How to choose different bathtub sizes

Many of us think that having a bathtub in the bathroom is both elegant and stylish, but it really adds to our happiness. Different living spaces have different requirements for bathing, and the demand for bathtub size is naturally differentiated. How to maximize space saving and pleasant use. Today we will introduce different types of bathtub size and how to choose. I hope to help you.

I believe that everyone is not strange to the domestic bathtub, numerous families are in the decoration of the design of the bathtub. Having a pleasant bath after a busy day is such a treat. Next, let's learn how to choose different types of bathtub sizes. There are bulk bath bombs.

How to choose different bathtub sizes
1. Fan-shaped bathtub

A fan-shaped tub is, of course, a fan-shaped tub, which is more useful for the average home. Due to the majority of today's small bedroom, so the space of the house is limited, like the small size of the bathtub fan-shaped bathtub in this kind of bathroom goods is compared to the practice of the type, the general family about the quality of the day although there are requests, but also not too high, the luxury jacuzzi can be cleaned, and the general bathtub compared to the small size fan-shaped bathtub is good, the price is also In most families within the acceptable planning, so the general bathtub is smaller than the size of the fan-shaped bathtub is a better choice.

2. Children's bathtub

Bathtub is relatively tiny size of children bathtub is of course the size of the bathtub is relatively tiny, of course, in addition to some tiny household will think about purchasing bathtub size is relatively tiny bathtub, bathtub size is the first to use for children, the size of the bathtub is typically extremely suitable for children's physical conditions, of course, also want to correctly think about the change of the child's body growth Condition. After all, if the conditions of a decent family to choose a bathtub compared to the modest size of the children's bathtub is also a good choice.

3. Square tub

The square bathtub is also compared with photos of one of the bathtubs most seen. The dimension of the square bathtub is also great and tiny. The length of the square bathtub has these kinds of basics: 1 meter 5, 1 meter 6, 1 meter 7, 1 meter 8, 1 meter 9, but mostly uses 1 meter 7 length. It is the uniform height of most people in our country. And 1.5 meters below the square bathtub may be the square bathtub is a relatively tiny size. Together, in addition to the tiny size of the bathtub square bathtub, different sizes of the square bathtub are not the same width and height size, in the detailed selection of time to choose the bathtub is suitable for your type of bathtub compared to the tiny size of the bathtub capacity in addition to understanding the bathtub is relatively tiny size, in the purchase of family bathtub, must look at the water capacity of the bathtub, commonly full water capacity in 2 30 ~ 320L mercy.

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