How to satisfy a man during sex? Take stock of contraception knowledge that couples must know

How to satisfy a man during sex? Sexual skills are not only for men. Women should also learn and use it skillfully. ​Then how can men be satisfied during sex?Let the Men Sex Dolls tell you.

One, how to make a man satisfied with sex?

1. Use your mouth

For most men, the most sensitive area is the outermost edge of the foreskin before cutting. If you don't have sufficient experience and want to make him comfortable in a short period of time, I suggest you use this method to grasp first-hand information about the nature and pleasure of his orgasm.

2. Ultra-thin condoms

Ultrathin condoms allow couples to mix further, allowing you to experience true skin to skin contact, giving you more intense sexual stimulation, while avoiding the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy. ​Tiny here needs to remind you, when using condoms, should pay attention to whether expired condoms, expired condoms are likely to appear contraceptive failure.

3. Balcony love

Love on the balcony and the field feel much the same. They engage in romantic behavior with their partners while nearly naked. The love on the balcony considerably increased the secretion of body hormones, so that he quickly produced love desire, making love more passionate. Balcony love time should avoid daytime, mainly to avoid outsiders seeing your love.

Two, couple sex must understand contraceptive knowledge

1. In vitro ejaculation

It's an ancient method of birth control. In the past, numerous civilians used this method of contraception when contraceptives were not available. Although the method of external ejaculation contraception is simple, it is unreliable and has a high failure rate. Before the man removes the penis from the vagina, a tiny amount of semen has entered the vagina. Since ejaculation and ejaculation are a continuous action with extremely short intervals between the two, most men are unable to accurately grasp the opportunity, so they are about to reach orgasm, they cannot remove the penis from the vagina in time to allow the initial ejaculation of semen into the woman's vagina, this part of the semen contains the highest number of sperm, prone to pregnancy. This is the main reason for the failure of IVF contraception.

2. Calculate the ovulation period

Calculation of female ovulation is a natural contraceptive method, do not use any contraceptive measures. The advantage is not to cause any impression on the body and side effects, but the failure rate is extremely steep. One is because the female ovulation period is usually different, difficult to accurately calculate ovulation period, the alternative is the need for couples to completely cooperate, determine the normal sex life. This method of calculation is usually unreliable because the timing of a woman's ovulation is affected by factors such as external environment, climate, mood, and health status, resulting in delayed or earlier ovulation and the possibility of additional ovulation. In addition, the maximum survival time of sperm and egg in the female reproductive tract has not been finalized, so the safe period cannot be accurate, so the safe period of contraception is not safe.

3. Condoms

Most people choose condoms as a birth control method, merely eager for the convenience of purchase and use, but condoms are easily affected by human factors such as improper wearing, falling off or tearing, which can affect the effectiveness of birth control. Others may be allergic to rubber products, causing discomfort, and others think condom use detracts from the fun. But condoms are protective against infectious and communicable diseases. Therefore, use with alternative contraceptive methods is recommended.

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