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  1. In daily study, work, or life, everyone can never avoid contacting or using composition. Through compositions, we can gather our scattered thoughts and gather them together. You can't write when you write? Here are 8 fourth grade compositions that I have collected and organized. For reference only, let's take a look.
    The fourth grade full score of composition 1 My same table is a naughty boy. He has small eyes, big nose, thick eyebrows, and the most important thing is low. I am very happy because I am very happy because I am very happy because Then he dare not bully me!
    This classes sang the "Taiwanese drama" with the teacher, and when the ringtone rang, he ran out of the classroom first. He never considers his homework. No matter how he criticized him in his classroom, he forgot to get out of class. He still played very happily outside. The "red light" was often bright during the exam! And even if he has a lot of mistakes, he is unwilling to make up. He is the "Trouble King" of our class, but the teacher asked him to sit next to me. It was really unlucky to meet such a table!
    one time he did not bring a language document. He raisedly asked me to lend the book to him. I said, "I want to read it too!" At this time, the teacher found that he did not bring a book, so he asked him why he did not bring a book, so he asked him why Without bringing it, he didn't say anything for a long time! But even so, he still does not have a Chinese document every time he class! Ask him why he didn't bring it, he said chic, "Lost!"
    , although he did not study hard enough, he also had many advantages. For example, his words are pretty beautiful! I remember once, he forgot to bring his homework, and immediately used others to copy it, and he did it seriously. This kind of difficulties are not afraid of difficulties, and the spirit of our own efforts to solve is worth learning. If someone in the class bully other weak students, he immediately came forward and stopped it in time, which avoided many students from being hurt! I also admire his courage!
    This is my at the same table Jia Shihao. I love "troubles" in the classroom, likes to sing "Taiwanese drama" with teachers. The harmful "hero"! Do you want to know him? He studied in the third class of the Hedu Elementary School in the Academy! However, it is now summer vacation. I guess he is playing happily somewhere. You can only wait until the beginning of autumn!
    The fourth grade full score composition 2 morning, who is eating in my ear?
    At noon, who is returning for me is lunch?
    The night, who sang "Baby" in front of the window.
    ! It's a mother!
    Spring, who is adding clothes to me?
    The summer, who supports a pair of umbrellas when I get hot?
    The autumn, who handed a glass of water when I was dry?
    In winter, who puts me a blanket when I was cold?
    ! It's a mother!
    Who helped me when I was in trouble?
    Mom is an umbrella, and the mother is a lamp.
    Mom is my umbrella that covers the wind and rain!
    M mother is illuminating my lamp!
    Mama's love grew up in the aromatic carnation!
    The fourth grade full score composition 3 desert on the desert, the dry wind wraps the yellow sand passing through a short stump -they have lost their regeneration ability and become a specimen.
    On a person, he was holding an ax, an anxious vision seemed to be looking for something. Suddenly, his eyes were bright, and a tall tree came out in front of him. He rushed up madly, lifted the ax, shaking the leaves in horror, and the green and tender leaves rubbed each other, making a loud noise. It was impossible to stop the man's greedy ambition. The ax seemed to be a hungry leopard, rushing towards the trunk, the sullen sound of "咚", and the poor tree was held and trampled. The hard trunk has always been unable to resist the ambitions of human ambitions. Cracks appeared, and the trees were struggling, but they did not help.
    The woodpecker was awakened. It flew out and saw that his friend was being hurt by the damn human! It rushed over and pecked humans with sharp beaks, thinking: "Oh my God, there must be worms in this wood!" - The name of this worm is "greedy".
    , humans do not know that it is the last tree, because they just want to cut the trees first and then make huge profits. The banknotes of a car in my mind flew over, ah, I want money, more money! The tree shed tears, cracks, and silent blood ...
    On a vast desert, one tree, a person, and a woodpecker, insisted. What people think of is money, and the woodpecker and tree think in the earth ...
    . It is the last tree, if it dies. How much disaster will humans face? Human beings perish? Urban drowning? It doesn't seem to stop, right?
    All the truths, the birds know, the tree knows, people do not know. The future of the earth can only be in the hands of humans.
    The fourth grade full score composition 4 is the 63rd anniversary of the founding of New China today. In the urban scenic area, the bright five -star red flags are hung on both sides of the road to express their love for the motherland. On the National Day, it coincides with the tide period of the flood of the festival in August 16th in the lunar calendar.
    Today is the third day of the Golden Week. At 9:30 in the morning, the East Lake Scenic Area has long been crowded, and a ship is difficult to find. It is understood that many foreign tourists have waited at the entrance of the scenic area at 7:25 in the morning, ready to see the Jiangnan water village style of the mullet in the mullet of the wharf ship and the Satta.
    The National Day Golden Week is the peak tourist season and tourists blow out. According to the national holidays, popular scenic spots such as the Forbidden City of Beijing, Lushan in Jiangxi, Huashan, Shaanxi, Taishan, Shandong, and Gulangyu, Fujian have appeared in the situation that there are many tourists and staying on the road.
    of course, there are also bad things. A collision accident in South Lama Island, Hong Kong, China has killed 39 people, and the remaining hundreds were injured.
    The landslides in Yiliang, Yunnan, 18 elementary school students were killed, and 1 villager was buried.
    This is what I saw and heard in the week.
    The fourth grade full score composition 5 windows 5 windows and rain, the rain was smashed into the earth. I stared at the raindrops slipped on the glass, but my heart was as chaotic because of the nickname.
