1 thought on “How about the King of Fighters 98 OL Terry? Value is not worth starting”

  1. Terry was a fighting fighter who was applicable in the middle and late stages. The snake soul made him angry. The control ability and damage of the big move made him not inferior to any 13 qualification fighting fighters when fighting. It is just that after all, there are still a lot of money, because the qualifications will cause a bit weak, but it is still a recommended combatant. And Robert is also a more recommended one. The high crit made him not inferior to other combatants. And no weapon awakening is required. The bars can be drawn in the early stages. The gold coin 100 can get a lot of fragments in a row, and you can get a lot of fragments. Robert is recommended by me. But after all, the positioning is different, it depends on the player's preference.

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