1 thought on “Can gold jewelry without invoices be sold?”

  1. You can
    It the gold jewelry of your own hand, nothing more than the following channels: large gold shops, repurchase agencies, pawn banks, auction houses. The series of surcharges mentioned earlier must be reduced when recycling, ranging from dozens to several hundred per gram, and a series of fees such as handling fees, appraisal fees, depreciation fees, etc. during transaction. Moreover, not all gold jewelry can be recovered in the brand gold shop. Some stores only replace their own products with old -fashioned replacement. What should we do in this case?

    It at this time you can choose some large gold repurchase institutions. They will melt the gold first, and then calculate the repurchase amount based on the gold price on the day. Although the quotation methods of different institutions are different, the gold price hanging from the Shanghai Gold Exchange on the day will not be too outrageous. However, the conversion fee and handling fee are inevitable.

    If these are not good, you can only try the pawns. The pawn line has no requirements for the brand and color of the jewelry, and there is no need to melt the jewelry, but the repurchase price is absolutely lower than the gold price of the day, and it says what the jewelry is. Several institutions have a set of regular measurement standards. The same type chain, it is normal to give you fewer thousands of differences. However, if your gold jewelry is a memorable antique, you can take the auction house, and the price will be considerable.

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