich and poor. When you have no money, you will even look down on you. Essence If the restaurant hires relatives, they will secretly make the mix when they have a small achievement. Although they will not mess up the hotel, there are endless problems. It's enough for you to drink a pot.

    The joke in us, "Who do you have to hate with, then persuade him to open a restaurant." How hard. However, there are many people who are the first choice for catering as a startup. It may be that the profit of catering is relatively large, and the threshold is still low. And there is always the idea of ​​eating and eating for the food industry. In fact, only those who have done catering know that the profit of the catering industry is not large and the cost is high. Profit is also particularly difficult. If you are not careful, you will lose your family!
    The has been doing the catering industry for 20 years. I remember when I first started doing the catering industry in two thousand years, a seventh or eighty -year -old man in the store. After I finished dinner, he asked me Essence Is your restaurant renting a house or a house you bought by yourself? I told him that I bought this noodle room. The old man said: The house you bought yourself is okay. If you have a house that is not done, you can still have a house left. If the rental house is opened, then the day you do n’t do it, you can only have a pot of pots and bowls. For pots, the rest can be left. The old man didn't make much money for a lifetime of the restaurant for a lifetime. Just earn a living fee.
    The more and more people who choose their jobs now, the threshold for doing business is getting higher and higher. Many people do not have a skill, and the funds on hand are not strong. But what business wants to do, and the lowest business threshold is the catering industry, especially the small hotel. In fact, the investment in catering is not high, and the shops with a small number of dollars can be done by hundreds of thousands of yuan. But the current competition in the catering industry is particularly fierce. Unless you have your own unique catering characteristics or occupy a favorable geographical location, you do n’t worry about customers. This may also make some money. If your head is hot, you will open a place to open a place at will, then the chance of losing money is very high.
    In fact, the profit of the catering industry is not high, and the operating costs are amazing. If you encounter the epidemic like this year, it is almost a lingering family. And it is very hard to do catering, and there is no kind of profiteering that everyone imagines. In fact, what you earn is hard money. Don't look at the appearance, don't look at others to make money. But doing catering is not everyone. Before making catering, we must first make a plan to lose money.
    It do not consider making catering if you want to make a lot of money. Unless you are not bad money, join a big brand of catering, everything has professional managers to take care of, and maybe you can get benefits in the catering industry.
    The problem is indeed worth reflecting.
    Why do so many people squeeze their heads for catering? There are nothing more than two reasons:
    , they think they can do catering, that is, they do not know it is difficult to do before doing it.
    It is the most likely to do and do well in what you think you will do and can do. In other words, others will not do it, at least can you do well in your heart.
    This reflects the blindness of entrepreneurship from one side.

    in recent years, the term "social animal" is very popular. Many people do not want to do "social animals". What should I do? Entrepreneurship. What do you do and find that the catering is the most contact with himself. Who hasn't been in the restaurant? It was not difficult, so I got the catering.
    . After doing it, I found that it was not easy to make catering.
    The people think that cooking is not just cooking and cooking. How difficult is it? Conversely, the threshold for catering is low.

    people are often not choosing right, but easy to choose. This is human nature.
    In fact, the lower the threshold, the more difficult it is to do.
    It is easy to do catering. In fact, there are many knowledge in catering, and it is a hard work.
    I always think that a small business is a necessary condition that I must be a chef. It may not have to be stir -fry by yourself, but you can hire the chef, but you must cook, know how to make each dish, and how to improve the problem, so as not to be "held" and bluffed by the chef.
    , in fact, there are many primary schools in doing catering, which seems to have nothing to do with it, but this may determine the life and death of a restaurant.
    For a small example.
    I friends who opened a small flies restaurant many years ago. He chooses a time point to buy food for the wholesale market every day.
    Table wholesalers are almost sold, and retailers have not yet started to sell.
    This at this time, there are not many wholesale dishes, just give some money, and it is about the heap processing. Because they are going to hurry. And the car is parked in the wholesale market and is charged on an hour.
    If you go early, people mainly wholesale to vegetable vendors, do not care about you;
    If you go late, the wholesalers will go, and the price of zero stalls is very expensive.
    . My friend "picks up" a "leftovers" back every day. It is very cheap, and the amount given to customers is particularly large. Moreover, what you buy, do more (of course, big restaurants cannot do this).
    So his shop is very profitable.
    but very hard.

