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  1. It’s true that the gold purity of seiffel jewelry is high. Their patent of solderless welding technology has won awards. The gold purity of other domestic brands is not as high as that of their family. Several sisters bought gold here when they got married.

  2. OK, it’s really good
    Shenzhen Safire Jewelry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 [1] and created a brand of “solder free gold”. Seiffel initiated the “solder free welding technology” to end the defects of traditional gold “solder welding”, and made the gold more pure and valuable. It won the “first prize of science and technology of China Gold Association”
    Shenzhen seiffel Jewelry Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 [1]. It is famous for its exquisite technology and extremely artistic design, and its marketing network covers the whole country. Over the years, Safire jewelry has adhered to differentiated brand management and focused on product innovation. Safire is a gold, creating a solder free welding technology to make gold purer and more valuable. Wanzu gold jewelry, luxury diamond, gorgeous opal, colorful color treasure, gold inlaid jade and natural jade are the shining protagonists on the Safire jewelry stage to meet the needs of customers for one-stop shopping
    seiffel’s development and innovation have been highly praised by relevant national departments and all walks of life, enjoying high popularity and reputation. It has successively won “China’s well-known trademark”, “the most competitive brand in China’s jewelry industry in 2012”, “the most popular brand among consumers”, “China’s gold and silver jewelry brand”, “China’s famous brand in jewelry and jade jewelry industry” Many honors such as “the top ten favorite brands of China’s jewelry industry consumers” and “the most competitive joining Brand in China’s jewelry market” have gradually become the fashion trend leading brand in China’s jewelry market
    at the end of 2013, Coco Lee, an international superstar, joined us and became the brand image ambassador of Safire jewelry. In 2014, seiffel jewelry launched a comprehensive cooperation with the most popular program “Avenue of stars” on CCTV; And cooperated with the popular king variety program “Chinese good songs” to support Chinese music and original value
    the purpose of the enterprise: common profit and common development; Core values of the enterprise: take service as the concept, seek survival by quality, and seek development by innovation
    enterprise vision: to become a respected international jewelry enterprise and the world’s best jewelry brand
    the mission of the enterprise: to promote the gold culture and lead the fashion trend of China’s jewelry industry
    · high quality diamond suppliers strictly control and guarantee quality. Seiffel diamonds are selected one by one, and each one is subject to one screening, two selection and three reviews to ensure the high-end quality of high-quality diamond jewelry
    international fashion and brand charm. Sapphire Diamond combines the international fashionable and popular elements with the implicit and mysterious Chinese traditional culture and romantic British customs. It is processed and inlaid by first-class technicians and is committed to creating the most professional brand value
    classic fashion, taste life. Safire diamond has always pursued the highest quality and perfect performance of jewelry, showing and interpreting the eternal classics and charm for consumers. Simple but not simple, brilliant but not dazzling, reflecting the value of life pursued by the pure heart in life
    · Safire, the leader of wanzujin, was the first batch to obtain authoritative certification – national gold and diamond Inspection Center certification and square and round quality certification. The world’s leading “solder free welding process” was adopted
    – ensure the gold content of each node precious metal detection technology ICP inductively coupled plasma loss detection method – ensure that the gold content of each piece of jewelry reaches 9999. It requires the designated exclusive distributor of seiffel wanzujin to sell the products on behalf of the national network – ensure the authenticity of the products. Seiffel, as the leading brand of wanzujin, adopts the world’s leading “solder free welding process” and is a supreme gold product with a purity of 99.99%, It is the highest purity gold jewelry in China. It is purer, brighter and more value preserving than thousand gold. It not only guarantees 99.99% of the product quality, but also 100% ensures the overall unity of the quality of gold jewelry, solves the industry problem of low quality of gold jewelry solder joints over the years, and meets the consumer demand of pursuing perfection, truth and purity.

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