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  1. The new coronary pneumonia's epidemic is a major public health incident that broke out in 2020, which caused a huge impact on the lives and economic development of residents of various countries. During the epidemic, the lifestyle of residents who did not leave home brings new possibilities for e -commerce. From the impact of the epidemic, this article will effectively analyze the opportunities and challenges faced by e -commerce. From four aspects of seeking government support, improving supply chain management, exploring new retail models, and seeking long -term development, strategic suggestions for the long -term development of e -commerce.

    The keywords: new crown pneumonia epidemic; e -commerce; cross -border e -commerce

    . E -commerce profile

    1. The concept of e -commerce e -commerce refers to business activities based on information network technology and commodity exchange. It can also be understood as activities on the Internet, enterprise internal networks and value -added networks to conduct transaction activities and related services on electronic transactions. It is electronic, network, and informatization of traditional business activities. The commercial behavior of the Internet as the medium belongs to the category of e -commerce.

    2. The associated object of e -commerce

    The e -commerce mainly has Quartet associated objects: trading platforms, platform operators, on -site operators, and payment systems. (1) Trading platform. The trading platform is the third -party e -commerce platform. Its main role is to contact the buyers and sellers in e -commerce activities to provide reliable transaction information, transaction records, and transaction guarantees. Essence At present, third -party e -commerce platforms mainly represent Taobao, Amazon, JD.com, etc. (2) Platform operator. The platform operator is the third -party trading platform operator. This type of natural person, legal person, and other organizations need to register and hold a business license in the industrial and commercial administrative department. It is mainly responsible for regulating the third -party trading platform and providing specific services to both parties. (3) Operator in the site. The operator in the station is a natural person, legal person and other organizations who complete the transaction and related service activities with the help of e -commerce trading platforms. (4) Payment system. The payment system (also known as the liquidation system) mainly includes the professional and technical means necessary for completing the payment instruction transmission and fund liquidation, and the various intermediaries that provide specific payment liquidation services. The security, convenience and perfectness of the payment system directly affect the smooth progress of e -commerce activities and follow -up development. At present, with the innovation and development of major Internet companies, the security of domestic and foreign payment systems has been improved quality, laying a solid foundation for the development of e -commerce.

    3. Features of e -commerce

    The e -commerce is a new form of commodity exchange with the development of Internet technology. From the 1990s to the present, the development of e -commerce has gone through four stages: bud introduction, fluctuation cultivation, fierce competition, and stable development, which shows strong creativity and vitality. It mainly has the following characteristics: (1) universality. As a new way of transaction, e -commerce can quickly spread into the lives of the general public by relying on Internet technology. Bring production enterprises, circulating enterprises, and consumers and governments into a new world of network economy and digital survival. (2) Convenience. Compared with traditional business activities, the e -commerce environment has got rid of time and regional restrictions, enabling consumers to complete transactions faster and conveniently, and at the same time, it also helps the disclosure of commodity information and the level of corporate services. (3) Overall. Relying on Internet technology, e -commerce can regulate the workflow more efficiently and intelligently, and achieve organic combination of manual operation and electronic information processing. This helps improve the strictness of system operation and reduce waste of manpower and material resources. (4) Safety. Security has always been a key issue for e -commerce, and it requires the network to provide a end -to -end security solution. In recent years, with the continuous development of e -commerce, the security of transactions has also continued to improve. More comprehensive trading records, participation of third -party platforms, and the development of online banking have better guarantee the security of e -commerce, which also promotes the enthusiasm of people's consumption on the e -commerce platform. (5) Coordination. Coordination requires the connection and coordination of each stage and links of each stage of a activity. E -commerce, as a business activity, often requires consumers to coordinate with each other with companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Under normal circumstances, the entire process of e -commerce is coherent, and it emphasizes the cooperation of many departments such as production centers, logistics centers, and technical services.

    4. The existence of e -commerce

    The existence of e -commerce is manifested in saving time, improving efficiency, and improving services for customers. Through online shopping, online live broadcast, online payment, etc., save as much as possible, time and space of customers, enterprises, and society, and improve the utilization rate of resources. In the 21st century of digital economy development, information diversification, and accelerated social rhythm, e -commerce is both the product of the era demand and the strong driving force for economic development. Better places to consumers and mutual benefit with consumers should become the goal and motivation for the continuous development of e -commerce at present.

