Who has the star novel of sheep?

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  1. I only have a part: Five years later, 1

    In in the vulgar market, A Xing stood in front of a small stall. This stall was placed with some accessories. Several guests were picking things in front of the stall. One of the guests was holding a flower clothes to bargain with A Xing, and A Xing's mobile phone was desperately. (The status of Axing this five years later)
    ... The chopping and pulling, that is, Xiao Ni donated 10,000 yuan on the Internet with A Xing's credit card. To spend one day with Han Zhizhen, the organizer and A Xing contacted, A Xing was very puzzled, how could it cause such things ... (Sumped here) -mo -
    "Mr. Zhong Tianyi ..." Ah Xing suddenly heard the familiar names in the Yangchun Noodle shop. She turned her head to watch TV in shock, and the distance was quite different, and the old picture was not very clear.
    In the E-SHINE conference room, Tianyi is being interviewed.
    ", rumors of Miss Ou Yaruo, the design director of your company, have reached the point of discussing marriage, is it true?" The reporter asked.
    "I have a private problem, I can't respond."
    "Everyone knows that Director Europe is the fiancee of your death brother Zhong Tianjun. Is it because of this? nThis is a little bit of meditation, and a cold tone. "As long as it is the person I like, I am not Song 谝馑 tomb!?
    " That means you will marry Director Europe? "
    The days silent for a few seconds.
    " Why not? " Jaca is a very good girl. If I want to fulfill the responsibility of marriage one day, she will be an excellent candidate. "
    In in front of the TV, A Xing looked at the picture of Tianyu a little bit, and his expression was lonely.
    In the stalls passed through a book newspaper, A Xing saw Tianyu's face appearing on the magazine again, Stopped and picked up the financial magazine Prime on the newspaper stall. The magazine showed his cold and confident expression. The title "Zhong Tianqi siege the city, E-SHINE waves the European market." Can't help but be sad.
    . The car accident five years ago, she was seriously injured. When she woke up, she was already in the hospital. After learning that Tianjun was dying, she felt that she had no face to face Tianya, so she moved her family to move her home. Leaving tomorrow's hometown, in the past five years, he has been avoided by Tianda, and Lian Zhongwei died of illness. The major events of the E-SHINE from Tianyi were learned by newspapers. To the Zhong family and became the successor of E-SHINE. Xia Zhixing, i has made the right choice ... "A Xing murmured, gently put the magazine back on the frame, turned away.
    ... Ni is good at what day lover activities are advocating, Xiao Ni is not lazy, a lot of good words, finally persuaded Axing to participate in this event ...

