3 thoughts on “Baby one year old gift”

  1. 1. The baby's long -lived lock necklace: China has wearing a long -lived lock for babies since ancient times. I hope that the child is healthy and long -lived. : In addition to the full moon, you can send a long -life lock, one year old can also be available. The baby is not only good -looking, but also has a good health effect on the body. It is better to give it to the baby.
    3, baby gold pendant: Gold symbolizes wealth and blessing in China, so he is also willing to send gold jewelry to the baby. When the baby is one year old, you may wish to send a gold pendant And love, no matter who it is, you will want to give the best things to your children.
    4. The baby commemorative frame is set to the stage: When the baby is one year old, it will be almost left. From the birth wrinkle to now, you can walk slowly and witness the magical transformation of such a small life. The album? It is the most emotional way to record memories. It is better to commend those beautiful moments and give it to our babies.
    One -year -old baby's toys
    1. Moms must go to large shopping malls to buy toys. Buy the building blocks that can be placed in the pattern. The baby has a preliminary understanding of the shape and color. You can also buy the kind of toys that will be pulled away at
    2, early education machine is also the best enlightenment toy for the baby. Moms can download some children's songs, stories, and English songs in the early teaching machine. There will be a lot of changes to the baby's language.
    3, the ball is also the best toy of the child, because the child climbed very skilled, and just learned to walk. There are also towers and cups that can make the baby's movement flexible. The color is bright, and the toy baby who makes a sound is also curious.

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