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  1. In daily study, work or life, many people have experienced writing, no stranger to composition, with the help of components to achieve the purpose of cultural exchanges. Do you know how to write compositions to be standardized? Here are 9 puppies I have compiled for everyone. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.
    The fourth grade composition of the puppy 1 My family raised a teddy bear. It is a "little boy". I gave it a name, which was called a bear. I like it very much.
    This with gray hair, thin and soft. Its head is round and round like a ball, which is interesting! The bear's ears were big and thin, and the running flickered like two small fans. Its ears are always vigilant, and it is very sensitive to the sound. Even if a needle falls to the ground, it will look around. His eyes are big and round, like a pair of shiny black gems. Its nose is dark, like a ball of black beans, its sense of smell is sensitive. Sometimes, I deliberately hide its food and it will quickly find it. The bear's limbs are very short, like a large velvet ball, cute.
    ers are particularly smart. Once I taught it to shake hands. I stretched out my right hand and looked at me, confusing, but quickly stretched out my right hand. We held it, and it was very satisfied. Later, as soon as I reached out, the bear automatically reached out to make others envy. Another time, how many do I ask about the bear and bears? It thought for a moment and shouted twice at me: "Wang! Wang!" I happily hugged it and kissed and kissed. It was really a smart puppy!
    ers are sometimes naughty. It always likes to hold the towel in the bathroom to the door. I discovered it to reprimand it. It lowered his head and seemed to know that he had done wrong. However, when I turned around, it took the towel away again. It was a naughty bag, which was angry and funny!
    This is my puppy -bears, it is smart, cute and naughty. Do you also like my family?
    The fourth grade composition 2 puppies 2 I like many small animals, such as rabbits, parrots, swallows ... but the most favorite is my home puppy -Kaka.
    The black hair, only white "boots" on his feet, a pair of big eyes on the round face, although the black nose is always wet, it has an extremely sensitive sense of smell. Essence Even if there is a little bit of meat, it can be heard from the kitchen, and it can smell it, and then run from the long vegetable garden to the room to ask the owner to eat. A pair of triangular ears on both sides of its head are very cute.
    Kakaka is also a puppy that is understanding. Once, I didn't take the exam well, and returned home sadly. Kaka ran over and looked at me with my head tilted, as if saying, "Little master, what's wrong with you?" Lying on the table, it seemed to guess my heart, lying quietly on my feet, the sound of "humming" in the mouth, and the front paw kept rubbing my pants feet, as if in it as if in Said: "Tingting, it's okay, as long as you continue to work hard, you will definitely achieve good results!" Seeing the coquettish look, I suddenly forgot my troubles, stood up again, and secretly determined: This time I did not take the test: I did n’t take the test this time: I did n’t take the test this time. Okay, it must be that I do n’t do well enough, and there are some knowledge points that I do n’t have the solidity. I want to summarize my experience and strive to achieve good results next time, and I will not make the same mistake again! After that, I sank to study. When I was doing exercises, Kaka was holding me aside, and I didn't disturb me. Until I got a good result for the second test, when I came back to report the goodbye to my parents, Kaka rushed over to meet me, around me constantly turning around, and the fluffy big tail was shaking. It seems that it feels my mood. "Wang Wang Wang" also seemed to be asking me: "Do you have a good grade this time? See you proud!" Haha ... Kaka is so funny!
    Kaka is also a playful puppy. Every time I play the game with my friends, it always comes to make trouble, and it seems dissatisfied with me to leave it alone. Alas ... really can't help it! If it encounters something fun, it will play outside for a day and one night, and it will not go home when it is dark, so let us find it! If everyone likes it, reluctant to scold it, and give it to others!
    Now, I am a good friend who is inseparable from Kaka! I really like this partner!
    The fourth grade composition of puppy 3 My puppy in my house is white and white, the ears are very sensitive, and the teeth are sharp. Our family liked it very much, and gave it a nice name, called "Xueer".
    The cuteness of Xueer, it is not necessary to say, for some reason, it especially loves sweets.
    I remember that I was sick. My mother made me the little sweet cake I liked to eat, and said to me, "Daughter, when you lose the liquid, the mother will take the sweet cake to you. "Left and right, and finally lost the liquid, but the sweet cake on the table was gone. I just shouted: "Mom, the sweet cake is gone." The mother who was washing clothes hurried over, and I really saw the sweet cake on the table flying, and said to himself: "I was still on the table Why is it gone? "I was smart, and I guess it must be Xueer's ghost. I ran into the yard quickly and saw Cherblag eating my sweet cake.我生气地对雪儿说:“你这个坏家伙,把我的甜饼给吃了。”雪儿抬起头,一个劲地用嘴舔我的手,似乎在哀求:“主人,别生气嘛, I was wrong. "
    The was like this, accepting it with an open mind, but he did not change it repeatedly. This is the case every time, but I haven't changed it once.