    meets in five years 2 2 2

    Then in E-SHINE, Zhong Tianqi received the wind, saying that someone was selling "poppy flowers". The speed found the other party's address. At the same time, the company notified Tian Yan to participate in the last special guest of Han Zhizhen's one -day event, helping him and his donors to unbutton the handcuffs ... ... then, it is to describe A Xing and Han Zhizhen's one -day lover's event. The situation does not involve the leading actor, and the skip ... ... A Xing and Han Zhizhen were unfortunately poured by the fish stalls during the event. A Xing had to take Han Zhizhen back to change clothes; when he returned home, Xiao Ni loved Han Zhizhen. When he was her father ... ... When A Xing and Han Zhiyi changed clothes, Tian Yan found it ... came to Axing's house downstairs. "Nini Yingmen. Tiantian lowered his head and found Nini." I look for Xia Zhixing. "He said hard." Find my mother? " who are you? "A Xing got married? "Tian Yan looked at Nini suddenly." I have a very important thing to ask her, is she there? "She is not free! She is changing clothes with my new dad. "A Xing and Zhiyi laughed in the room." Ah! You ruined my shirt! "Who told you to be clumsy, and even take off your clothes to help you!" "Don't make it!" Just come myself! "Can you change the day?" Tonight is really important at the critical moment! I really like this new father! "Tian Yanhan's face, the fist on his hand clenched." This new father? " How many new dad do you have? "Ni Ni looked wrong and decided to call Axing." You wait here, I will call my mother. "... Then A Xing and Zhi Ji came out, but Tian Yan left, and then the two went to the event site, and Tian Yan decided to sue the counterfeiter of" Poppy Flowers "... ... Then the scene of the event, the two were reunited. ... The last activity of the lover of the day has begun enthusiastically. A Xingzhao used to wrap himself ugly, and Zhixun still waved with his fans and fans. "At the end of the event, please E- Mr. Zhong Tianqi, the president of SHINE, came to open the handcuffs for us, and finally ended successfully tonight. Come, we have the president. "The host introduced Tianyu to appear. Tian Yan waved his hand to pay attention, took out a key, and was ready to help the two people on the stage unlock. A Xing was stiff. Low, covering even more, afraid that if you are not careful, he will be recognized by Tian Yan. Zhi Yan sees that Axing's clothing does not know what to be afraid of what he is afraid of, she can’t help but want to make a prank. While unlocking, he took the microphone. "I am very grateful to this caring fans, because many suffering children have been helpful for this activity. In order to express my gratitude, I will offer my sincerity sincerely A kiss. "He grabbed A Xing's hat and mask at the speed of thunder, and grabbed A Xing's shoulder with both hands, giving her a affectionate kiss, and the fans on the stage screamed. A Xing did not resist at all, she did It was frightened because of the eyes of God, and Tian Yan was even more expected. Seeing this woman who had dreamed of his soul in the past five years, he revealed the murderous eyes of the rain. If there were so many people, A Xing must be sure Torn on the spot. "It's you? "Tian Yan looked at the handcuffs, thinking, would she not be able to open this little thing?" Can you ignore the person who is injured in a car accident? Will there be such a good intention to donate money to the lost child? What is Miss Xia playing this time? "Tian Yan asked extremely ridiculous." You ... "A Xing was tearing with tears, full of grievances, and did not answer the question of a series of Tiansheng. Encountered 3
    The emperor's counterfeit products to sell E-Shine, on the other side, Zhi Xun felt the wrong between Tianyu and A Xing. In order to apologize, he even hinted that heaven Nini Nini It was his child and A Xing's child, really dizzy ~. At this time, A Xing went to see the sky in order to save the light.
    the next day, she immediately went to the company's company to see him.
    "Please Can you let go of Guangming? She begged.
    "Why do you want me to just pass him?" You disappeared for so long and killed my brother, why do I let you go! "
    " You know this is not a counterfeit! " "
    The Tianyi did not justify himself. Seeing A Xing, he had this too much emotion." The design is in me, and when he goes to court, who will lose and who will win, you should be clear. "
    A Xing really didn't take him, and Tian Yan asked again:" I saw a little girl at your house that day, who was it ... "I was about to ask about Axing's child, but the secretary At this time, the call notify the phone.
    ... Then the real identity of Nini who investigated and punished, Tian Yan returned to the office to continue talking to A Xing, A Xing made the killer ...
    A Xing Looking at his face, he had to control the light that he couldn't sue. There was no way, so he had to use Zhizhen to teach her the killer. "Yes, she is indeed your child. "
    The days coldly watching this woman's lies, but he watched what Axing wanted to play.
    " I wanted to find this to tell you one day. Five years ago, I would suddenly disappear because of the child, because if there was a child at that time, Uncle Zhong knew that he would definitely ask me to kill it. It is better to wait for the child to be born. you are married. I left a child to earn a portion of your family in the future. I thought about it for this kind of thing. "A Xing deliberately spoke herself," Anyway, it looks like this, as long as you give up to tell me, it is also possible to not get married. "
    ... Then Yaruo came in and informed the meeting of Tianzhang's Italian Montblanc project. At the same time, she was surprised to see A Xing. Then Tian Yan went to the meeting. The person in charge asked Tian Yan's concept of the family, and Tian Yan also said that he was ready to be determined. When he went to Italy to discuss the day after tomorrow, he would not be alone. The people who attended the meeting room thought that Tian Yan was saying Yaruo. "After the opening, I continued to talk to A Xing ...
    Here back to the client room, A Xing was waiting uneasy to answer the answer. .
    "Okay, I think since it is my child, then let's get married! "
    " What "A Xing was surprised.
    No matter how much it would be the answer to marriage, the person of Tianyi had already called him to understand." You know, I am a life of money Women, I plan to threaten you with children five years ago, and I am a fraud, how can you marry this kind of woman? "A Xing really couldn't stand his lies, and he couldn't clean up quickly," Old, honestly tell you ... In fact, she is not your child, he is Zhao Shisan's daughter ... "
    " I know she is not my child, but I still want to marry you. "
    " What? "A Xing felt that his head was about to blow up." Then I don't understand why you insist on
    to get married? " How could you want to marry me? "
    " What do you say? " Is there no reason to get married between us? "Tian Yan's deep eyes looked at A Xing, and she wanted to pursue A Xing again, named A Xing, who was so confused. Tian Yan asked A Xing to prepare to marry him the next day. .

    In encounter after five years 4

    Of course, before departure, A Xing went to find Tianda, was seen by Yaruo, and was humiliated by Jaca. He also vowed to break with Tianyu, and there was a paragraph in the book.
    "How did she come back here? "Jaca asked.
    " She wants to go to Italy with me. "
    " What? "Jaca was shocked, and she was unbelievable. She always thought that the person who was going to take it to Italy was her." Did you promise to take care of me and Tian Jun? " "
    " My care for you has never been less, but it does not mean that I want to marry you. "Tian Yan said coldly," A Xing, go, lest you can't catch up with the plane late. "
    In the next talk about them to Italy.
    In the plane on the day, and took Axing to a brand -name store near Milan to buy a dress. A Xing has never stepped into this high -end boutique in his life, I ca n’t guess what the idea of ​​Tiansheng. She was very disturbed by her attitude towards Tianyu. She knew how important the Tian Jun was. ? But, in order to Guangming and Nini, no matter how ridiculous the heavens, Axing has to bear it.