    . Overview of the epidemic of new crown pneumonia

    The new crown pneumonia epidemic is a major emergencies that broke out of 2020 to the lives and economy and society of residents of various countries. Great impact. According to statistics, as of June 2nd of Beijing time, there were more than 6.35 million cumulative diagnosis cases in the world's new crown pneumonia, reaching 635,3236 cases, and a total of more than 3.76 million cases of death, reaching 376,759 cases. Under the epidemic of new coronary pneumonia, opportunities and challenges coexist. On the one hand, the global economic environment is tight and the risk of corporate operations has intensified. Many companies were forced to cancel a large number of orders because they could not start work normally, and the cash flow was difficult. On the other hand, under the overall arrangement of national prevention and control and epidemic prevention, people's home isolation, online consumption, Internet entertainment, online learning, remote office and other needs have risen, which has spawned the rapid growth of a large number of new online formats. Live broadcasting, online education, fresh e -commerce, remote medical industry and other industries have developed rapidly, and the active index has risen rapidly.

    . The development opportunities brought by the epidemic to e -commerce

    1. E -commerce demand surge

    The outbreak of the epidemic has brought people a longer home time. Offline consumption is blocked, so that people quickly transfer the consumer battlefield to the online shopping platform. The demand and click rate of major e -commerce platforms have increased significantly. The Ministry of Commerce clearly stated that e -commerce companies play a key role in ensuring market supply in this epidemic. This means that the current e -commerce is in a rare dividend period. Major e -commerce companies have more opportunities to be understood by customers, and consumer consumption habits are being cultivated and changed. In addition, in this epidemic, demand growth bonus is no longer monopolized by traditional commercial giants Taobao and JD. With some emerging e -commerce industries, consumer consumer demand is more comprehensive and met. Among them, fresh e -commerce is the most active. According to Quest -Mobile data, the growth rate of Hema Xiansheng during the epidemic reached 43.1 %, and the active growth rate of Ding Dong ’s vegetables had reached 93.1 %.

    2. The form of e -commerce form is diversified

    Since the occurrence of the epidemic, e -commerce is continuously innovating in both form and content. Various new cross -border integration new models have continued to emerge. The 127th Canton Fair will be held online and online education "suspended classes" is a new attempt and new model for online and offline integration. In addition, during the epidemic, people focused on the Internet and entertainment, and short video software became the emerging e -commerce industry. Among the many short video software, Douyin and Kuaishou accounted for more than half. Combined with the hot popularity of the anchor with the goods represented by Li Jiaqi and Wei, the e -commerce drainage effect was significant and the business orders increased rapidly. Some small -scale community fresh e -commerce is also incubating and growing rapidly. The residents are scheduled to book fruits and vegetables online, and the self -raising online fresh retail model has basically formed. Pharmaceutical e -commerce has also implemented on -site measures to inject more fresh vitality into the Chinese economy when the epidemic is sluggish.

    3. Cross -border e -commerce rises in the trend

    The epidemic situation that swept the global epidemic, which brought tremendous pressure on my country's foreign trade industry. In mid -March 2020, Dongguan, known as the "World Factory", closed two large foreign trade companies due to serious insufficient orders, and thousands of employees were forced to unemployment. In the context of the decline in the foreign trade economy, new trade formats such as cross -border e -commerce have unexpectedly rising. Data show that from January to February 2020, the import and export volume of cross -border e -commerce in Guangdong increased by 33.4 % year -on -year, ranking first in the country; Hainan's cross -border e -commerce business volume also reached 5.5 times. Tmall International imported products increased by more than 52 % year -on -year, and orders for cross -border e -commerce platforms such as Jingdong International and Koala Sea Purchase also increased significantly. The epidemic further released consumer consumer demand, which is conducive to the normalization of importing consumption, which is conducive to enhancing the stickiness between consumers and platforms, and brings new opportunities for cross -border e -commerce. The rise of cross -border e -commerce has eased the losses of my country's traditional foreign trade industry during the epidemic, and made an indelible contribution to maintaining my country's current economic stability.

