What brand of domestic diamond ring is good?

As the wedding day is approaching, I'm going to buy a wedding diamond ring in advance. But I've seen many different brands and feel more hesitant. I ask friends who have bought a diamond ring to give me some advice. Thank you.

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  1. Zokai, ZLf, Chow tal foo, xizuan, CRD, Ido, kela.cn, Dr Darry ring and Zhou Shengsheng are all very good domestic brands (in no order)

    ZOKAY is affiliated to Shenzhen ZOKAY e-commerce Co., Ltd. It is a jewelry token brand focusing on exquisite design and personalized customization. For more than ten years, ZOKAY has always been committed to creating jewelry keepsakes engraved with moving stories and beautiful emotions for customers, including wedding commitment jewelry and fashion style jewelry, especially focusing on diamond ring customization

    Chow tal foo on October 16, 2008, Chow Tai foo group established the "Chow Tai foo charity fund". On December 15, 2011, Chow Tai Fook was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. In August 2014, Chow Tai Fook acquired the American diamond brand hearts on fire

    Kela (Kela. CN) took "more affordable price, more fashionable design, more trust in brand and more comfortable shopping process" as its goal and began its creation. Now two years have passed, and it has also embarked on the fast track of rapid development. Making diamonds "light" is the goal of online enterprises such as Kelan. "Light" means two meanings: first, lower price; Second, more transparent diamond information and professional knowledge

    Zhou Shengsheng in 1934, Mr. Zhou Fangpu founded the "Zhou Shengsheng gold shop" in Guangzhou, which was a sole family business at the beginning. Started business in Hong Kong in 1948; In 1973, Zhou Shengsheng Group Co., Ltd. was listed in Hong Kong; In 1992, a new holding group - "zhoushengsheng Group International Co., Ltd." was further established to coordinate with the development of business internationalization. Today, Zhou Shengsheng has developed into a diversified enterprise with an annual turnover of nearly HK $10 billion

  2. There are many well-known diamond ring brands in China, and the styles of their diamond ring products are also very diverse. The quality of each brand is guaranteed. The key is to choose the diamond ring style you like

    diamond rings

    there are many kinds of diamond ring brands in the market, including luxury brands, mass brands, customized brands, etc. different brands have their own characteristics and advantages. For consumers, when choosing a diamond ring brand, they should not distinguish between good and bad. Instead, they should choose a suitable diamond ring brand according to their actual situation

  3. Which brand of diamond ring is of good quality? The diamond rings of each brand seem to be so perfect, so the customers are also confused and still do not know what brand of diamond ring is good! The following small series will give you an analysis of the brand of wedding diamond rings. I hope it will help you to buy wedding diamond rings
    big brand is not equal to high value
    is the value and quality of diamond rings directly related to the brand of diamond rings? Many people believe in brands and always think that diamond rings bought by big brands at a high price are good. In fact, in the sales of diamonds, it is a kind of "symbol consumption" to spend a lot of money to buy diamonds of a so-called famous brand. If you are willing to spend a lot of money to buy diamonds, it shows that you really know too little about diamonds
    in fact, diamonds have no brand. Taking off the ring rest, the diamond belongs to nature and will not become a brand because of who found it and where it was found. As for the style, in this digital information age, there is no possibility to keep the style secret. Who can't make the style? Therefore, there is no need to blindly pursue a certain brand. When buying diamond rings, we should focus on the quality of diamonds and the after-sales service of diamonds. Diamonds are naturally formed, and their color, clarity and fluorescence are all natural. It has nothing to do with so and so. Therefore, the main reason for choosing diamonds to make diamond rings is to see the 4C and fluorescence of diamonds
    there are unified standards and prices for precious metal ring holders.
    most diamond ring holders are platinum, K-gold, gold and other precious metals. Of course, some people like to choose palladium and other metals in recent years. In fact, precious metals and diamonds have unified international standards and values, such as gold, silver and other precious metals. It can not be said that the gold of a certain brand is better than that of another brand. As long as gold reaches a certain quality (such as 18K
    or 24K, as people usually say), it should be worth the corresponding price. There is no big difference because of different brands and different places of origin
    the styles and processes of diamond rings are similar.
    as mentioned above, there are almost no trade secrets in this information developed society. Many businesses publicize how fashionable their styles are, how advanced their processes are, and how exquisite their workmanship is. In fact, when you go to the jewelry counter to see the diamond styles of different brands, they are similar. Who dares to say that his brand is unique and unique? For the diamond industry, most of the process procedures for making wedding diamond rings are the same. As for the operation proficiency and experience value, there are differences, but the price is not too bad.

  4. I personally suggest that if you like shopping online, you can choose Kelan and diamond bird, which are professional jewelry brands for e-commerce diamond sales
    if you like to buy in physical stores, you can go to zhouliufu or zhoudafu, which is an old brand, specializing in the design, production and operation of jewelry such as diamond inlay
    if you want to buy customized and romantic light luxury brands, it is recommended to buy dmallovo (marilay) diamond rings. It is an international proposing diamond ring brand with the brand mission of "making true love more romantic". Men can only customize for one person with their ID cards
    finally, if the budget is not enough, it is suggested that small diamonds can be used for encircling, which can be large, luxurious and beautiful.

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