1 thought on “Is the U disk brand ranking in the cover?”

  1. The rankings without any data support are hooligans, such as satisfaction survey, failure rate, repairs, and official website connection rate. According to the company's departure employees, it is covered by a group of fresh graduates to browse the Internet online soft text information, turning over Turn over the outer net, wash the draft, and use the feeling of clouds. It also borrows big data authority as a bait. On the one hand, it deceives consumers to mislead consumers to shop, and on the other hand, it is a huge advertising fee for merchants by spending a lot of money. The quality of the cover is the guise of free, using the name of big data to promote authoritatively the ranking company, which is actually the list of insulting people to cheat Xiaobai. The name of the big data is similar to that of many Internet companies now borrow blockchain, and the name of virtual currency collects money. The official website of this company is full of its investors and self -blowing, rather than the selection criteria of the authoritative data lists of all walks of life. Isn't it surprising? At this point, I have lacks the desire to continue watching! A list applies so -called authoritativeness, only with some small media articles gossip that I do n’t know where I do n’t know where to recruit some fresh or false on the Internet Soft texts think that original rewriting, not professional original evaluation and data, I can only say, huh, fortunately I did not install it! And this so -called ranking app selection positioning is a personal user, not an enterprise market. If you are a 24K pure Internet newcomer Xiaobai, it is about their purpose. If you are a 24K pure Internet newcomer, it is about their purpose. The true intention of this ranking is to promote commissions by continuous diversion and promotion of the online stores of the major brand e -commerce platforms. The huge advertising fee is its true purpose. lie.

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