5 thoughts on “I am from Lianyungang, I plan to travel to Suzhou”

  1. 1. The bus station is very close to the road. I do n’t know the bus, but the four people are also cost -effective and within the starting price of 10 yuan. You can live in the youth hostel who is in the road, and my friend said it seemed very affordable there.
    2. If you go to Suzhou Paradise, just take a bus. In the new district, it takes about an hour from the place where you live, and you can go back to the afternoon in the morning. of.
    3, go to Tongli without a bus, and go to the bus station to take a short -distance car in the county. It is about an hour or so. Do not stay at attractions.
    4. As for the garden, it should be the Humble Administrator’s Garden. It is not far from the road, and there are no need to take a bus by bus. You can take a look by the way.
    5. As for the ancient town, it looks similar. The same li, the horns, Mu Dudu, Zhouzhuang or something, just go to one.
    6. If you have time left, I suggest you go to Tiger Hill to play. It may be a more famous attraction.
    7, snack street? It seems that there is no iconic snack street. The place you live is very close to Guanqian Street, that is, the city center, there are many century -old shops there, selling some Soviet candy and selling pastry. There are also more famous Suzhou noodle restaurants.
    8, souvenirs: Buy some folding fans and pendants in the ancient town. Each attraction has a souvenir selling items. There is nothing to worry about. What do you like or you think your friends can buy everything, pay attention to buying souvenirs. There are also some candy and pastries that bring your family. I like that rice dumplings, and you can try it.
    p.s: When I got off the car, I bought a tourist attraction and bus route map of the Suzhou, so where to go. There are still scammers, be careful of the monks, and go to the attractions. If there are many people, pay attention to their own things. In the end, the weather may be hot in August. Pay attention to sunscreen O (∩_∩∩∩∩ ) O ~
    I I wish you a happy play!

  2. In addition, the famous food street and the eunuchs on Guanqian Street have a lot of good restaurants. Of course, Caizhi Zhai and Ye Shouhe, etc. on Guanqian Street also sell Su -style snacks, you can buy something with some bands. go home.

  3. It is recommended to go to the Humble Zhengzheng Garden in the garden. One of the four famous gardens. The other gardens are basically similar. , Just go to the library for one day every Monday, so you can close Monday. Then Huqiu is worth going, Tiger Hill’s current fare is 50. Shantang Street is going to go outside the gate. Buy it there with crafts and the like. Shantang Street is an old street in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The antique is a small thing to sell Suzhou characteristics. The scenery is also beautiful, especially at night , Let you go back to ancient times, there are small crafts, the price has been there from a dozen dozens of hundreds;
    The shopping and leisure will go to watch the Qianqian Street (Suzhou First Commercial Circle), Shilu (Suzhou Second Commercial Street), two places are very close, only 3 stops, there are food streets in Shilu, and it is very close to Shantang Street;
    Suzhou Paradise, located in the new district. There is also a Ferris Wheel Park on the shore of the Golden Rooster Lake in the park. It is the largest water ferris wheel in Asia, with a fare of 80 and a student ID of 60.

    1. Because I do n’t know whether the car from Lianyungang is to the South Railway Station or the North Station, I guess it is to the North Railway Station. Remember, it must be the South Line. Under the Suzhou Museum, the Humble Administrator’s Garden is next to the Suzhou Museum
    2. The gardens are all in the urban area. It is recommended to live in Shilu. ) Or travel to Guangji Bridge, cross the street on the road, and turn right at the fork intersection. You will see a mobile phone. There is a gate in the middle of the two mobile phone shops. Like the gate, there are many. Hotels, there are a lot of cars in this place in Shilu. It is also convenient to go to Suzhou Paradise
    3. Shilu Food Street in Shilu
    4. I mentioned it above, on Shantang Street
    I wish you a happy play in Suzhou!

