What are some tips for morning sex? Is there a strict time limit for taking birth control pills?

What are the morning sex tips? Sex experts say that men are at their best sexually when they wake up in the morning, making it the best time to have sex. ​Then what are the tips for morning sex? Using an 80cm sex doll?

First, what are the techniques of morning sex?

1, ear soft language

You can start with the ear and whisper something in her ear, so you don't seem overly sudden or scared. When she wakes up to your gentle words, give her a good morning kiss. After a night's rest, you are at your best. However, pay attention to this word, such as: Baby, the new day is here, it's very good to see the sunshine with you. Women are emotional animals, and words at this time will make her extremely moved and give a huge kiss.

2. Finger massage

When the other person is attracted to you successfully, use your fingers. Don't overlook the magic of your fingers during sex. When your hand touches her skin, it's sure to make her shake. Start with her neck and give her a slight massage. Of course. Watch the power. Don't hurt her. In this way, she is aroused by you all the passion.

3. Be proactive

After all the enthusiasm you've generated, she already knows what you want to do. So, what are you waiting for? Take the initiative quickly. Kiss and don't neglect foreplay skills. When kissing, be careful not to let go of every inch of skin. From the forehead to the nose, then to the mouth, neck, a slight description, will make her more fascinated. You see, every woman craves a man's touch and kiss.

4. Do something new

Boring sex, even when the time changes. So, in order to make the other person feel more intriguing, in order to make morning intercourse more attractive and magical, you need some different patterns. Try using sex in the morning? It's sure to make the day exciting.

5. ​Playing a game

Gradual sex invariably leaves us bored. Therefore, playing some love-related games in the morning keeps us energized throughout the day. You can dance together, play games that you can't see, play games that you chase me..... Of course, you can choose the game you want. In the game, feel the fun of frolicking, feel the beauty of skin bonding, for your perfect sex start.

6. Shower together

Did you think the sex was over? NO, not yet. Take a break. We can take a shower together. Isn't it romantic to feel the smoothness and warmth of your skin in the water? Of course, we should take her to the shower instead of making her walk. What woman is not touched by such a tiny emotion?

Perfect sex is always something we work hard to create. The perfect morning sex will make our day happy and memorable. However, do pay attention to technique.

Two, the birth control pill has a strict time

The pill works by artificially creating a similar state of pregnancy by taking sex hormones to suppress ovulation. If used properly, it is a birth control pill that can have a positive contraceptive effect. It is characterized by reliable effects and easy to use. However, due to elevated levels of estrogen, you should be diagnosed and judged by your doctor before taking it.

When you start taking it, you don't have to wait a whole month for it to take effect, and you don't have to start on a Sunday. ​Possibly the most magical number numerous people have ever heard of is 7 days, which is entirely empty! Of course, after a week of taking the drug, you need to use some support measures (such as condoms).

If you're already on medication, but you want to adjust your start date, how do you do it safest? You don't have to count a Sunday to start a fresh round. You can take it ahead of time, any day you want. The main reason for failure is forgetting to take them.

Remember: the effect of a drug only lasts for 24 hours, and after 48 hours it is zero. If you forget, it is safe to catch one within 36 hours and still take it as prescribed later. People who forget to take it for more than two days can stop and start again after their next period. Possible side effects: Nausea during use, because the body will react to the pregnancy state, disappear on 10-15 days; ​early weight gain, bleeding abnormalities may occur. ​Late-term users should avoid getting pregnant immediately, preferably at least four months apart.

You've likely heard the above information before, don't move blindly until you understand it! It is still possible to conceive during menstruation. Sperm can still live in a woman's body for up to five days after sex. If ovulation occurs immediately after menopause, it is still possible to conceive with intercourse during menstruation.

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