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  1. If you ca n’t quit the online gambling, you want to gamble
    The phenomenon that gambling cannot quit if you have money. Gambling is a phenomenon that we can often hear in our lives. Many people are looking for ways to quit such a habit. The following is a way to bet on the online gambling and want to gamble.
    The online gambling to quit if you have money, you want to bet 1 1. Don’t install it if you uninstall it
    In the software of the gambling platform, unload the bank card above Logging out, what is the significance of this? It can be charged, but not mentioned. Everyone knows that some platforms can deposit WeChat/Alipay, but if you cancel the receipt bank card, it is tantamount to breaking the desire to gamble.
    Mi people may say that my online loan has bound to a bank card. Can't you return it? If there is such a situation, then turn off online banking and unbind banks to reserve mobile phone numbers. Don't think of trouble. This is self -rescue.
    2. How to optimistic about the money of the wallet?
    It people will say, to keep the money for parents and keep the money for friends. Is this okay? The blogger tells you that if you are at all, if you are addicted, even if you keep the money being kept, as long as you want, the other party can still give you, you must know that the gambler's ability to lie Essence I suggest you buy financial management, the kind of regular, no matter what the reason you say, you can't get it out of date, or you go to the bank to exchange cash. Although the money is in your hands, you will not gamble. I also went to the bank to save it.
    3. The money is spent, don't think about reimbursement
    The many gamblers, all because of spending too much money, thinking about reimbursement, I ate a meal today, bought a set of clothes, changed it, changed it to change A mobile phone, I want to find a dealer for reimbursement. You have to understand, you are not reimbursement, you are looking for death! Online gambling is not a withdrawal machine, either saves flowers or work hard. Don't think about the dealer all day to give you money. You must know that as long as you touch it once, then there are countless times. When you stop Not miserable enough, enough.
    This is cheap. It is destined not to end well. It is impatient to make money and spend money. It is obtained by spending money and wanting to reimburse. You can be sober when you lose.

    4. No matter how boring it is, do not open the platform to see
    The gambler has a habit. If you have anything to do, you want to go in and see. This is a very bad habit. Gambling by yourself, see the anti -water? Look at the benefits? Look at the trend today? If you look at it, you must want to gamble. Even if you see the New Year, you will inevitably want to go to play with relatives at home, let alone online gambling.
    Boring, you just want to order something else. Online gambling is a bottomless hole. Don't feel that you can't bear a little money on your body. This is not responsible for yourself. Unconvinced, winning and activating the gambler's psychology, do you still want to let yourself die again?
    5. Look at the articles more, think more about it
    Is to look at the real cases that are gambling because of gambling, and you can think about what to do if you become him, instead of being rich. I do n’t read it, look at it after losing, remind myself every day, what is the final game of the online gambling, and watch an article every day, such as an article in the HOME public account.
    It is actually only a few minutes, and you can interact with interactive and write comments and messages. Its role can remind you of the horror of online gambling. Everyone is losing. Do you think you can win? Of course, no one in this world is the general of Changsheng, and you will not be an exception.
    6. Make money on part -time jobs, so that you can do something
    The work part -time to make money, you can pass the time, increase income, and transfer your attention. Think about the time, running Didi with a car, part -time running -legged purchasing, dining rider, online self -media, online shops, etc. matter. More importantly, small money must also be made, and big money is accumulated by small money. Don't look at small money, think about the bitter days when you have no money.
    The online gambling to quit if you have money, you want to bet 2 gambling. If you want to quit, you can only rely on yourself. Only by stopping recharge can you really quit
    n How to end!
    The friends who are in contact with online gambling are the same. Once you touch it, you will be addictive, and it is difficult to quit. It is difficult to win money. It is even more difficult to lose money!
    In more people, there is no way to quit, not because of winning money, there is no way to quit. Instead, I think that I lose too much, so I ca n’t quit, but I do n’t know, you think too much, it may be just the money that others lose one day. So never feel that you lose a lot. As long as you firmly believe that you are not gambling, do not recharge, then everything can stop, and life can return to normal.
    If should not be afraid of this time long. If you hurry up, three years, five years. If you are slow, ten years and twenty years, the so -called prodigal son will not change. Time can precipitate a lot of things, but you can't control your thoughts, so you must make yourself determined and prepare for gambling to cure.

