85CM body body entity doll how to use

Mortimer: Extremely excellent, a lot of gifts, easy use effect, full of flesh and no bad smell, confidential delivery is done nicely, the packaging is extremely tight, no privacy exposed, you don't have to hesitate to buy, just like the pictures and videos. I bought advanced sex dolls for my husband after I was pregnant. Safety is the most valuable thing. Therefore, after comparing several stores to buying them, there seems to be no problem.

Haley: It's extremely full, it's pleasurable, the body reacts and it's extremely strong. It's a really soft material. It's a really soft material. I have played a lot of these products. I have bought this product for the third time. It is the most satisfying shape. I was impressed when I saw it and I was even more impressed when I received it. It was exactly like the real thing. The face shape was exquisite.

Hamiltion: sex dolls under $500 Posture can be numerous kinds of lower body is extremely excellent to insert the suggestion to rub some lubricating oil is more tempting because the doll itself will not flow water lubricating oil is like the doll flow inserted extra feeling. ​The skin feel is also extremely excellent, full of elasticity. The biggest feature I still feel is the head is extremely real, chest is extremely soft, like jelly is extremely real, waist ratio is extremely hot, hip is also extremely plump, love.

Hamiltion: The doll has been received. It has a high level of appearance and a beautiful skin color. I love it very much when I look at it. High-end dolls are excellent ah, the carved heads are actually lovely, silicone spray is very real, the price determines the quality, not disappointed, finally bought their own satisfaction with the doll, each part is extremely similar, the skin is soft and elastic, mainly or lovely face. The doll's body joints move more flexible skin feels extremely elastic, weight and body shape are relatively appropriate, feel really good, good to use the real feeling is particularly excellent, cleaning is also convenient. The tightness is moderate, the experience is extremely satisfying, it is truly delicious! Full physical material, truly can.

Barton: It's real and great-looking. It's my type. I don't think I've ever met a woman that lovely in real life. The amplitude of joint rotation can be, hand and foot detail texture is extremely excellent, totally beyond expectations! Feel this aspect is still ok, the face is extremely lovely, lovely with a bit pure, eyes are extremely charming, the makeup is extremely delicate, body curves are sexy, hair material is extremely fine. The breasts are extremely soft, jelly breasts, great details, good sculpted head, extremely delicate makeup, the breasts feel overly tall, the skin tone is extremely real.

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