PE pipe connection necessity - HDPE hot melt pipe fittings

HDPE pipe fitting suppliers HDPE hot melt pipe fitting is a special fitting for connecting PE pipes after heating to the melting point. HDPE hot melt pipe fittings can achieve the same outside diameter, different outside diameter, tee, bending and other different requirements of connection. HDPE hot melt tube material is also high density polyethylene, is the necessity of HDPE tube in connection.

Product Details
Raw material: PE 100
Color: Black, blue or custom color as required
Size: 20mm -- 630mm
Connection: hot melt butt and hot melt socket
Pressure level: PN16(SDR11),PN10(SDR17.6)

Product Features
It's not toxic. It is made of non-toxic, tasteless, never scale raw material, effectively improving water quality.
Corrosion resistance. ​Strong resistance to various types of chemicals, no electrochemical corrosion.
No penetration. HDPE pipes and connectors are welded by butt fusion, slot fusion, and electric fusion. The strength of the connection point is higher than that of the pipe itself.
Economy. Can be installed in different development methods, easy to construction and installation, convenient transportation, overall improve work efficiency. It can be used for more than 50 years under reasonable conditions.

Product specification classification
Hot melt 45° elbow, 90° elbow, reduced tee, positive tee, hot melt tube cap, different straight pass

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