    Gamblers will have a lot of similar experiences, and they are all regretted in the end. They are losing money in the same place. The only thing that is different is that everyone's family is different. The situation is different. The size of the debt and the pressure are different. But as long as you reaches the stage of regret, you basically reach their own critical points. At this time, if you are still obsessed, it is true to go with a fraud platform. Even if it is really destroyed in this life, it is difficult for ordinary people to make millions of millions in life.
    No, it should be said that it is difficult to save millions, but it is simple to lose, because the online gambling, as long as you have money, the more you lose. As the saying goes, how much money is? Is such that. There are tens of thousands of money with money, and how long it will lose. For those who have no money, a few dollars, hundreds of thousands of ``, may not be able to carry tens of thousands.
    But no matter how you play, it is just a loss, nothing more than time. Good luck, slowly grind, you can experience the form of online gambling, poor luck, a stick to you, it is normal.
    For a person who wants to really quit gambling, it is not that after you lose money, you desperately read an article similar to quit gambling, or a person like me, chat, ask how to quit gambling, how to how to quit gambling, how to how to quit gambling, how to get gambling, how to how to quit gambling, and how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, and how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, how to get gambling, and how to get gambling. Is it true that you go ashore, whether the blood is true, and so on.
    Because if you still ask these questions, it proves that you have not given up online gambling, and it is equivalent to giving up yourself.
    I experienced it, warm and warm, and cold in the world. These are all scenery after losing money online. No need. In such a day, only by relaxing the heart, can the past really pass, and the gambler can really stand up. I hope everyone can cheer together. No matter how you make a choice now, you must consider it, but you must consider it. You can bear the consequences, that's enough.
    The people are nothing more than asking for food. If you do n’t die, you will never come out. There will be a green mountain. There must be firewood, follow me, and stay away from online gambling.
    Weng to quit online gambling, you want to gamble if you have money. 3 Why do you say that "rich people" quit gambling is more difficult? The following two reasons are the key points:
    The first reason: the changes in material living conditions, the gap between the living environment
    In a society with a comparison of material comparison , Status, the right to speak, but the only thing that can't represent is happiness! Because online gambling liabilities have caused their years of hard work to become black, and even in the future in the future, everything will be gone. Can't accept this reality gambler, the only idea of ​​hope is to rely on gambling to fish to pay off the debt, fantasizing that you have the day when you win back, you dare not admit that the online gambling platform exists to control the winning or losing or losing each game. fact.
    Muchor how much money can not merge whether a person's living environment is happy. For a "rich man" who has been rich and now liabilities, there is no support for happiness, and he has lost his material life. He has deep heart. It must be painful.
    The quit gambling, especially to quit this online gambling addiction. First of all, the gambler himself admits that online gambling is a scam game that can be controlled by the platform; secondly, the gambler must accept the current fact, debt and debt and debt and debt and debt and debt and debt and debt and debt and debt and debt The living environment changes; in the end, the gambler must dare to face, dare to bear the consequences, and accept the situation where he has nothing now. However, it is difficult for all this to be a wealthy online gambler.

    The second reason: too much money, gambling addiction to the inner erosion is too deep
    Whether you have money or no money, get online gambling, the result is a liability Tired. For wealthy people, it is relatively easy to raise money from personal property and all aspects. More money will show you more losses and more debt. The purpose of the online gambling platform is to squeeze you to the greatest extent. Fortune. You used to be an enviable rich man, and for a moment, it became a gambler who was full of debt. No matter anyone was acceptable, in order to win money to recover the loss, it would be common for gamblers to retract again. But the result must be lost.
    It gambling is easy to quit, but gambling addiction is difficult to quit! The same is true for rich people, and even the re -gambling is even more crazy. The more money lost, the greater the bet. In a gambling game that knows the control in the background, no matter how big you have a big bet Essence Therefore, quitting gambling is not a small thing. For gamblers, you must be prepared to quit gambling and accept the living environment you are currently in. Quit gambling is not empty.

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