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  1. Generally, it is smooth wind. All express delivery will be stopped, but this will not be, you can go to some posts during this period.

    1. After the nail polish is applied to the cold water, it will dry quickly.

    2. The black head acne on the nose is very indecent. Squeeze with your hands and often leave traces. In fact, you can use your fingers to dip some fine salt on both sides of the nose. Then rinse it with water, the black head acne will be cleaned, and the pores will become smaller.

    3. Take a bus and stand on the side.

    4. When sleeping, the nose is plugged, and it is uncomfortable. Cover a small handkerchief on the face (just thin), and the nose is ventilated after a while.

    5. Drink drinks with a straw to prevent tooth decay.

    6. The beans on the back, use bath salt or Shanghai sulfur soap, insist on it for a while

    7. Treatment of rhinitis recipes, wash the nasal cavity with salt water.

    8. Vitamin E painted eyelashes, the eyelashes will become thick and long

    9. Many cups in the family have tea stains, you can use toothpaste brush, put on tea stains on tea stains , Come down as soon as you brush.

    10. If the clothes are accidentally dripped on the clothes, keep the clothes dry before washing the clothes, then drip the detergent in the place where the oil is dripping, then rub it twice, and then wash it. There will be no oil marks.

    11. When there are sand or foreign objects into the eyes, immediately spit, spit more, and then blink constantly, try to be on time.

    12. Drinking tea after eating too fatty food can stimulate autonomic nerves and promote fat metabolism.

    13. Coffee partners are fatter than potato chips.

    14. As long as you put a small chalk in the jewelry box, you can make the jewelry always keep it light.

    15. Eat things with odor, such as garlic, stinky tofu, just eat a few peanuts

    16. You can roll each piece of clothing into rolls.

    17. If the throat and gums are inflamed, cut the watermelon into small pieces at night and eat salt. Remember to be at night, the symptoms at that time will be alleviated, and the next day it will be fine. n
    18. When the mosquito was bitten, it would not itch for the soap.

    19. There are ulcers in the mouth, and vitamin C is pasted at the ulcer. Just fine

    20. If there is a small area of ​​skin damage or burns, burns, and apply a little toothpaste, you can immediately stop bleeding and pain.

    21 .. Yellow tooth yellow, you can chew peanuts in your mouth and brush your teeth for three minutes. It is very effective
    22. When you are spicy, put a little salt into your mouth, including it, spit it out, and rinse your mouth. Blink.

    24. MM with long wrists and thick wrists wants to bring thin bracelets, and you cannot stigmatize it. You should put a plastic bag on your hand and bring a bracelet. The same method is also the same.

    25. When stomach pain, press the tiger's mouth.

    26 .. When fried poached eggs, drop a few drops of hot water around the eggs. The fried eggs are particularly delicious.

    27. When the acne is very severe, the toothpaste is squeezed on it, and the swelling is super fast, but it will be washed off for about 2 hours, otherwise the skin will be bite black.

    28. Drinking green tea in the morning is appetizing and awake. Drinking wolfberry in the afternoon can improve your physique and favors sleep.

    29. Do not drink tea immediately after eating ravioli. Tea contains a large amount of target acid protein, which can cause fatty liver.

    30. In summer, it is easy to sweat at the foot. Soaking your feet with light saline every day can be effective.

    31. In the summer, the pillow is susceptible to the moisture to breed mold. It is often exposed to the sun. 33. When the milk expires cannot be drunk, you can soak the rags and use it to wipe the table floor. You can quickly remove the dirt.

    34. Cooking is not suitable for raw water. If you cook with boiling water, vitamin B1 can be removed.

    35. Girls' stockings are more likely to be scratched by sharp objects. After buying it, put it in the refrigerator for a while. If you wear it, it will not be easy to break.

    36. Put the birthday candle first in the refrigerator frozen room for 24 hours, and then insert it on the cake to lit.

    37. Cooking the meat to make the soup taste delicious, you can put the meat in cold water and cook slowly; if you want to make the meat taste delicious, you can put the meat in hot water.

