The uncle of the 85th of the 85th cross -border e -commerce operations of the annual income is the first to teach you how to do the industry!

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  1. Hello everyone ~ I am a shrimp skin SHOPEE Xiaojia. I am very happy that you see my article, which shows that there is a fate ~ You can also share some related knowledge about cross -border e -commerce -Shopee shrimp skin platforms. Talk about how to do a good job of operating cross -border e -commerce shrimp skin? For example, how to apply, apply for how to open the store, and subsequent operations, details will be shared for everyone. In the last issue, the precautions for customer service work (the little cute people who did not see it can first take a look at the above)

    The previous issue of the method and technique of improving the strength of the store, just for If you have the strength to compete with your peers, what should the specific stores compete with their peers from their peers? This issue is to explore this issue

    . How can the store cope with the competition of peers?

    It improves the profit margin, click rate, and conversion rate of your own store. There are several results: 1. Increasing profit margins, you can make every order of your stores, earn more than peers. 2. Increasing the click -through rate allows your store to get more visitors at a lower cost. 3. Increase the conversion rate to make your shop visitors more customers.

    . Increasing the value of visitors in the store can also increase your competitiveness. rn rn 因为竞争越大,访客的获取成本就会越高,这个事实是无法改变的,但是对于所有的店铺来说,获得访客的成本相差不会太大,但如果一个Visitors come to your store, which can generate more sales than other stores, so under the same traffic cost, the sales of your store will be higher and the profit will be higher.

    Then there will be doubts about at this time. How can it increase the value of visitors?

    1. Increases the attractiveness of the product, thereby increasing the conversion rate and making more visitors become your customers.

    2. Expand the product category around the needs of customers and make related sales to increase the unit price of the customer.

    3. Grasp the customer's shopping frequency and activity rhythm, and contact consumers through CRM systems, drilling exhibitions, WeChat and other channels to increase the repurchase rate.

    three, any industry, most of the profits belong to the industry's first place, and can only drink some soup later. How can it be the first place in the industry? To subvert the existing industries or cultivate a segmented industry.

    It here we may encounter some problems: 1. It is difficult to subvert an industry, but each industry is constantly being subverted.

    . If a industry cannot be directly subverted in the short term, then you can subdivide customers and provide better solutions around a certain type of segmentation. One. When the customers in this segment are very satisfied, they can expand to a wider population.

    The handle these problems reasonably, I believe your shop will get better and better. Well, the above is the sharing of this issue. The above content is just my personal view. If there are other partners and other views, you can make comments and exchanges. You are very welcome to everyone. Then talk to you next issue -the data analysis of the store (1) Please see the next issue of the content

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