  4. Recommended tourist itinerary:

    The first day: Take a bus at Suzhou in the morning at Suxin Express Station (about 1 hour, 1 hour, 5 hours), go to the urban area for accommodation, about 100 yuan, about 100 yuan, about 100 yuan The hotels can be seen everywhere, clean and warm, and many people recommend the Sports Bureau of Wuqi Road. The business district of Wuzhong District is prosperous. (If you take a car, it is best to book a return ticket in advance.)

    The next day: Must -View Scenic Spots: Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Forest, Tiger Hill. Take the 2nd Road to the Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Forest, and Suzhou Folk Museum. Back to the city, stay.

    The third day: travel 2 in the morning to visit the Internet Master Park, Canglang Pavilion, Yiyuan, and Panmen Scenic Area in the afternoon. Tour Jinding Lake at night, you can take a walk along the Lake Bin Avenue. (If you plan to swim in the same, it is best to leave the room in the afternoon to stay directly in Tongli, around 80-150, you can enter the town if you do n’t receive the ticket after 5 pm. n
    The fourth day: Tongli Ancient Town. The famous water villages in Suzhou include Zhouzhuang, Jiaozhi, and Tongli. Zhouzhuang is the most famous, but the commercial atmosphere is too strong; the horns are a bit small, the same is moderate in the same inside, and it has not been assimilated by the commercial atmosphere. Tickets are 80, including almost all attractions in it (only one “Sex Culture Museum” is to charge another fee. This is also worth seeing). The small bridge flowers are very characteristic.
    The afternoon, should I withdraw it? Ha, happy!

    The travel guide:

    Suzhou Paradise is known as “Oriental Disney”, which has the characteristics of both international modern amusement high -tech and profound cultural connotation. Essence Being in it, you can not only appreciate the colorful European and American style, but also feel the natural and thick oriental mood.
    Sugaida Street and Shiquan Street in Suzhou have been improved for several years, and the industry has become a modern commercial street integrating entertainment, catering, sightseeing, and shopping. It is now a must -visit place for tourists at home and abroad.

    The famous Soviet -style signature dishes include: squirrel cinnamon fish fish, clear soup fish fin, loud oil paste, watermelon chicken, mother oil chicken, Taihu soup soup, emerald shrimp bucket, emerald shrimp, Lotus collection of brocade stew and so on. Suzhou snacks are also famous in the world. Honey juice tofu, pine nuts, rose melon seeds, shrimp soy sauce, jujube mud cake, lard rice cake, etc. are all popular foods.
    “Deyuelou” and “Songhelou” are old -fashioned Soviet restaurants; “Old Suzhou Tea Restaurant” is famous for traditional Su Gang cuisine; It is more suitable for mass consumption. Suzhou’s main food streets are: eunuchs, Shiquan Street, Bachelor Street, Jiayufang, Fenghuang Street, Ganzhu Road and Shilu Jinmen Shangshi Food Street.

    The traffic:
    It bus to Suzhou at Suxin Express Station in the morning (about 1 hour, 1 hour, 5 hours). Multi -routes such as North Station 1 and 2 are in the urban area.
    Taxi: starting price of 10 yuan (3 kilometers). After 3 kilometers, the unit price per kilometer is 1.8 yuan and 5 kilometers after 5 kilometers. Waiting time for 5 minutes, more than 5 minutes, and 1 km every 5 minutes. After 23:00, the fare (starting price) increased by 30%. Some scenic spots in Suzhou are distributed in the alley, and the car cannot reach the door directly. At this time, the tricycle is the best transportation. The starting price of the tricycle is 2 yuan, 2 yuan per kilometer, and 5 yuan per person per person when chartered.

    The accommodation:
    If you are traveling by car, there are many luxury villas near Tianping Mountain and the coast of Taihu Lake, and the price is cheap. Generally, a double -layer villa rent is about 400 — Between 600 yuan.
    Of course, for many tourists who want to save money, it is also easy to find a clean and cheap guest house. You can find a “standard room” of about 100 yuan on the streets of the urban area. For example, it is more comfortable for the Sports Bureau of the Sports Bureau of Wuqi Road.

