4 thoughts on “How to maintain and clean pearl earrings”

  1. 1. In order to make the gloss and color of the pearl earrings be unswerving, the pearls should be avoided to contact the pH and chemicals, such as perfumes, soap, and fixed water. Don't wear pearl earrings to swim or take a bath, you should wear your cute pearl earrings after makeup.

    2, the surface of pearls will have tiny pores, so it should not be allowed to inhale the dirty substances in the air. Pearls can absorb eruption, perfumes and other substances, so do not wear beautiful pearl earrings to beauty and beauty. Be careful in the kitchen, do not wear beautiful pearl earrings to cook vegetables, steam and oil fume may penetrate pearls and make it yellow.

    3, do not clean the pearl earrings with water. This is because water can enter the small hole of the pearl. It is not only difficult to dry, but it may also ferment inside. If you have a lot of sweat when you wear, you can wipe it carefully with a soft and wet towel. After the pearl is yellow, it can be remedied like this: soaked with dilute hydrochloric acid, which can dissolve the yellow shell, so that the pearl can reproduce the crystal gorgeous, glorious and charming color. But if the color becomes yellow, it is difficult to reverse.

    4, pearls also need to breathe fresh air, so do not put pearls in jewelry boxes for a long time, and do not seal with rubber bags. Pearl earrings are taken out every few months to put them out and let them breathe. If it is placed in the box for a long time, pearls will easily turn yellow.

    5. Since pearl contains a certain amount of water, pearl earrings should be placed in a cool place to avoid directly illuminating or placed in a too dry place in the sun to avoid pearl dehydration and losing its gloss.

  2. Washing it yourself: After you wear the pearl earrings, you only need to use the velvet cloth or soft silicone cloth that the merchant delivery when purchasing. (Pure water) Wipe the surface, dry it naturally and put it back to the jewelry box.

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