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  1. 1. RPS is the first letters of Real Person Slash. Because the Slash in English is not strictly distinguished by men and women, it can be translated as "real -life pairing" (male same -sex), or "real -life liberal" (female homosexual pairing).
    2, RPF is the first letters of Real Person Fiction, which refers to the fan writing based on the image of a real person, that is, the "real -person and the same person".
    Because many European and American circles have also been in private, the relationship between people derived from [Differential and virtual characters, RPS is a relationship between real people].

    RPS refers to Real Person Slash. Used to refer to ... real people stirred the base. Because the European and American men's CPs were separated by slash (SLASH) at the beginning, they were the same as Harvey/Mike (may not necessarily represent attack before and after the slope).
    The important differences between extended data RPS and RPF
    RPS generally depicts interactive communication and emotions among the gay characters, and RPF does not have the requirements of the gender and sexual orientation of the characters, but in general, RPS is in RPF The proportion of medium often is very considerable.
    The theoretical RPF generally uses the interactive exchanges of well -known people in the news media of the masses, and the information that appears in reports and interviews. The set, and it is widely circulated in the fan circle.
    Mourses are generally more common with well -known actors, singers, other idol stars, and sports athletes. They also imagine that they are in political characters, scholars and other cultural celebrities. In the Chinese context, the live -action version of the live -action version of the target of ancient Chinese historical figures is generally referred to as the historical time of the history time, which is alone in the RPF, but it still belongs to the RPF level in English.

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