    4. The epidemic promotes the growth of the industry and the improvement of the new crown pneumonia's epidemic incubation has incubated the "lazy economy" that is closely related to e -commerce. The environment that does not leave the household helps consumers' online consumption habits. When e -commerce increasingly shows its fundamental advantages of breaking through time and space restrictions, sharing of resources, and convenient and fast, more loyal customer bases are expected to be built and the market size is expected to expand. In addition, the impact of the new crown pneumonia's epidemic has brought heavy experience and lessons to many e -commerce companies, which forced more companies to jump out of business comfort circles and think about the new direction of e -commerce development in the future. At present, more and more companies have realized the important role of strengthening supply chain management and establishing partnership relationships in the anti -futuristic risk. Although the epidemic has caused difficulty in quantitative damage to the e -commerce industry, it also gave the industry's pressure necessary for reform and innovation in the industry. This not only helps enhance the ability of the e -commerce industry to resist risks, but also promote the further growth and improvement of the industry.

    . The challenges brought by the epidemic to e -commerce

    1. Logistics pressure is heavy, uncertainty is large

    The international air transport market and maritime market are facing unprecedented difficulties under the epidemic. The restrictions on imports and exports of goods in various countries have increased and logistics is tight. For example, in the Amazon warehouse in Europe, in order to abide by the "one -meter social distance" rules, it has closed all the goods that weigh more than 15 kg of goods. Therefore, Amazon Europe no longer supports products of more than 15 kg. In addition, due to factors such as the lack of labor force of logistics companies, whether in terms of logistics and timeliness, it is difficult for my country to meet consumers' dramatic e -commerce needs. Many sellers report that the logistics price fluctuates during the epidemic and shows a trend of growth, and the time limit for logistics is not as good as before. The epidemic situation in some areas has also led to changes in the local logistics route, which seriously affects the time limit for the delivery of goods. It is unfavorable.

    2. In short supply, the supply chain test is upgraded

    In severe situation of the epidemic situation, many factories are facing suspension of production, coupled with the surge in e -commerce demand during the epidemic. The two directly led to the problems of the shortage of supply and insufficient inventory in many e -commerce companies. This is a test of the stability and operating efficiency of the merchant's supply chain. Many merchants have exposed their original pain points and deficiencies in supply chain management under the impact of the epidemic, and were forced to start exploring a stronger and more reliable innovative supply chain model.

    3. The seller's cash flow is insufficient, the operating risk is high

    The inventory goods under the epidemic cannot be sold. insufficient. This part of the shortage of funds will seriously threaten the operations of some small enterprises and exacerbate the survival of the fittest. Merchants and enterprises with strength to face crisis may stay. Those who have no strength can only be eliminated and cannot survive.

    4. Labor lack of labor, lagging supply capacity

    During the epidemic period, on the one hand, the demand for e -commerce enterprises has risen and orders have increased; on the other hand, enterprises are facing serious labor shortages due to the impact of the epidemic. According to relevant data, the amount of orders during the Hema Xiansheng Spring Festival increased by 5 to 10 times year -on -year. However, due to the slower resumption of employees, the phenomenon of "labor waste" in merchants and enterprises made it impossible for user needs to be properly met, which greatly reduced the demand, which greatly reduced it. Consumer shopping satisfaction. In order to solve the problem of labor shortage, some companies have begun to extend employees' overtime time, and other small and medium -sized enterprises with difficulty in re -work in a short time will provide employees in a sharing model for a short -term manpower output. These measures have promoted the redistribution of human resources to a certain extent, which relieves some of the difficulties of working difficulties. However, from the analysis of offline supply efficiency and logistics recovery, the problem of supply lag caused by the shortage of labor force has not been completely resolved. Enterprises are still facing production pressure, and it is difficult to harvest the demand growth bonus caused by the epidemic.

    5. The offline transformation is limited, and the advent of the concept of "new retail" in the concept of "New Retail" has aroused great attention and participation of the concept of "new retail", especially in the society. Frequent acquisition of offline layout; on the other hand, offline entities are actively embracing online. "New retail" is an innovation and an e -commerce revolution. The epidemic has put forward higher requirements for e -commerce accelerated offline transformation. Whenever emergencies come, online e -commerce models are usually difficult to resolve user demands immediately. At this time, offline stores can solve problems quickly and efficiently, and soothe customer emotions. However, the offline transformation of e -commerce is facing multiple challenges such as insufficient funds brought by the epidemic, difficulty in getting offline customer traffic, and insufficient labor force. Merchant offline transformation urgently requires more innovative ideas, power support, and government support.

