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  1. My composition 1 I am okay, I am crying. Why do you say that? If you look at it, you will know.
    In in school, when I encountered uncomfortable things or the teacher criticized me a few words, I would flow out of "Golden Dou" in my eyes.
    one day, during class, the teacher asked me to get up to answer the question, but I did not answer it, because I did not know the answer. Seeing that I didn't answer, the teacher called a few other students to answer. But they did not answer. Seeing this situation, I always criticized us a few words, and continued to let us stand and listen to the class. At the end of class, my eyes were already moist. After the teacher left, I cried on the table "wow". After knowing that the class teacher always persuaded me, I stopped crying.
    I remember once, a boy joked with me during the information class, but I was serious. Immediately lying on the table and crying, after a while, the teacher came. I continued to class.
    How, do you know me through the two things above? I'm not afraid of your jokes, I am recognized by my classmates "good crying guys". I hope you don't want to be like me, I am determined to overcome this weakness.
    The composition 2 I am a lively girl, with a face of melon seeds, a nose with a cultural eye, a pair of big eyes. There are two faint eyebrows hanging on the eyes. My nose is very sensitive, there are many shortcomings, but the most prominent is the throwing three.
    A seemingly normal Tuesday, I went to school as usual as usual. I came to school. The first section is a Chinese class. I wanted to come up with a language document, but I was stupid when I turned over the schoolbag. At this time, I suddenly remembered that I read the text I learned yesterday at night at night, and the language documents fell at home. In desperation, I replaced the language with a full solution. Hey, this is the result of my losses.
    Saturday, my mother took me to shopping in the mall. The mother packed the packet to the waiter in the mall. The waiter put away the mother's handbag and gave the mother a small card. We walked on the second floor. When I selected items, I dropped the waiter's small card. When I had to pay the money, I found that the small card was gone. I hurried back to find. Fortunately, it was lying there quietly. I took the small card back. I thought to myself: Xie heaven finally found it. The mother took out the packet. I went home happily.
    cough, this is me, one who loses three places.
    The composition 3 I am a little girl, there are many hobbies, let me talk about it!
    I like to read books. Novels, prose, fairy tales, masterpieces, fantasy ... no matter what kind of books, I can read it with interest. Holding up a book, I seemed to be a member of the book. I became a member of the book. I played with them, cried together, laughed together, and explored together.
    I like sports. Bicycles, badminton, scooter, rope skipping, 蹓 蹓, I am happy to exercise every exercise! Whenever we weekends or holidays, I will work with my friends with my friends, sweating in the community, sweating, and letting go. We often have a burst of laughter in the community. I enjoy the process of overcoming difficulties and learning every movement, and I also enjoy the vitality and relaxation brought by the exercise!
    I like to write a diary. The diary is like my conscience friend, sharing my joy and sorrow. On the weekend, I often talk to my diary and go home, and I will swim again with the diary; when I am angry, I tell the diary that venting anger; when I am sad, the diary is more like my friends of my friends. , Comfort me and encourage me.
    Hey, this is the case, there are countless hobbies, like to show yourself.
    I person composition 4 I am a elementary school student. I am nine years old and my third grade. I have a mole in the corners of my eyes and foreheads. No., Moore Manor, CS, Crossing Fire. I like to play games such as "cat catching mice" and "catching people". My favorite class is art. I paint out, but I do n’t draw people. The people who paint are not good -looking. The best thing is the imagination painting.
    of course, my advantages exist, but the disadvantages are inevitable. Carefulness and sloppy are my disadvantages. This mistake is repeatedly made in the study of Chinese and mathematics. After several careful considerations, although this disadvantage has a lot of corrections, I have to pay a lot of effort to exclude this shortcoming.
    I is me, one among the boys, it is not easy to find me.
    The composition 5 (1) My enthusiasm for mathematical questions
    The love for mathematics questions has reached a kind of fanaticism. In order to understand a problem of my brain, I can half an hour in a row for half an hour. A moment of continuous solution. If I can't solve it, my mother told me to eat, and I ignore it. In other words, I can't stop it!
    (2) My love for reading
    me! Not only do you like mathematics, but he also likes reading. If you see a good article, I want to read it in one breath, and I often forget the time because I can see it. There is no scolding for this! And before going to bed every day, even if time is late, I must listen to my grandma to read a variety of interesting articles to sleep. This habit has been kept since I remembered, and it has been maintained to the present.
