1 thought on “How thick is the ultra -fine and fine necklace”

  1. The ultra -fine and fine necklace can be 0.9mm, and it is easy to break. Do not buy too thin the necklace, it is easy to break and not so beautiful.
    10 grams of gold necklace is most suitable for women. Black silk dress is common in the office with its low -key elegance. After tie the curve with a black belt, you can choose a color with a large contrast to decorate the whole body appropriately, so as not to give people too serious and gloom.
    The thickness of the necklace generally depends on the body shape of the wearer. Generally speaking, it is male friends who wear rough gold necklaces. Then the difference in body shape determines that the thickness of the necklace is not uniform.
    In in the West, men's necklaces to the beloved person mean "restraint". Such a sweet restraint is to be closely connected with the beloved person. From then on The happiest thing in life, western love is as romantic as Romantik, so there will be some romantic love elements in the Western necklace.

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