    It must be a person who must be in person to make a catering. At present, there is a private restaurant mainly seafood. The price is not low. It is also very profitable, the store is not big, but the net profit of five or six million years.
    In two or three in the morning every day, he will send himself to buy seafood in the seafood market, which is usually the best. Unless there are very special reasons, he must buy it himself.
    of course, there is another prerequisite. He has been a chef who has been in a big restaurant in Jinan for more than ten years. He generally does not cook the chef, but what raw materials to buy and how to make "door clear".
    In the food, go home to sleep for three or four hours, and at 9 o'clock, go to the store and stare at lunch.
    S sleep for two or three hours in the afternoon, and stare at the evening hall, sometimes one or two in the morning.
    one time, we finished drinking, more than 1 o'clock. I just arrived at home and found that he was already in the seafood market.
    The most painful thing is that the time to sleep was beaten very broken.
    2. The choice of entrepreneurship is easy to do, and it is easy to die just now. The choice is easy, not right, it is human nature.
    but starting a business, it is easy to choose or die.
    The example is too many. Take a look at the update frequency of the streets and alleys around you. After 3 years, you can basically stabilize.
    A very simple logic is. Such is so easy, you can do it, others can do it, why do you do well if others do not do well? You do it, others do it, and the competition is very motivated.

    This said that when everyone thinks that something should be done (referring to business), it should not be done.

    The people should see that in recent years, there are also many small shops for daily use, fruits and vegetables.
    one day, I talked to a shop owner. He said that there were 17 similar small shops around our community (not a large new community). It is easy to open a store, but it is difficult to do business.
    a few days ago, I saw a store posted a rental information.

    Finally, for entrepreneurship, my suggestion is:
    First of all, do not say it, I do n’t do it. Do not choose things that are easy to do for most people, and it is often not easy to do well. Either choose a lot of people who can't do it, or do a very ordinary thing, do not the same thing as others.
    What do you say?
    Sometimes I have to say that people cannot earn money other than their cognition.
    Mou who has never done catering again: 1. The catering is very simple, what my mother does is delicious, as long as I copy my mother's formula, the business is definitely hot, and the franchise store will be opened after the fire. Essence Essence Essence I never expected that the deliciousness of her mother was just used to the habit of her snacks.
    2. Catering is very profitable and will not be pressed. As everyone knows, rent and labor are the biggest costs.
    In short, it is the lack of awareness of the catering industry.
    This threshold for the catering industry is low, and everyone can do it. Many chefs can do nothing at all. The daughter -in -law has been diverted twice after confinement. Named name, randomly, unlike any palace palace chicken and fish incense shredded, rural areas are randomly matched. You are called celery fried meat. Your name is oligal fried meat. The purpose of many people is to be affordable, just eat full, and do not pay attention to the taste of color, as long as it is economical.
    The restaurant closed every day. It is transferred today. Someone will take over tomorrow. It can be opened normally the day after tomorrow. This is a common thing. We can often see hotel transfer. For more people, it is often like this. Many times everyone does not understand, why is it so fast? Can't understand.
    It is really difficult to do, and now people are particularly particular about it. It is not the time when I was full for full. Intersection The hotel also pays attention to profits and costs, so it is difficult!
    has no good behavior. Considering it carefully, the hotel is the most reliable. Everyone often says that people have to eat! Indeed, the restaurant is difficult to do now. Is it economical and affordable? These two must be one of them. Otherwise, you do n’t have a foothold at all. Are you right?
    The restaurants are everywhere. We have not closed in five hotels in our village. They are all at their own home. There are no costs. If someone eats it, no one plays. There is a special business. Above, people are good at talking, how can it be, especially casually, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it doesn't look at it, taste it casually. Everyone knows that farmers are so cheap. When settlement, it is less to give business in rural areas. Do you say right?