    (3) I use the estimated use
    The grandparents go to the supermarket to shop, always love to take me. why? It turns out that my estimation ability is not ordinary, and I often make my grandparents look at each other. They bought things. Before the checkout, I told them that these things were about Yuan. Grandpa and grandma did not believe it at first, but the result was the account. Also, Yuan I estimate Yuan. Yuan Estimated Yuan ...
    Mad and mother said, "Well, good!" Grandpa said, "This child ..." This is me.
    The composition 6 My name is Guo Jiawei, but my classmates and my parents do not call me "Guo Jiawei".
    In school, my classmates call me "Guo Guo Da". Why is it called this? Let me tell you, because my surname is Guo, the scream of the hen was "giggling" when the hen was giving up the egg. This "whisper" is similar to that of "Guo", so everyone called me like this.
    In at home, my parents called me "baby". Because our family is a child, the whole family loves me very much and gives me a "baby" as a baby.
    I am 12 years old, and I am a pig, but I am not stupid at all. Let's talk about the final exam. I tested 102 points in Chinese and 110 points for math tests. It was the third place in the whole class. How about, good!
    The name is Guo Jiawei, "Jiawei" is a white and flawless beauty. As the saying goes, "jade is not carried, not aware", I want to read well and become a useful person in the future.
    The composition 7 My name is Zhang Jiacheng. At the age of 9, I have a gender with my dad. I have two big and second small, big heads, big belly; small noses, small mouths. Grandpa often said: "The head is big is treasure." But although I feel that the head is big, but I just have not pretending to be, maybe my father and mother eat too much, and the "brain full of fat" I eat, natural There is room for knowledge. Don't look at my mouth, it's not ambiguous to eat, you can eat two bowls of rice! This may be because my belly is big. I am in the third grade of elementary school now, and I am already an older child, but my courage is very small. If I let me sleep alone, I am scared to hide in Tibet. No wonder my grandfather said I was "men -big tofu".
    I has a disadvantage, that is, the writing is too slow, the class is not concentrated, and the exam is not careful. Take mathematics, and some of my questions are wrong. I am changing these shortcomings and strive to be a better student.
    I I am particularly helpful. Several times my classmate forgot to bring a brush to borrow my brush, and I did not hesitate to hand it in her hand and let her use it.
    This is me.
    The composition of my person 8. My person is not very good. I have been thinking about playing, and I am not confident. For example, that's the matter:
    Will I take the test well? Did I review it recently? I always have no confidence. My mother is very bad for me, and I always say, "You don't even have a confidence, how can you take the test?" Finally, the results came out ; I scored 91 points in Chinese, 97 points for math test, and only 69 points in English. But I still thought about it: I can still win three good prizes. In the end, I still did not get a good prize. So there is no confidence until now.
    . Another is just thinking about playing. After a few days of rest for a few days, my mother and dad still had to go to work, and there was only me left at home. After they left, I turned on the TV and watched it without writing homework. It was only one hour left that I went to do my homework, which was really exhausted. I regret why I watched TV for three days, and I won't suffer this bitter without watching it. I still finished my homework and was not criticized.
    In after, I must change these deficiencies, as well as me, and I have to grow taller.
    The composition 9 I am a generous, polite, and considerate person.
    The reason is that I am willing to borrow anything from me, so I am a generous person. I understand politeness because I see the person I know and say, "Hello!" The reason why my mother was tired of going to work or traveling on a business trip. Once, my mother returned from a business trip from Hangzhou. My mother wanted to sleep for a while. I helped my mother close the door and was not noisy at all. One more thing I love is beautiful. Once I took out all the head hoop in the family to try one by one to see which one was the best. In the end, I chose my favorite princess crown headband. I am generous, polite, considerate, and beautiful!
    The composition 10 everyone has their own characteristics, some love to sing, some are good at dancing, some are more than eloquence, some are good at calculation, and my characteristics are to laugh. I love to laugh. Everyone said that I was born with a pair of smiles. The red lips seemed to be two petals, and they smiled as brilliantly. An inconspicuous little thing made me laugh. When I was studying smoothly and all the things, just like most girls, I smiled and smiled, and jumped to express my joy in my heart. Expressing yourself without fear, love laughter is my characteristics. Whenever I encounter uncomfortable things, and when the competition or test defeat, I will smile. He secretly said to himself: No casual success, failure is the mother of success. come on! It failed this time, it doesn't matter, it shows that I was a step closer to success. I want to become a motivation to become a motivation, come again from scratch, and then come again! In this way, even if I experienced the frustrations again and again, I had to stand upright and never discouraged. Laughing is my persistence. Look, this is me. A girl with a smile on her mouth, a girl who loves to laugh.

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