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  1. To say that the most valuable sapphire has to say Kashmir sapphire. Kashmir sapphire was found in 1879. The sapphire in the place of origin was very beautiful, just like the German national flower gallery chrysanthemum, and the chrysanthemums of Yarcus were originally from this. Kashmir sapphire also has a very unique place. The gem inside contains an unknown white sheet, giving a velvet -like texture, which is very beautiful. Unfortunately, Kashmir sapphire has been announced in 1889, and Kashmir sapphire has become a legend, and it is difficult to see in the market.
    The most expensive sapphire color is really difficult to say. After all, the color of sapphire is very rich, and it simply lists the more common ones in the market. Royal Blue and Chicken Blue in the blue sapphire are more expensive colors, but the Chilu Blue here is a color level and has no source of origin. Papalata in color sapphire is relatively rare and precious.

  2. Among the sapphire, there is a blue -like royal flower chrysanthemum () like the German royal flower chrysanthemum (), which has an amazing colorful charm, elegant and bright, fascinating. This color sapphire is called "Corn Flower" (Corn Flower). ——It is a well -deserved king of the best sapphire!
    1, the color of the chrysanthemum
    "Ya Che Chrysanthemum" sapphire, pure color and bright, with a hazy blue color with purple color, the thick blue color, the thick blue color, the thick blue color, the thick blue color, It also gives people a velvet -like unique texture and appearance. This texture comes from some small silk -shaped contents distributed inside the gem. Observing the gemstone with the naked eye, no mixed colors, only seeing a weak natural strap on the back, with the excellent cutting process, the whole gemstone gives people a dream -like beauty.
    2. The output is scarce
    "Yaru chrysanthemum" sapphire is produced in the world -famous world -high altitude of the world's peak Himalaya Mountains in the Kashmir area of ​​the Himalayas, where it is snow -capped all year round. The mining has been completely stopped in the early 20th century, and the extremely rare output has made every gem of the existing world precious.
    3, the value of the chrysanthemum
    The top "Yaru chrysanthemum" is high. If the clarity is high, the color is dark, and there is no ribbon (that is, the texture of the overall color or shallow), it, it), it, it), it, it), it, it), it, it), it, it), it, it), it, it), it, it), it, it), it is The value is inestimable, and now it has become the most noticeable sapphire in the auction.
    2008 In November of Christie's Geneva Autumn, a Kashmir sapphire weighing 42 carat set the latest world record with $ 3.6 million; The chrysanthemum blue gem ring set a world auction record of Kashmir sapphire at $ 2.4 million.

  3. The most expensive sapphire color should be royal blue and chrysanthemum. Essence Essence
    Human obsession with gemstones can be traced back to the beginning of civilization. The ancients believed that the unique blue of sapphire deep and far away symbolized the scene of the sky. The mysterious and melancholy color can directly reach the soul of the human soul. Since the past century has entered the people, sapphire has become one of the five major treasures in the world with the clear and clear blue sky, or the beautiful gem variety that people cherish.

    A sapphire is generally rare and precious, and the value is also prominent. In the auction of the number, the valuation of the gems will be the highest, then its collection value is definitely a rising space.
    If, in the auction of sapphire in 2017, the highest valuation is a Royal Burmese Royal Blue Story with diamond diamond ring. It weighs 13.63 carats and has a ring size of 15.5,18k platinum. It is valued at 1,700-1,900,000 yuan Essence As you want to know the value of sapphire collection, the value of sapphire is a great space.
    The quality difference and double value. If it is used as sapphire collection, pay attention to it. What kind of sapphire has a collection value?
    1. Color requirements
    The color played a key role in the value of sapphire. The color of all sapphires is rich and pure; it is not inferior to blue with gray and opaque. In addition, the chrysanthemum blue and royal blue in sapphire are the best in the colors. Everyone knows that in the auction of various auctions, the color of sapphire is generally royal blue or chrysanthemum blue. This is the most important requirement for the color of sapphire as a collection.
    2. Cleaning requirements
    It after reading the color of sapphire, we must look at the existing flaws and internal contents. The clarity classification of sapphire is: flawless/internal flaw-extremely subtle impurities-very small impurities-small impurities-impurities.
    has no time to be the highest level of sapphire. Under the professional jewelry or expert's naked eye, it is 100%impurities. The higher the clarity, the higher the price, and its collection value will be higher. If it is found that a color is pure and the clarity is extremely high, its value is naturally high.
    3. Fire color requirements
    . A high -quality surplus sapphire, the fire color accounts for 55%of the entire crown. Firecai can make the blue gem to fulfill the beauty of the sapphire. The area of ​​a sapphire is sufficient. The fire color is bright. The value of such sapphire will not be low.
    4. Cera required
    The prices of carats of sapphire at 10 points are cheaper. As a carat sapphire, it is more popular with the public. If you want to be a collection, you need to require more than 3 carats. The larger the weight, the greater the potential for preservation and appreciation.

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