Same car different price, semi trailer gap why so big?

​Numerous owners are faced with a problem when choosing a car, Why is the price gap between semi-trailers so large? Let's have a brief chat.

First of all, different lengths, widths and heights of semi-trailers of the same type will lead to differences in the effective volume in the box and body weight of the trailer, because the main processing material of the trailer is steel, and the price of steel is determined by weight, thus the price will be directly different with different weight.

Secondly, for trailers of the same type and weight, Semi Trailer price will vary considerably due to different steel strength levels.

According to the current market price, the sheet material of extreme strength material will be more costly than ordinary steel 1000 yuan/ton, take 13 meters warehouse bar as an example. its jacket weight is about 3 tons, the material is different, the cost of the vehicle will be different about 3000 yuan, choose stainless steel price difference will be bigger.

Again, different brands of accessories will directly lead to price differences, such as different brands of tire prices will be different, different materials of the air chamber, aluminum alloy and ordinary carbon steel will also have a gap, among which different brands of axle price gap is extremely huge, foreign brands and domestic brands will have a difference of more than 10,000 yuan.

6bc66ea459bd9c11ccf859d9584bb003In addition, there is a huge price gap between the rings, because in recent years the major car enterprises are in the pursuit of lightweight, therefore the application of aluminum alloy ring is more and more popular among owners. There is a weighing record confirmed that 12 aluminum rings will be lighter than the steel ring, about 240 kg, but the price gap will be approximately 10,000 yuan difference.

The other is the selection of ABS, simple installation will be lower than the domestic well-known brand about 1000 yuan, but also with the imported brand will have a 3000 yuan gap. In fact, consider driving safety, or advise the owners to consider carefully.

There is also the whole vehicle light line. The market has national standard and non-national standard, waterproof and ordinary points, side and rear lights also have LED and ordinary points. Of course, the cost will have a gap of several hundred yuan.

In other words, the trailer even of the same material and configuration, from the manufacturer is different, even if the same process, the price also can have a difference, because different manufacturers' market positioning and brand value and operating costs, is like a bottle of pure water, also on the street in a little shop in the center of the price and the large supermarket there must be a price difference.

To sum up, in under the premise of a reasonable pricing mechanism, and fulfilled our old saying, a price points a points goods, but among them there are some manufacturers hang sheep head sell dog meat, shoddy, deceive consumers, trailer is the survival of owners earn money tool, therefore choosing a trailer must carefully and not merely only look at the price, More can not blindly pursue brand worship, or to combine their own actual situation, tailored for their own vehicles, in fact, the right is the best.

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