1 thought on “What are the layouts of the celebration venue?”

  1. The layout of the celebration venue mainly includes: 1. To ensure the quality of the venue during the layout of the celebration activities, and take the site protection measures; 2. Do a good job of the establishment of the celebration stage, the provision of items and supplies.

    1. The layout of the celebration venue is generally required to be arranged before the celebration, and it is maintained before and during the event to ensure the quality of the venue. When setting up the celebration venue, the celebration company should take the site protection measures, and pay attention not to damage the ground and wall tops. If it is an outdoor celebration, it is also necessary to consider the weather, rainproof, windproof, and human damage.
    2, generally including the stage of celebration stage, celebration items lease, and celebration supplies. The celebration stage construction includes: celebration stage, back board, ground stage, stage lighting, audio, video and other stage equipment used on the celebration.

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