10 Wrapping papers to inspire florists

"1. Sydney Paper"

Sydney paper knead will have a fluffy effect, give a person a special sense of air, will make the bouquet appear extra soft, more three-dimensional, suitable for the bottom.

2. Brown Paper

flower packaging boxes supplier says the vintage natural color of kraft paper itself, combined with the tinted colors, gives a special effect. If the two-color presentation of the cowhide primary colors is retained, it is particularly suitable for pastoral, forest or artistic bouquet designs.

"3. Fog Face Paper"

The hazy feeling, like the fog flower, gives people unreal but another kind of beauty. At the same time, it can show the noble elegant modern texture of the bouquet, coupled with its pure color, is definitely the best choice for wrapping the bouquet.

4. Korean Vegetarian Paper

​Paper is soft, translucent, with a delicate feel, waterproof, solid color and pattern. Commonly used colors are flesh pink, white, blue ice, light purple, sapphire green, khaki, etc.

"5. Cellophane"

Cellophane is the most common type of wrapping paper used by florists. Smooth and transparent, thin and thick, waterproof. It is commonly used for the outer wrap of the bouquet, which can improve the overall fashion sense and glossiness of the bouquet. At the same time, the cellophane can also be used as the waterproof layer at the bottom of the flowers, which is lovely and practical.

"6. Net Yarn"

Net yarn, because of its yarn material and gives a person a feeling of fairy air floating, whether it is white or black, can increase the sense of romantic dream and mysterious ethereal sense of flowers. At the same time, simple but not simple design, let a person's eyes bright. Suitable for the outermost decoration. You can make an artistically imaginative bouquet.

"7. Butter Paper"

The specific fresh and elegant color of the butter paper, coupled with the natural texture of the paper, the delicate and smooth frosted texture and the silky touch, are extremely suitable for the bouquet packaging, giving people a calm atmosphere, low-key luxury feeling. With super waterproof and tear - proof effect.

8. Corrugated Paper

Monochrome corrugated paper is also known as plain brown kraft paper. Its gorgeous appearance of pure color is mottled bright under the mapping of light, simple and fashionable. The concave and convex work makes the paper appear more firm, plus layers of progressive grain make the bouquet more hierarchical, highlighting the elegant and graceful temperament of the bouquet.

9. Ouya Paper

Ouya paper is full of strong European style, elegant and soft, smooth and bright paper, can not only become the independent packaging of the bouquet, but also with all kinds of paper, improving the sense of hierarchy and gloss of the bouquet. It's perfect for those European style bouquets, making them luxurious and elegant without being soft.

"10. Carfen Paper"

Thick plastic material, easy plasticity, double-sided texture, waterproof, with texture, not easy to tear, deformation. Common colors are light powder, meat powder, bean paste color, advanced gray. ​Commonly used in the packaging of conventional bouquets.

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