    38. Put cups equipped with hot water into cold water and soak in cold water, and then sprinkle a amount of salt in cold water, so as to accelerate the cooling of boiling water.

    39. Before applying nail polish, wipe the nails with cotton dipping vinegar, and then apply nail polish after the vinegar is dry. The nail polish is not easy to fall off.

    40. Use silk thread to cut the pine eggs, which is evenly and non -sticky yolk. Cut the knife in the hot water and cut it neatly and beautifully.

    41. After eating garlic, drinking a glass of milk can eliminate the odor left in the mouth.

    42. Use strong tea or overnight tea to apply eyelashes to the eyelashes long. The ability to sterilize, regular consumption of honey can prevent dental caries.

    44. Migraphy can immerse your hands in hot water. The amount of water should be immersed in the wrist. After half an hour, the pain can be reduced.

    45. The plastic bottle cap is too tight and cannot be opened. Put it in the refrigerator for a while, and then it can easily unscrew it.

    46. Dry all kinds of petals and mix it in a box and place them in the living room or restaurant to make the full room fragrant.

    47. Touch the plastic bag, which is sticky and toxic, and the feel lubricated is non -toxic;

    48. The stains of the atomic pen, pour a small amount of vinegar on the handwriting of the clothes, rub it up and down, you can easily remove the traces.

    49. Put the juice installed in the cup and transport it on the tray. As long as a tablespoon is inserted in the cup, the juice will not overflow.

    50. The pH value of the air conditioning condensed water is neutral, which is very suitable for flowering and fish. It is not easy to produce alkali for bonsai breeding.

  2. Whenever the Chinese New Year is approaching, there is a version of express delivery timetable, which also makes many online shopping people nervous, but this year's express companies have uniformly said that they do not rest in the New Year!

    The a few days ago, express companies such as Yunda, SF, and Shentong issued an announcement saying that they would strictly implement the express delivery service requirements of the State Post Bureau's "unblocked network, not raising, not backlog", and adhered to the "universal year throughout the year. ", Run normally during the Spring Festival.

    , the above courier companies also mentioned that although the New Year is also normal and receive express delivery, the corresponding service fee will be increased.

    Among them, SF will increase the resource adjustment fee of not less than 10 yuan for heavy goods parcels, small tickets, logistics universal transportation, and special line general transportation products.

    At the same time, SF will also increase the resource adjustment fee of not less than 10 yuan during the Spring Festival from January 24 to 30.

    Yunda also said that the service fee will be increased appropriately during the Spring Festival, but it does not explain the amount.

    Huan Tong also mentioned in the announcement that during the Spring Festival, it may affect the timeliness of express delivery due to factors such as transportation resources and weather.

    The approach of express delivery companies makes it really good to call many netizens. You can continue to buy and buy at ease, and you no longer have to use the courier during the Spring Festival.

    has to say that this is also a progress in the express industry. Of course, this is also caused by the rapid development of my country's online retail industry.

    The data shows that in 2019, my country ’s online retail sales exceeded 9 trillion yuan, as many as 63 billion courier packages in one year, and the number of Chinese courier has exceeded 3.2 million.

    but the netizens have different views on the incident of adding service fees for express companies during the Spring Festival.

    The majority of netizens believe that it should be a service fee for courier companies to collect service fees, and the courier serves you during the Chinese New Year. It is normal to collect some money. You are going to be Chinese, and people will have to be celebrated. Proper price increase respects both the rights and interests of the workers, but also alleviate the rigid demand during the Spring Festival.

    But some netizens believe that this will become an excuse for some courier companies.

    The netizen@-LOVE said worriedly: Will these unprepared express delivery before the Spring Festival also wait for the delivery at that time?

    It will not know if this situation will happen, but it is certain that the courier gives up the Spring Festival holiday and insisting on the delivery of express delivery is worthy of respect and understanding of each of us.

    of course, courier companies also have to bear high cost during this period, so they should pay appropriately, but they must be reasonable, not to increase prices, and hope that the express supervision department will strengthen supervision and eliminate the phenomenon of abuse of charges.

