5 thoughts on “Sanjin was popular during the Southern Song Dynasty. What is the meaning of three gold?”

  1. Yesterday was 520. I believe that many couples have received proofs and spoke to receive certificates. I think of a wedding custom in ancient times, and that is to send three gold.
    In ancient times, he pays attention to the three golds: golden crickets, golden crickets, and golden pendants. As early as the wedding sticker in the Southern Song Dynasty, "Guanli Fangyu: Jewelry, Gold and Silver, Zhu Cui, etc.". Ordinary people and the lower levels are unable to provide genuine three golds. Jewelry must be forced to use gold and silver quality, just as the "Mengliang Lu" contains "if you use a pavement house, or a gold -free device, and the silver plated on behalf of the substitution. "".
    The meaning of gold is more affectionate than Jin Jian. When marrying, it is usually the highlight of the ceremony. Sanjin usually refers to the ring, necklace, and bracelets. It is said that the marriage of Sanjin is to claim the bride, and the couple will never follow. Therefore, this beautiful custom customization has always been inherited.
    If that, the meaning and blessings contained in gold jewelry. Gold is a symbol of wealth. Traditionally believes that gold also has the role of recruiting wealth and evil, especially the gold jewelry worn during marriage, which has a deep meaning. For example, the gold necklace has a folk statement that exorcise evil spirits and life. Gold earrings have a good wish for family harmony, while the golden ring means unwavering emotions between husband and wife.
    Therefore, in order to obtain his wife, the man will deliberately pay for colorful gifts, and he especially values ​​colorful gifts in ancient times. The ancient gifts will be watched. The richness of the gift can directly reflect whether the man pays attention to you. In ancient times, it was a item that could directly reflect whether the colorful gifts, so there were gold in the colorful gifts, and it was also made exquisite gold jewelry.
    Themay is the support of increasingly developed handicraft industries. Tang Shi has "Xie Yingong": "One plate of felt is dozens of crickets, and there are still more red scales in the plate. I know how hard the text has been learned, and I regret that I have not been able to learn and met the silver." Since the Tang Dynasty, society has entered a state of long -term stability and openness. In the Tang Dynasty, the gold and silver fine gold technology began to integrate the technology of foreign nations, and on this basis, the process of selling gold, shooting gold, gold plating, gold -plated, gold, gold, and gold wrapped The presence of gold and silver products.
    It still has the concept of "no three gold, not married.", but many people define it more extensively. It can be said to this day. Sending Sanjin is a good deduction.

  2. The meaning is very important to the other party, and it is also positive that the relationship between the two people is more affirmed, so there is a word of love than Jin Jian.

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