1 thought on “Is Haier’s refrigerator buying reliable in Jingdong?”

  1. SummarynDear, the Haier flagship store on Jingdong is still very reliable, it is genuinenConsultation record ยท Answer on 2021-09-20nIs Haier’s refrigerator buying it is reliable in Jingdong? The Haier flagship store in JD.com is still quite reliable. I bought a refrigerator in the Herr self -employed store in Jingdong’s self -operated logo. Jingdong Logistics I thought JD.com was a self -operated store. After the order was delivered, I saw that it was Haier Smart Home Appliances self -employed, but the page was the same as JD.com. Wuhan also has Haier’s factory, so don’t you have to worry about it? I am worried about false, can I make the sale after the sale confirm the authenticity? I asked the customer service to say that it was a manufacturer’s delivery. Yes, you can contact Haier’s customer service to help him identify. Yes, this is the manufacturer’s delivery.

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