4 thoughts on “Demiani diamond ring is one of the top ten jewelry diamond ring brands. What are the various series of diamond rings of this brand?”

  1. Demiani diamond ring -produced by Italian Damiani company, the world's top ten jewelry diamond rings brands, one of the world -renowned brands, has won many international diamond awards, and has been favored by women for a long time. Many women are in love with various series of diamond rings produced by the brand, and even many women will collect them for value -added and appreciation.
    1.kiss series diamond rings

    damiani Bacikiss series diamond ring. The entire diamond ring adopts a double ring and cross design. The ring is inlaid with a lot of broken drills, making the whole style more romantic and gorgeous, and the weight of the diamond ring itself is not very heavy, which is suitable for some young girls to wear.
    2.Damiani Belle Epoque series diamond rings
    damiani Belle Epoque series diamond rings, the appearance design is more wide and thick, giving a royal noble atmosphere, a total of four bright diamonds inlaid in the central government of the ring. Surrounded by broken diamonds around, more luxurious and valuable atmosphere. The diamond weight of the entire ring is 0.82 carats. Suitable for women with virtuous temperament.
    3.damiani D.Side Jewelry Series Simple Diamond Ring
    DAMIANI D.Side series diamond ring is more simple in design. Tightly connect the two concentric rings, and the design of the entire ring imply the eternal love. Suitable for a bride who has infinite care of love.
    4. DAM Demiani diamond rings Iani D.side Jewelry series dense diamond diamond rings
    damiani d.Side jewelry series dense diamond diamond ring. The diamond disk continues to radiate light like the sun, and the five diamond rings around the disc seem to constitute a pattern representing the girl's pentagram, as if lingering with the sun. This ring diamond weighs 0.45 carats. Suitable for women with elegant temperament and softness and softness.
    5.damiani Fabula series three diamond diamond rings
    damiani Fabula series diamond ring, the simple metal ring is inlaid with three shining diamonds on the side of the side. The diamonds are dazzled by the light luster of the metal ring. The gorgeous appearance means that the happy marriage will be shiny, and the rings diamond weigh 0.75 carats. Suitable for a bride with a fairy -tale heart.
    6.Damiani Fabula series single diamond rings
    damiani Fabula series single diamond rings, exquisitely created platinum rings inlaid with shining diamonds. The designer brought the lines and space. The designer on this ring on this ring. The design is integrated into the elements of space and light, creating the unique charm of the Fabula series single diamond ring. This ring diamond weighs 0.25 carats. Suitable for beautiful and generous brides.
    7.Damiani Juliette series diamond rings
    damiani juliette series diamond ring. The overall design is very luxurious. The four shining diamonds are firmly inlaid on the claw ring, and the diamonds are embedded with petals and diamonds. The overall method of rose cutting is used to bring a strong Dutch court color to the entire ring. This ring diamond weighs 1.04 carats, suitable for women with charming temperament.

  2. The diamond ring of this brand series has KISS series diamond ring, Damiani Belle Epoque series diamond ring, Damiani D.Side jewelry series minimalist diamond ring, DAM Demani diamond rotor Iani D.side jewelry series dense diamond rum, Damiani Fabula series three diamond rings.

  3. Various series of diamond rings of Demiani diamond rings include KISS series diamond rings, Damiani Belle Epoque series diamond rings, DAMIANI Fabula series three diamond rings, Damiani D.Side jewelry series simple diamond ring.

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