5 thoughts on “King of Fighters 97 Terry hit infinitely, come in and chat”

  1. 97 Master's successful road —

    Ter's positive shake B can form unlimited company through fisting feet. Basic skills training is still important.

    In the first time after the opponent of the opponent of the roll -up B, A/Under A/Near Station A or B or C or D Cancel the positive shake B. Such a cycle.

    The main points:
    1, you must master the recruitment time of the positive shake B, and press the fists in time.
    2, if there are SS or PS conditions, it is recommended to find the feeling with "one point and one trick" first, and then practice
    3, and it can be simplified to "sloping back to B". For: Pull the oblique after hitting.> Find the first move. Press A> A> and wait for a and wait for A to go forward. At the same time, press B. Such a cycle
    4, you can also use another decomposition to decompose the trick. Method: Hold the oblique and lower down after hitting the first time when the first move is about to arrive, let go of the pole> then press the standing fisting feet> then immediately, and press B at the same time, so this cycle

    This set of simple unlimited connections helps to practice the time of various tricks, and you can strengthen the method of decomposition of the fourth point.

  2. I used the back of the back to squat the light feet (the light feet can be simplified to the back of the squatting fist quickly and pulled it to the front to press the light feet). You can find a dozen game currency to find the feeling.

  3. After the Kawaks simulator is opened, the point Alt F will adjust the frequency to the highest frequency, you want to click everything .... Then you can find the rhythm again

  4. After some characters appeared in the King of Fighters 97, the background concert will be different.
    Trey will pay attention to the rhythm of his music if you want to hit in 97 ...
    In the rhythm in music. Then wait until you repeat this rhythm. You can hit it again ..
    The practice should be fine ...
    This ... Terry is not infinitely hit. There is no Lat
    , so I usually hit the unique trick before I hit 7-8 ..
    Super pain!

  5. The concept of time is relatively important
    After leaving the opponent's body for the first time, stop,
    When the Terry's body is not straight, it will be late.
    In squatting U/J, and then quickly I
    In don't care why there is no command in front of the back (collision), just do it
    . Remember to simply be the last word. Try a few more times if you don't work

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