    It, even if the courier company does not stop in the Spring Festival, everyone must make a good psychological preparation for accepting the long -term period of express transportation. After all, it is not as usual during the Spring Festival. All staff members work at work. Therefore, due to the reduction of personnel, the efficiency of the dispatch will inevitably be affected.

  3. According to the official website of Yuantong Express, during the Spring Festival in 2021, Yuantong expanded the scope of time -effectiveness service to 209 cities across the country, and the provincial capital cities were fully covered.
    Setong Express announced on the official website of 2021 "New Year's Don’t Clopping" announcement. According to the announcement, Shentong will continue to provide delivery services from February 4th to February 19th. The service time of February 11 (30th) and 12th (the first day of the first month) will be adjusted as appropriate.
    Yunda Express issued an announcement on the official website that from February 4 to February 19, it continued to provide delivery services for customers.
    Fengfeng is not stopped in the Spring Festival, but it is not all outlets to work, and some outlets will be arranged for duty.
    Tons of SF Express: During the Spring Festival, if you can be collected normally in the first and second -tier cities, if it is a third -tier city, the timeliness will be weaker because there are fewer manpower during the Spring Festival.
    The person in charge of the Ningbo area of ​​Bai Shi Express, Mr. Peng, also gave reporters a reply from "non -stop". However, he added that if the express parts involved in high -risk areas may be analyzed for specific situations. "For example, the recent Shijiazhuang, because the local prevention and control requirements have caused the delivery vehicles to be unable to enter, there may be a suspension of the delivery parts, but we will also actively communicate with the local area to ensure the normal development of the business." R r r Many companies such as Zhongtong, Bai Shi, and Debon have been unlocking during the Spring Festival.
    When will the logistics express during the Spring Festival be suspended
    2021 The Spring Festival Express. The state stipulates that the Spring Festival holiday time will be suspended. However, SF, Shentong, Zhongtong, Yunda, and House emergency delivery are non -stop during the Spring Festival, but it will be appropriately extended the receipt time, that is, it cannot be received during the Spring Festival or slow. In addition, as of January 15, 2021, Jingdong Logistics, Suning Logistics, Gome Anxun Logistics, Cainiao and other e -commerce platforms, as well as SF and "Three Links and One Da", all released the Spring Festival logistics service arrangements, indicating that the holidays are "not snoring" during the holidays. It will predict the preparation of stocks in advance to ensure the time limit for distribution in major cities, and users can place orders as usual.
    1. Yuantong, the last time of the Spring Festival in the 2021 Spring Festival is the 29th of the lunar month, and the Gregorian time is January 23, 2021.
    2. Shentong, the last time of the Spring Festival in Zhongtong 2021 is also the 29th of the month (January 23, 2021).
    3. SF's Spring Festival in 2021 will not be holiday, but the receipt time will be extended, and some service fees will be charged.
    4.ems does not show off in the Spring Festival of 20121, but only half a day will be delivered, and the receipt time will be extended.
    5. The last time of the daily express delivery is 29th, that is, January 23, 2021, and the work hours on the seventh day of the first month, that is, January 31st.
    The logistics suspension time during the Spring Festival is based on the official courier notice and actual outlet suspension. Generally, the actual last time is January 23, 2021, and the working hours are around January 31, 2021. Prepare shopping.

  4. According to previous practices, at least China Post EMS and SF Express will leave duty personnel during the Spring Festival. However, during the legal holidays, people may only be in business for half a day, but the epidemic is affected, depending on the specific situation in various places!

  5. According to the "China -Tong Express" Spring Festival No Watching "Service Announcement", during the Spring Festival in 2021, Zhongtong Express will be operated frequently and will not stop transportation, but the timing of express delivery during the festival will be slightly affected. The Spring Festival commitment service time is February 8, 2021-February 16, 2021 (other dates provide normal express delivery services).

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