    The shopping:
    The shopping in Suzhou, travel souvenirs for the first time, Suzhou’s embroidery technology and Hunan embroidery in Hunan, Shu embroidery in Sichuan, and Guangdong embroidery are also known as China’s four famous embroidery. Biluochun tea in Suzhou is one of the top ten famous tea in China, and it is a good product to give relatives and friends. There are also Suzhou Song Jin, Taohuawu Woodcut New Year, Su Fan, etc., are all local specialties. In addition, the dried tofu in Suzhou is also a small and famous local specialty snacks. I may wish to buy some to share with my family.

    The Guanqian Street in Suzhou is a well -known commercial pedestrian street that integrates entertainment, catering, and sightseeing, and has a sightseeing tour bus (1 yuan per person) on the street. Shi Road and Huaihai Street in the new district are also famous commercial districts. In addition, Shiquan Street is a tourist souvenir street, Picshi Street is a flower and bird market. It’s all a good place to shop.
    The “China Pearl City” in Hejiawan, Weitang Town is a large pearl transaction distribution center. You can take bus 83 at Suzhou Railway Station or arrive at bus 12 and 84.

    This Tips:
    Reminder: Most of the scenic spots in Suzhou closed before 17:30, and holidays are no exception. If it is a self -guided tour, pay special attention to this, and arrange the time reasonably.
    Suzhou special dish: 鲃 鲃 鼋 鼋 鼋
    Suzhou Specialty: Biluochun Tea Caizhi Candy Songjin Su -style cake Su -style candy Su Xiu Tai Cang Taihu Yintai Yin Taihu Silver Lake Silver Lake Silver Cerple Motorwolhe Woodcut New Year Painting

    The introduction of tourist attractions:
    (Recommended 1) Humble Administrator’s Garden: Located at 178 Northeast Street, Loumen, it is the largest garden in Suzhou Garden. Founded in the Ming Dynasty, Wang Xianchen was the first owner of the garden. He was named Humble Administrator’s Garden with the meaning of the “Humber” of the “Humber”.
    The main attractions in the garden are: Lan Xuentang, Hibiscus, Langxiang Pavilion, Fang Fang Pavilion, Yuanxiangtang, Xiaocanglang, Listening Pavilion, Fu Cui Pavilion and so on.
    Chat traffic: tour 1, 2, 5, 2 and 3 of the Humble Zhengyuan Park station, walk 100 meters east.
    Tickets: 70 yuan for the peak season (3.1-5.31; 9.1-11.30); the off -season (6.1-8.31; 12.1-2.29) 50 yuan.
    Open hours: 8: 15-17: 30

    (Recommended 2) Lion Forest: No. 23, Garden Road, northeast of the city (Humble Administrator’s Garden along the garden road to the south hundred meters) It was created by the Master of the Yuan Dynasty monk Tian Ru to commemorate his teacher Zhongfeng Monk. Reminder: You can travel with Suzhou Folk Museum and Coin Museum.
    Chat traffic: tour 1, 2, 5, 2, 3, 4, 40, 701 can be reached.
    Tickets: 30 yuan for the peak season (3.1-5.31; 9.1-11.30); the off -season (6.1-8.31; 12.1-2.29) 20 yuan.
    Open time: 8: 15-17: 30

    (Recommended 3) Tiger Hill: It is the iconic landscape of Suzhou City, known as “the first place in Wuzhong”. When the ancients evaluated the characteristics of Huqiu, they proposed: “Jiu Yi” said that Tiger Hills Yiyue, Yi Xue, Yiyu, Yiyan, Yi Chunxiao, Yixia, Yi Qiushuang, Yi Luo Wood, Yishiye. The main landscapes in the garden are: the world -renowned diagonal tower -Huqiu Tower, “Third Spring in the World”, Broken Liang Temple, Ji Yanquan, Sword Stone, Jianchi, Tu Cui Villa, Wanjing Villa, etc.
    Chat traffic: Travel 1, 2, bus 8 and 49 can be reached.
    Tickets: 60 yuan for the peak season (3.1-5.31; 9.1-11.30); the off -season (6.1-8.31; 12.1-2.29) 40 yuan.

