Do you know the "isolation zone" in solar panels?

As we all understand, solar energy facilities can be seen everywhere in our daily life. However, except for professional photovoltaic professionals, different people do not have a deep understanding of it. They only understand that it is a kind of equipment that converts light into electricity by using scientific and technological products as the medium. But in its style characteristics are much the same, there is a certain interval between the battery and the battery, and there will be an edge at the edge. This design is not arbitrarily arranged, and its principle of existence is certainly inevitable. There is a solar dc connector.

First of all, the interval between the battery and the battery is to meet the voltage demand of the solar panel. ​Broadly speaking, for a single polysilicon battery, the voltage of one battery is about 0.5V. If you need a solar panel of 12V, then there will be 24 batteries. You need to leave some artificial interval. In addition, the spacing will make the panels brighter.

Secondly, there is a theoretical basis for the size of the interval between the battery and the battery, which depends on the power of the solar panel. The greater the power, the greater the space between the battery and the smaller the vice versa. As for the edge of the edge, it depends on the surface material of the solar panel and the edge of the border, the use of glass lamination is easy to cause shift, you need to leave the edge larger, PET material, leave the edge will be smaller, and in the edge of its interval size relationship is aluminum alloy frame is greater than plastic frame is greater than no border. ​Then do you understand why some intervals are bars and others are diamonds?

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