1 thought on “Can the Tiffany T series be a wedding ring?”

  1. Tiffany T series can be used as a wedding ring

    The design director of Tiffany Jewelry Francesca has recently created the "Tiffany T" series jewelry, which marks the advent of a new jewelry era. Its sales target is those consumers who are keen on art and culture. When this series of jewelry was launched for the first time, it was believed that the "Tiffany T" series of jewelry could reflect the modern life atmosphere and uninterrupted vitality of New York. The design of the "Tiffany T" series of jewelry makes full use of the angle and curve, and the AU750 (18K gold)-rose gold, gold, platinum-and 925 sterling silver and ceramic materials are made. Style bracelets, small bracelets, necklaces and suspension, rings and earrings of different lengths. Some Tiffany T series are inlaid with diamonds and high -quality gems.

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