    (Recommended 4) Staying Garden: One of the four famous gardens in China, built during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. In the late Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, Liu Shu was obtained by Liu Shu. There are four scenic spots in the park, east, west, and north. The scenic spots are connected by more than 700 meters long corridors. On the two walls of the promenade, there are more than 300 calligraphy stone carvings of the famous calligraphy.
    Chat traffic: tour 1, 2, 11 can be reached.
    Tickets: peak season (3.1-5.31; 9.1-11.30) 40 yuan; off -season (6.1-8.31; 12.1-2.29) 30 yuan. Open hours: 7: 30-17: 00

    Xiyuan Temple: Located on the outside of Jinmen, Suzhou, not far from the west side of the garden, West Garden Temple is the release of Jiezhu Temple and Xiyuan Garden. The general name of the pool. The temple was built from the first year to the first year (1264-1294), and its real name was Guiyuan Temple.
    Chat traffic: tour 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 11, 17 can reach.
    Tickets: 25 yuan

    Hanshan Temple: It is located beside the maple bridge outside Gusu City, built in the six dynasties, and has a history of more than 1,400 years. During the period of Tang Zhenguan, it was renamed Hanshan Temple. The main buildings in the temple include: Daxiong Temple, Temple (Dian Temple), Tibetan Scripture Tower, Stele Gallery, Bell Tower, Fengjiang Tower, etc.
    Reminder: You can visit the maple bridge, Tielingguan and other attractions near the road.
    Chat traffic: travel 3, 6, 6, 9, 17, 21, 31, 301 under Fengqiao Station.
    Tickets: 15 yuan/person, the exhibition hall ticket is 5 yuan/person, the joint ticket price is 20 yuan/person, and the bell tower knocks 5 yuan (3 times).

    The online Teacher Garden: Located at No. 11, Kuotou Lane, Zhuchengqiao Road, it is a typical Qing Dynasty house. The most special part of the Nets’ Garden is the night garden part. Kunqu, Bulu, Jiangnan silk bamboo, guzheng, flute and other song art programs take turns to perform in different halls in the garden.

    Canglang Pavilion: The oldest garden in Suzhou was originally the pool hall of the five generations of Wu Yue Guangling. It is typical of Suzhou Garden Window.

    Yiyuan: Located in the middle of the city center, it is a private garden built by the rich gentry Gu Wenbin during the Qing Dynasty. Transportation: Tour 1 and 4, 1, 8, 9, 20, 21, 38, 46, 68, 101, 102, 103 can reach it.
    Tickets: 15 yuan.

    Panmen: Located in the southwest corner of the ancient city wall of Suzhou, there are famous “Panmen Scenery” Ruiguangta, Wumen Bridge and Panmen City Tower.
    Chat traffic: tour 2, 5, 7, 30, and 701 to Panmen Scenic Area Station. 200 meters from Taihua Businessmen on Renmin Road can also reach Panmen Scenic Area.
    Tickets: 25 yuan, free bomb performance.
    Open hours: 8: 00-16: 45

    Jinji Lake
    The new scenery of Suzhou Park, the entire landscape is divided into eight districts, in turn, “Lake Bhin Avenue”, ” Urban Square “,” Water Lane Neighborhood “,” Wanghu Corner “,” Golden Ji Dun “,” Cultural Water Gallery “,” Linglong Bay “,” Bo Xin Island “, although you can take the Golden Chicken Lake bus, the bus It’s hard to wait, it is best to walk on the lakeside avenue. There are many people on the shore of Jinji Lake. Hugong has the largest nationwide water ferris wheel. The water curtain movie started at 8 o’clock on Friday and Saturday. When coming, pay attention to the time arrangement.

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