    . E -commerce development suggestions under the epidemic

    1. Seeking government support and alleviating capital tension

    In new crown pneumonia epidemic, many companies face the dilemma of insufficient orders and difficulty in funding. In order to stabilize social order, protect the rights and interests of the people, and promote economic recovery, governments across the country have responded to the central government's call to introduce a series of corporate assistance policies. E -commerce enterprises should pay close attention to corporate assistance policies during the epidemic situation issued by governments of governments across the country, actively communicate with local government departments and bank financial institutions. With the help of corresponding government policies, they strive to reduce warehousing and operating costs, broaden the source of orders, and then alleviate the sources of orders. Cash flow crisis of enterprises.

    2. Improve the supply chain management, improve the ability of anti -risk

    During the epidemic situation, the e -commerce demand is blowing out. Many merchants have the phenomenon of scarce, insufficient inventory, and lagging supply of raw materials. The supply, procurement management, production resumption, and supply chain logistics of the enterprise all depend on the efficient and complete supply chain system. E -commerce companies must learn lessons and lessons, actively emphasize supply chain management, and step up the improvement of supply chain management mechanisms and early warning systems. In addition, enterprises should also adhere to the first principle of benefits, flexibly introduce various advanced procurement concepts and models, set up scientific and reasonable procurement organization structures, make full use of the Internet to find suppliers globally, establish their own supply chain advantages, gradually gradually gradually, gradually gradually gradually, and gradually gradually gradually. Improve the ability of enterprises to resist risks.

    3. Injecting innovative vitality, exploring the new retail model

    The current online e -commerce has become increasingly expressed in defects such as the lack of shopping experience and insufficient customer communication. Simple online e -commerce can no longer fully meet the needs of customers' entertainment and social networking. Therefore, only by combining online and offline can the effect of 1 1> 2 be achieved, which promotes the exploration of the e -commerce industry to the "new retail" model. New retail refers to individuals and enterprises through advanced technical means such as artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet technology to improve the improvement of commodity production, circulation and sales links, reshaping the format structure and ecosystem, and deeply integrate online services, offline experience, and offline experience, and offline experience Modern logistics new retail model. From retail to new retail, most of them are not only a "new" word, but also the new corporate image, business channels, marketing portfolios, corporate customers and new technologies. Although the current epidemic has added strong resistance to the development of "new retail", the era of value -oriented will definitely come. The e -commerce industry should actively accept the epidemic test, think about solving the new ways and possibilities of offline transformation. Only by tightening the strings that serve consumers and in line with consumer psychology, can we find a survival pathway in the storm of the epidemic and open up the blue ocean market that is suitable for its own development.

    4. Consolidate the current achievements, seek long -term development

    The "lazy economy" that is closely related to e -commerce, and expands the size of the e -commerce market while cultivating consumer consumption habits. With the increasing improvement of the epidemic, on the one hand, enterprises should seize development opportunities and continuously improve products and services to obtain more long -term loyal customer bases and consolidate the development results during the epidemic. On the other hand, in the face of increasingly competitive markets, enterprises should establish awareness of anxiety and analyze and formulate long -term strategic plans. Under the premise of improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise, encourage multiple innovative thinking, introduce high -quality industry talents, and gradually build corporate brands.

    . Sixth, conclusion

    Thisy grows rapidly with the support of Internet technology, but there are problems such as large logistics, unstable supply chain, and not vivid shopping experience. The development bottleneck. Enterprises need to be sober, comprehensive, dialectical, and long -term viewing the challenges and opportunities brought by the epidemic. On the one hand, e -commerce enterprises should learn from the experience of epidemics, check the leaks and supplements, and improve the corporate anti -risk ability and their core competitiveness; on the other hand, e -commerce companies should also actively conform to the "new retail sales of online and offline integration. "Trends, consolidate development results while formulating long -term development strategies, and gradually develop the blue ocean market suitable for its own development. At the time node of the year of comprehensively building a well -off society and the end of the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" planning, e -commerce has made positive contributions to the prevention and control of epidemic and economic and social development. E -commerce companies should not forget their original intentions and move forward, continue to activate the enterprise's own "immune system", continue to release new potential, cultivate new kinetic energy, explore new models, and develop new economies. It can also achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise itself.

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