The fixed way of photovoltaic cable laying scientifically

In the construction process of photovoltaic power station system, the installation of main equipment components includes photovoltaic module installation, bracket system fixation, inverter installation, transformer installation, fixed foundation setting, and in the construction design is easy to be forgotten is the construction of photovoltaic cable. Cable plays a vital role in the overall profit and safety of the photovoltaic power station, and its construction is also the most scientific and exquisite in the photovoltaic power station construction system. Scientific cable construction can not only reduce the damage of the power station, improve efficiency, enhance reliability, but also improve the income of the power station owner.

Unscientific and reasonable cable construction, such as cable compression, cut, abrasion, etc., will lead to the entire power station in a state of extreme danger, will cause short circuit, fire and even cause personnel injury. These problems will bring devastating disaster to the power station. Most of the time, the safety risks of the power station are not caused by the cable specifications, quality, connection and other problems we choose, but because there is no scientific protection and fixing measures for the solar cable 6mm. Therefore, the scientific laying and protection of the fixed photovoltaic cable is imminent and urgent. The following small series for photovoltaic cable scientific laying protection fixed measures, do the following introduction.

341627b3be0bc4f61de4b7f110c8ed271. Cable carrier

The cable bracket is fixed in the photovoltaic support system through the cable, and the cable bracket is installed on the cable, and the cable bracket is placed in the hook, so as to protect and fix the cable.

2. Secure the cable tie

Made of 304 stainless steel, using the elasticity of metal materials, the cable is buckled into the preset space, and finally the stainless steel buckle and the frame of the solar cell module are effectively fixed.

3. Fix the component holes using cable ties

The field construction experience of many projects shows that there are few suitable materials on site that can effectively fix the cable of the series and parallel components. Therefore, in order to make scientific and reasonable use of resources, PE cable tie is used to straighten and straighten the cable and fix it in the fixing hole of the component.

4. Cable support box

With the cable tray, the various types of cables are placed in the tray in an orderly manner, and the cover plate is covered, so as to avoid the cable damage caused by direct exposure to the household. This fixing method is widely used in residential and commercial large ground power station projects.

These are the construction operations and precautions of photovoltaic cables. In order to make employees more assured, we should strictly follow the operation instructions.

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