    The fourth grade composition 4 of the puppy. As soon as I returned to my hometown, I saw the naughty, cute, and car seeing the six puppies in the car.
    In even when drinking milk, you have to play with you. If they do n’t let them out when they want to drink milk, it ’s incredible, because they will always cry, crying, you are upset, you ca n’t eat it, you ca n’t sleep. How about, naughty.
    . The naughty little guys will enjoy it. Because I like them so much, I have to blow the flute beside the dog's nest. When I first blowing next to the dog's nest, I thought they would hide to the innermost of the dog's nest. Unexpectedly, when the elegant and beautiful flute sounded gently, the little guys who were still making trouble immediately quietly calmed down, six small heads, and six pairs of small eyes towards me. In this elegant realm, they seem to be immersed in it with me. When a song is blowing, they are screaming, as if they are saying, "It's so good, it's so good, come again!" Looking at what they enjoyed, I feel jealous.
    The my favorite puppy is the one like a wolf dog. Why do I like it? It is not that it is handsome, but it is smart. Once it was closed when they were locked up, leaving a little loophole but very high. It found that there was a loophole, and climbed there. But it was not high enough to find a companion as a ladder. It was really smart.
    This puppies are so cute, I do n’t change your gold when you change it!
    The fourth grade composition of puppy 5 Sisi is a puppy of a four -old aunt's house. It is cute, lively, elegant, and I especially like it.
    It is a poodle. Its fluffy snow is white like snowflakes. The round and dark eyes are like beads, and they turn all day. The nose is always wet, dark, just like the shoe oil, the slightly upturned little mouth looks particularly proud. There is also a pair of very spiritual ears. If there is a duty sound nearby, it will be called "Wang Wang". The white claws are like four plum blossoms, and the tail with a small ball is always leisurely swinging.
    The puppy I have ever seen. The four old aunts love it very much. They are petted as princess and often take it to beauty salons to beauty. (Beauty salon is a pet shop) given. It is made of shape, and its ears and small ball tails are also orange -red, not to mention how fashionable. Its clothes, shoes, headdress, and necklaces are countless, and private objects with popular fashion elements are reflected in it. It is a little star near the four old aunts.
    Is Sisi especially love to play small toys. Once I went to the four old aunts' house, and I jumped up excitedly as soon as I entered the door. I picked up its small ball to the left, and it was like right. Also jumping to the left for a while. When I threw the ball down, it immediately went to pick up the ball and ran to the table to ignore the table. You must take a small toy to divert its attention before it will run over again. Say it is clever?
    Is Sisi is still a super clean puppy. It is very regular. Every day, I go to the toilet in the morning, middle, and evening. It has a small amount of food. It eats about one -third of humans every day. It only eats dog food and ham. It has a special rice bowl and small water basin. It eats a few grains of dog food when eating, and then licks a few mouthfuls of water with his tongue, so it repeats until you are full.
    In after eating and drinking, I tickled it. Sisi was a kind of enjoyable puppy. It lying on my leg for a while itch, itching there, until I let me let me go around the sky. It is comfortable to massage it. If you do not scratch, it will be coquettish to you, let you scratch it again, and after scratching it again, it will go to its keoss nest to sleep without returning.
    Is Sisi is really a favorite puppy!
    The fourth grade composition of Puppy 6 has a white and white teeth dog. I named it a ball, I like it! When it was a kid, its hair was slippery. I often use my small comb to sort him up for his hair. It also cooperates with me, lying on my stomach, closed my eyes gently, as if it was trapped. Get backwards and back. Gradually, the ball grew up, and the hair was long.
    In a day after school, I finished writing my homework, stretched my waist, rubbed my eyes, and suddenly remembered the ball. I picked up the small comb on the hair for many years. , Pick up the small comb, and it is a handle to its hair. Suddenly, the comb is stuck on its white hair. I didn't think about it, dragged it hard, and suddenly, the ball screamed a few times, I me I think it is pitiful, running to the room, pick up my little scissors, run to the ball, the ball looks at my hand with scissors, and stare at me with my eyes very unfriendly. Give you a beauty again! I cut the hair entangled on the wooden comb with scissors little by little, just right, a cool wind blowing over, and gently stroking my cheek, but the ball shrank into a ball and trembled. I thought to myself; I really shouldn't cut its hair, hey, sorry, the ball. I ran into the house and took an old clothes to cover the ball gently. He looked at me as if he was saying; the little master, it's okay, you always repaired my hair, how can I blame you?