    four years of catering people, currently dozens of stores. When I answered this question, I thought of chatting with a few friends a few days ago and said: I didn't have to choose a business.
    did you say that it is difficult to make catering?
    In 2021 this year, I still think that catering is an era of "people" who is slightly professional, and it will still be in the future. Because of catering, high -frequency, rigid, and low thresholds, almost no industry can match it.
    but the audience master, I said, the foundation of the entry of the catering industry from the past people can work to the current slightly professional. In fact, the threshold is slightly higher, and the threshold will continue to rise with the per capita GDP. high. You can refer to Japan and Europe and the United States. In the future, brand chain and century -old stores are born under high GDP.

    The above is the appetizer of the topic. The audience who can see it, let's go dry.
    "Squeezing the head to do catering" and entrepreneurship:
    The a while ago, I heard that everyone laughed and said that the most defeated behavior was entrepreneurial.
    The mobile technology has developed on this festival, and a large number of new generation of entrepreneurs have been born. Through the Internet express, they have all the peaks of life. Everyone feels that they have the opportunity to start a business to get rich.
    , but the entrepreneurial entrepreneurship here has nothing to do with ordinary people. After all, let you write code, and the threshold will sieve most people.
    In more, most people's entrepreneurial ideas are related to the environment around them. The surrounding market environment and information that can be exposed directly affect the project selection of entrepreneurs.
    It, you want to make some money from what you can do.

    This core question: The technical difficulty I can control (low technical threshold), I can withstand the investment funds (small investment), the successful case I can see (business The mode is mature or imitated)
    Actually, in fact, it is usually chosen in "clothing, food, housing and transportation".
    So, in fact, for most people, starting a business, and the screening layer by layer, there are few things you can do.

    . Today, with the increasing competition and pressure, I want to find a low threshold and broad prospects to do it. Everyone understands the truth of food. It is the first basic guarantee for human survival. To this end, I feel that as long as it is done well and operating well, it will never be unemployed. There is also a easily solve the problem of eating and drinking the family. This is the biggest advantage of making catering! For this reason, there are more and more people who want to do catering. They feel that even if they are not good, they can afford it, so it has caused you just singing today. One after another, the failure is greater than the embarrassing situation of success. Buying lessons, in fact, the catering industry seems simple, but it is really difficult to make a brand! Society is progressing, everything is changing. The development of the catering industry must be based on the long -term, progressive progress, and do not blindly follow the trend, and the quick success!
    It is really difficult to open a Chinese restaurant now. The main features, store decoration, and restaurant services must be done. You have to promote activity drainage. In the past, Chinese food mainly made money by wine. Today, the guests will count themselves. They bring their own liquor in the hotel. It is cheaper to drink beer in the store than going to the supermarket. The boss of ordering more than four dishes has to give a dish and take the initiative to apply a drink at the checkout. When I went to the rent, the employees had a lot of money left.
    On a fast food. It is impacted by the online takeaway to enter the store to eat less, take the takeaway deduction point, and the competitive pressure is very high. No one eats it. You can do fast food that you dare not eat, but this does not guarantee that you are not affected by unscrupulous merchants.
    So today's catering industry must carefully consider the direction of progress, make a long -term layout in the later period, and reasonably study the expectations of diners to our expectations. The dry transformation is a benign competition. It is better than dishes, than flavors, than services, and to win more diners with the superiority of positive energy.

