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  1. Jewelry appraisal certificate is true.
    The jewelry appraisal certificate is a certification of the true and false and attributes of rare and expensive metals, treasure jade or jewelry products.
    I international authoritative jewelry appraisers qualification certificates include:
    fga members of the Royal Gem Association of the United Kingdom
    gig gem expert title
    gia jewelry college jewelry appraisers
    igi Belgium Jewelry College Jewelry appraisers
    GAC China Jewelry and Jewelry Jewelry Industry Association Gem Jewers
    GIC China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Jewelry appraisers
    gcc China University of Geosciences (Beijing) jewelry appraisers
    hrd Diamond high -class Parliament senior diamond grades
    CGC China National Registered Jewelry Jade Stone Inspector
    Category of Jewelry Appraisal Certificate:
    1, GIA
    Diamond appraisal agency, the laser coding of the waist and edge of the diamond is consistent with the certificate, which can also be queried on the official website.
    2, IGI
    The International Gem Academy is located in Antwerp, and is the oldest gem college. In 1975, laboratories were established in New York, Bangkok, Mum and Tokyo.
    3, Gubelin
    (Switzerland Gema Lab) Goblin -Gubelin Gem's well -known colored gem appraisal laboratory in the world has a long history. In gem processing identification, the identification of the place of origin is leading.
    4, GCGI
    GCGI certificate is the Gem Color Granding Institute of Great Britain. The laboratory is the founder of the world's color gem class. It is the first institution in the world to study color gems.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. Jewelry with an appraisal certificate is not necessarily true. It is due to the certificate that can be mixed with beads.nDue to the different materials of the judgment materials, the evaluation news required will also be very different, and the different judgment agencies will be different. In this regard, the identification certificate of jewelery and jade has never had a merger format. But in general, the appraisal certificate is specially needed.nThe authenticity of jewelry documents generally speaking:n1. Look at the judgment logo on the jewelry certificatenThe most important thing for the jewelry certificate is the lower "poke". Even if there are several standards, what do they represent?n(1) CMA, which means China Metrology. This is the basic requirements of the Jiangshan King's law on the inspection and inspection department. The third -party testing department that obtained a qualified certificate was agreed to adopt CMA chapter in the inspection and complaint. The review of CMA chapter told that it can be used for the role of Zang, crystal and judicial identification, and the function of the king.n(2) CAL is the English abbreviation of the Kyushu performance check -in laboratory.nThis is the authority of the Quality Supervision and Inspection Department, the authority of the community. (Authorized accounting, full of law enforcement)nCAL is the formal skill supervision department in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, and the investigation and inspection department that can be authorized in accordance with the law or has a chapter that can be installed and up -to -production quality points can be used to conduct a reasonable and macro. After the assessment of the technical force, the green lights are inherited with the administrative behavior of inspecting the work of legal quality. Simply speaking, there is this sign. When encountering entanglement, this certificate can be regarded as the basis of the deciduous token.n(3) ILAC-MRA, it represents: the Southern Laboratory recognizes the South-South Cooperation Organization. The international laboratory confirmed that the group organization was formerly the international laboratory recognition conference, which was the first in 1977.nBelow the country has signed a total of mutual recognition with the 35 quality management system syndrome differentiation and environmental management system of the 35 quality management system and environmental management system in another community and region. Essencen(4) CNAS, English abbreviation of the National Appraisal Committee of ChinanChixian enough evaluation than the National Council (CNAS) is reported by the "Confirmation of the People's Republic of China" that the National Certification and Appraisal Supervision and Administration Commission approved and approved by the National Certification and Administration of the People's Republic of China. The accounts and review departments and other relevant departments have been approved by relevant departments. For the time, it is called "the domestic bid for each other."nOne of the four signs is effective!nThe special trip is the first to indicate the CMA. It is the basic dedication of the national law on the testing department. It is by no means that there is no right to issue a jewelry identification certificate with this standard. Seize power;nIf one of these four signs is far from, the 99%of the referring to you may see a fake document.nMore 14nBleak

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