    ! You are my best partner! We are always the best friends!
    The fourth grade composition of puppy 7 My neighbor's house has a brown puppy, the puppy is very cute.
    I talk about my first encounter with the puppy!
    I I went home from school and saw a cute puppy on the ground, vomiting my tongue, seemed to be dissatisfied with such a hot sky. I walked over and touched it gently. It scared a few steps back. I thought that the puppy was so cute, and I couldn't help but touched it a few times. It was frightened that since he ran home. I laughed helplessly. Walk home and find that there are food on the table, I took it up. I ate while walking, and a dark shadow came over. I looked at it. It turned out to be the brown puppy. It was turning around me and poking at me. It seemed hungry, and I threw the biscuits in my hand to the ground. Since the puppy ate it with interest. I threw all my biscuits to it, and I was watching. It looked very cute, I couldn't help but touch it, and it didn't resist. The sun shines this. On the road, a girl is touching the puppy's head, and the puppy eats it with taste. This picture is really harmonious!
    The first encounter with me and my puppy!
    The fourth grade composition 8 of the puppy does not know why, mother and mother like puppy very much. Over time, I was also influenced by her, and now I like puppy.
    The puppy is very cute and very naughty. He often puts down things on the heights, which makes our family always come to dispatch. What can we do! Who makes the puppy not understand people!
    So Grandpa often locked the puppy and put it in the cage on the balcony. Every time the puppy was turned off, she was in a very poor mood and screamed. At this time, our ears really can't stand it.
    Once, Grandpa kept it on the sun again, but it screamed and there was no sound. We all felt strange without hearing its barking. Let me check the reason. I found that the puppy squatted there, and looked at the glass with my eyes.
    What is the glass good? I don't understand. Later, I walked to the puppy and looked at the puppy's eyes. Haha, a TV came out on the glass. It turned out that in the evening, due to the effect of lighting, the TV show in the living room was reversed into the glass. The puppy didn't bark because it saw a wonderful TV show.
    looking at it, a seriousness, meticulous, is good to see which stage, no matter what the stage is worth seeing. After watching it for a long time, the puppy saw the TV addiction. When I met the show I liked to watch, I squatted there, motionless, and looked very focused. If you don't like to watch a show! It will be like a nerd. It is no different from the wooden chicken.
    This puppy is really interesting!
    Animals are spiritual, and the little author adds an example to this sentence. Who doesn't like such a cute puppy?
    The fourth grade composition 9 of the puppy. This puppy specializes in stealing chickens and dogs. It can steal hundreds of dollars within a day.
    The puppy is dark and black, with a very sensitive sense of smell, very agile, and often goes out of everyone's home at night. One day, the puppy happened to be stolen. When it was about to leave, the police passed by and found it, but it was not afraid at all and seemed to be particularly calm. It first led the police to a place where no one, and then threw a flash bomb, so that the police could not see the road, and then it quickly put on the police's clothes. I didn't find it for a long time, thinking that the puppy had escaped back to her cave.
    So the police station will be wanted to want this thief puppy overnight. The content of the wanted order is: Who can get a thief puppy, who can get a thousand dollars. The police ran out of the police station to post a warrant, and the broadcast also rang the wanted order. The police said proudly, "Now, see if you can escape our palms." After speaking, they all laughed proudly.
    The puppy seeing the streets on the street was full of wanted orders, thinking that he did not work hard every day, stealing others, and felt particularly ashamed in his heart, so he decided to surrender. At the door of the police station, the puppy hesitated for a while, but went in. At this time, a duty policeman saw the puppy and said loudly, "You puppy is still big enough, stealing Dongxi and stealing to the police station." The puppy said, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no I came from the first. "The policeman said in surprise:" Really? "The puppy whispered," It's true. "The police also said," Seeing you today, the attitude of admitting your mistakes will reduce the crime for you. "Later, the puppy behaved very well in prison, and she made her work, and finally changed her evil.
    It puppy to help people who need help everywhere after being released from prison, so the puppy has been recognized by the masses. Since then, everyone has liked puppies.
    This story tells us that we should learn to change and change, and be a person who makes everyone like.

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