    The axis who has not yet been replaced, impatiently "What are you doing, do you want to lose my face? How can my fiancee in Zhongtianye wears ground and spread the goods? From now on, you are the people of my Zhong family, not the former Xia Zhixing, all the rules of the Zhong family. "
    The arrogant attitude is completely different from when he was in the hometown of tomorrow. A Xing felt that he had the shadow of Zhongwei on his body. R n "All the dresses are wrapped. "He ordered Axing." You can change this purple evening dress and go to the party of Montblanc in the evening. We cannot casually. Come, help her take care of her makeup and hair, and then go directly to the party venue. "
    A Xing is like a puppet doll. He has no ability to resist Tianyu at all. He can only be placed by him. Now he wants her to say, what she wants to do, even if she humiliates her, she must endure all.
    "Okay. Mr. Zhong, your fiancee is so beautiful. "After the completion of Axing, the clerk brought A Xing to Tian Yan and proud of his craftsmanship.
    The Tianyu looked at A Xing, who was wearing a purple fan tail, and elegant hair. He has never seen A Xing's dress -up dress. The color of the dress is paired with A Xing's white skin, and the shining image shocks everyone present.
    "checkout. "Tian Yan paid the account, gently lifted A Xing, and attached to her ears:" The reason why people want clothes are the same thing. "
    " You ... "A Xing saw him gentle and relieved, but when he heard what he said quietly in his ears, he was clearly satirizing her and couldn't speak. But sweet unmarried couple, please follow this agreement. "
    A Xing was grievance, holding her tears, and squeezing out a smile. She knew that this was her destiny and had nowhere to escape.
    " Driver, go to the nearby church first. As soon as Tian Yan got in the car, he ordered.
    A Xing still couldn't figure out the situation, and was pulled to a small church by Tianyu.
    "Slowly, what do you want to do?" "A Xing stepped on the difficult high -heeled shoes, and couldn't follow the big footsteps of Tianda, and shouted angrily.
    " Of course it is to get married. "
    The priest of waking up on duty, asking him to help him to host the wedding ceremony.
    So A Xing and Tianyi were in such an empty church. , Get married like this. A Xing has always felt wrong.
    The day of 骐 took out a gift box from his pocket and opened it. In Zhizhen, he already knew his life and had to retaliate against the Zhong family, but he also found A Xing's special and fell in love with her, so he came over, but saw that A Xing was remedy like this, and even more Jian Tianyu is not the idea of ​​a good person. But A Xing asked him to take her to the scene of Montblanc. She didn't want to be difficult. At the same time, Montblanc sees the designer of the "Midsummer Night Star" -A Xing's design. They hope to have this designer to complete their project, but Tianxuan is selfish and did not tell them Real designer. The book says:
    For the past five years, Tianyu forced himself to become a cold -blooded merchant. As long as he has money to make money, he can achieve the case without any means, even if it is The design master of the horn industry is also at the expense, but in this exotic party, he began to confused. If he was before, he heard who the other person liked, and he would try his best to dig that person. But now it is A Xing favored by the other party, but he has been stunned. Once, Tian Yan thought that his favorite was Yaro. After Axing appeared, he first tasted the joy of love in love, so that A Xing took up Yaruo was originally in his mind. Tiansheng thought that he finally caught happiness this time, but because of a car accident, he made Tianyu and Axing a long -lasting shadow. He secretly swear, saying what to let A Xing leave him again. This time, he married her with wayward. As his wife, he should help his career, but hesitated. He hesitated. He believes that he believes A Xing's talent in design is unwilling to expose Axing high -profile. He is afraid that there will be an irresistible factors that will make him lose A Xing.
    ... Then, A Xing appears ...
    "I'm sorry, I'm late, and I can't catch up on the road. "A Xing rushed into the venue in a casual clothes, causing guests to look at the side, and interrupted the heavenly self -question.
    " A Xing! " The emergence of A Xing resolved the embarrassing crisis at the party.
    "I'm sorry, this is my wife, she just came now before coming, embarrassed. "Tian Yan explained the other party of Italian, and then said," She is also the original designer of poppy flowers. "
    This on the scene, the person in charge of Wanbaolong was very happy to come. The emergence of A Xing made Tiandai Tanzhan this cooperation case, and after finalizing, Axing was fully responsible for designing jewelry.
    ... Then the inner confession of Zhi Yan on the side, slightly ...
    A Xing asked Tian Yan on the return plane, why he was willing to admit that she was the original, and he lied to her to marry. The despicable means hurt the lawsuit, and now it is reversed. It is really called Axing.
    "You don't always want to be a designer. This talent, I just give you a chance, don't be too impressive. "A Xing has a talent for designing jewelry. Heaven is not unknown. He obviously wants to watch her painful life, but still involuntarily wants to pull her. Inner question, questioning if he still loves this abominable Axing, and the stewardess goes to chase a girl in Italy, letting Tianyu very uncomfortable ...
    ... Back to E-Shine After that, Jacor asked Tianda to give her the general equity and expressed her care for her. In fact, she had premeditated. She set up a company and dug the corner of the E-Shine. She, she even used Zhi Yan's life and like A Xing to ask Zhi to join her plan, and Zhiyi promised her stupidly.

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