    In after school, I still couldn't calm down the burning anger in my heart. I ran on my way home, tears, rainwater interwoven, and my body was soaked, and there was a kind of indescribable desolation in my heart. When I got home, my mother looked at my desperate face and asked with concern: "Is the test?" I said impatiently, "No!" Mom asked again, "What's wrong? Don't be embarrassed, tell your mother to listen to "Later, my mother picked up the towel and dry my messy and humid hair. I said angrily," The classmates give me the nickname, what qualifications do they have? "Mom smiled and said," Son, You should learn to deal with the little things around yourself. Of course, classmates do this, but we can't care about everything. Maybe, the students are dull and unhappy recently, and want to make a joke and tease you! So, you are tolerant, don’t want to do it, don’t want I'm angry! "I suddenly raised my head and sat at the door. Two small wild cats snuggled together. My mother supported the umbrella on their heads. Mom's feet! Mom said with a long time saying, "Look, these two small wild cats, one of the two claws on the other face, the wet tail is tightly wrapped together. It ’s a enemies, you do n’t know, you see, they depend on each other, tolerate each other to forgive each other, so that they will snuggle together to cover the wind and rain!" I was silent for a long time, and my heart was suddenly cheerful! Since even the kittens can be tolerant of each other, I should learn to be tolerant even more, and should not be resentful.
    take a step back, the sea is wide. Students are also old friends who have been together for many years. If you don't see your head down, why should you care about it? Thinking of this, my heart is more calm!
    gradually stopped, and the sun tried to break through the darkness, and finally, it finally broke through the clouds! A bunch of sunlight shone on our cheeks, warmly ... I saw the two wild cats throwing the rain on the body, and scratching each other's fluff, and ran in my vision cheerfully!
    Thising tolerance is a pleasure. Tolerance can give people extremely powerful power. Learning tolerance for me to make my troubles a pleasant thing!
    The fourth grade full score of composition 6 "Zi Xuan, how is this final exam? It must be good?" You see, the aunt who opened the breakfast restaurant asked me again, "My Kaikai all day long I only know how to play, and I refuse to even go to the tuition class. I have to learn from you well! "My grades are not bad. I wo n’t be worse. Of course, there are one of the best in the class. But I think, the grades are not bad, mainly because your virtue is good! Beautiful is just what Mom and Dad give you, and the beauty of the heart is more important than the appearance!
    The people have both advantages and disadvantages. Let's talk about my shortcomings first! That is -careless big radish and like to sleep very much!
    The carelessness and love can bring me a lot of trouble! Carefulness made me always throw three places, and carelessly let me write wrong words! The review before the final exam was on the fourth (3) squadron. At that time, there were test papers every day, but I was exhausted! It was difficult to take a few days on the weekend, but the homework was very much. "Zi Xuan, look at this topic, how do you write it?" "Ah! I wrote 66 as 62, hey, the old fault is committed again!" ...
    because of this carelessness, Teacher Miao also also The title of "typos" was sealed to me, hey! Carefully, how can you always follow me with bad eggs? You go, you go, I hate you! I do not like you!
    and like to sleep? There are a lot of trouble to bring me, just like today! The composition class at 7:20, but slept until 7:04 to be pulled up by her mother. I held my fist, knocked on my legs hard, and complained while thinking. It seemed that I had to drag to the next class to go up ...
    , I still have many advantages! I love reading and acting, and I am very obedient. Grandpa and grandma said that the most obedient at home and the quieter belonging to me! Oh, I am also willing to help others! If you need to help me in the future study and life! As long as I can help, I will definitely help. I am not a letter to open the river and speak out! Look, the little girl who helped the old grandmother cross the road is me! The little girl who helped her wife pay the fare!
    Forgot to introduce you to my temper! My personality makes you elusive! Happy to be like a happy little angel; tears when you are sad; enthusiastic like a burning spark; anger like a fierce tiger; cheerful like a wonderful fairy ...
    瞅, the photo laughed at me and laughed at me The little girl is me. At this moment you should always know the ordinary and special messenger, right?
    The fourth grade full score composition 7 was raining when he was out of school. Xiaomei didn't bring an umbrella and stood at the door of the building and cried. Xiaoming came over with an umbrella and said to her, "Don't cry, I have an umbrella, let's go home together." Xiaomei didn't cry, saying, "Thank you!"
    On the way home. Looking at the pedestrians and rushing cars in the rain curtain, they were all very happy.
    The older rain, the small umbrella can no longer cover them, Xiaoming's shoulders were wet, and Xiaomei's schoolbag was also wet. Xiaoming quietly moved the umbrella to Xiaomei. Xiaomei said: "Xiaoming, your clothes are wet, let's go a little bit to you." Xiaoming said with a smile: "I'm not afraid of rain." Xiaomei said worried: "You are not in good health, love a cold, love a cold Don't get rid of it. "Xiaoming also said," I have a lot of medicines in my family. Besides, I am not afraid of injection infusion. "Xiaomei said," Let's get closer, and they will not get. "
    As a result, Xiaoming and Xiaomei crowded together and returned home with this little umbrella.
    The fourth grade full score composition 8 everyone, I am a SD doll from China. Because I have a long golden hair, I call me "blonde baby" and I also have the big eyes of Shuangshui, small and exquisite mouth.
    I have a lot of fashionable clothes. Today I wore a pale pink T -shirt with jewelry sequins with a black mini skirt, a pair of silver -white crystal high heels with fluorescent powder. The bracelet, my neck is still my favorite crystal necklace. How about, is I pure and cute?
    Once, the owner wanted to make me dress more beautiful, and used comb and rubber bands. She tied my hair into a beautiful ponytail, put the crown on my head, and replaced me with a beautiful princess suit, put on shiny jewelry. After that, the owner said to me gently, "Adela, you must be the most beautiful in the world!" I thought so too.
    I is inseparable from the owner every day, and my life is so fulfilling and beautiful. Who can compare it?

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