    has a lot of room for the catering market. In the future, China's service industry will definitely develop.
    S especially in the development space of second -tier and third -tier cities is very large. Consumer groups are constantly changing, and more are young consumer groups. There are not many food and beverage brands in Chinese catering. It is just a bit famous in a certain area, or the family has done it for a long time. I didn't promote my things. Therefore, there are many population in China, and the catering market is still very large.
    As long as there are good dishes, the production has good creativity and design with good marketing strategic thinking. Whether it is in terms of product or space from the brand strategy, it is easy to seize the current young consumption. group. After all, there are not many well -known domestic catering brands. Moreover, there are many traditional Chinese dishes, and it is best to have a chance in a certain category.
    Themine in the future is not a simple opening restaurant to open the door to do business. More value transmission, service transfer, spiritual consumption transfer. In this way, the future space of the catering is still very large.
    This catering is not difficult to do just enter the catering market without thinking about what to do. It is difficult to do. I want to analyze the customer group, market positioning, determine how much the unit price is, the best marketing planning strategy, to create good production, please make good space and brand design output for professional design teams. Preparation and doing well, you run faster than others.
    This Chinese catering is still an upward trend, and there will be many flowers.
    , as a diners, they usually eat outside. Whether it is a restaurant or a fast food outside, it has also witnessed many houses and many newers. I believe that some restaurants have been opened for many years, and the source of customers has been very strong. Some restaurants can't stick to it soon.
    It's point of view of me as a diner, catering is difficult to do because of the difficulty of food, although we often say that public mouth is difficult to adjust, and everyone can satisfy everyone's taste?
    Wers of colleagues who dinner my colleagues used to go to a Hunan restaurant most once a month, and we can eat many times a year. At first, the taste is good. Everyone feels really delicious. The more I feel that it is unpalatable. After more than 1 year, we ask the chef if it is a substitution. The new waiter really tells us honestly that the chef has changed. The taste is different. We rarely go to eat. It was closed behind the restaurant.
    usually eating like to eat in a tea restaurant. I just opened a family and felt that it was necessary to try it. The service was normal. After eating a few times, I found that the quality of the service declined, the level of cooking also declined, and less and less diners. In less than half a year, the restaurant has also been closed for rent. Another tea restaurant is relatively long, but it is opened near the mall. In addition to the good traffic, the most important dishes can always be guaranteed. The taste is unchanged. Changing, it can always maintain a good taste, so I always like to eat, although it will be farther away from it.
    If the restaurant is good, we also know that it is still very profitable. As long as the average passenger flow is maintained every day, it is basically a stable earning. Several people were invested together, so there are still tens of thousands of monthly income.
    How to ensure the daily stable passenger flow, I think it is very important to maintain a good food taste. If even the diners can't catch it, then the food and beverage is always a layman. If you look at it, there are not many returning guests. There will be more business in the backing guests. In addition, it is difficult to make money without making money.
    For diners, it is the most important step to eat food.

    The following is an anti -common sense answer (also the face of the face)
    1. A large number of people who think that the threshold of the restaurant shop is low
    2. I feel that I eat a lot a lot, and I think I have a certain level, in fact, ~~~
    3. There are no other technologies and connections, and I ca n’t do anything else (a large group of people).
    4. I think that small catering (rice, noodles) is most people who just need it -it doesn't matter if you just need to just need to be related to you. Don't pull this in a small business. People do have to eat, but eating your rice is not just needed.
    5. I have not been in my career, I have no fear of entrepreneurship at all.
    6. I think that the investment in small shops is low, even if the loss is lost, it will not have a great impact -do not match the market to do business, and delusion to make the market match itself.
    7. The understanding of entrepreneurship is incorrect. Most of the risks of the most income risk of opening small catering and the final income risk of work are not large. If you can't talk about entrepreneurship, you can eat meals.
    8. It is considered that the location of small shops is easy. In fact, the location of small shops is more difficult, not just find a pit.
    9. There are also a group of joining a small shop, because there are many franchisees in small shops, and there are many joining companies in the small shop.

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