Electronic light stick, what a good night fishing artifact

I often hear such a sentence: the most in the world are indeed cheap goods, but what promotes the progress of the world must be the best.

I have met many people who directly compare prices when buying things, regardless of value. For example, they would rather spend 300 yuan on five fishing rods than spend 300 yuan on one fishing rod. He even joked at others sometimes: Do you think he catches as many fish as I do with a fishing rod worth 1,000 yuan?

In fact, whoever stipulates that a good fishing rod must catch more. For those who talk about expensive at every turn, it is not because they are backward in thinking, and they should be despised because they are not good everywhere. What is certain is that the value that each person sees in front of different things often determines a person's vision and happiness.

Yesterday, I caught fish all day in the rain. Even though I was holding an umbrella, I was drenched in the rain. It rained again this morning, and there is no fishing appointment, so I just want to share with you a fun and easy-to-use electronic light stick.

Most fishermen know that fishing can be divided into daytime fishing and night fishing according to time. Most of the light-emitting devices that people use most during night fishing are luminous rods, luminous drifts and luminous lights.

Today I am sharing with you an artifact for night fishing that is rarely used by everyone: night fishing glow stick. In fact, this product has been launched on the market as early as several years ago. I remember that some fishing tackle shops were selling it at that time, and I was also tempted, but I didn’t find a suitable purchase channel at that time, so I put it aside and forgot.Also check out:pyrowizard electronic flash wand

When I purchased recently, I accidentally found this product, so I bought a batch. This glow stick is designed with one board and two sets. For example, the 425 luminous battery we often use is a board with 5 batteries, and this light stick is a board with two batteries.

A set of glow sticks includes three parts: led light cap, 311 battery and silicone sleeve. The diameter of the LED lamp cap is 4mm wide, 8mm long, and the weight is only 0.06 grams.

The CR311 battery has a diameter of 3mm, a length of 11mm and a weight of 0.17 grams. The diameter of the silicone sleeve is 3.6 mm, the length is 17 mm, and its weight is 0.05 grams.

In addition to its small size, the total weight of this electronic light stick is 0.28 grams, in order to minimize the influence of its own weight on the center of gravity and sensitivity of the float.

Careful friends will find a problem, the diameter of this electronic luminous stick is the same as the ordinary luminous stick we use (both are 3mm), so the luminous stick is still cheap, why use this electronic luminous stick?

Here we might as well make a careful comparison. Although their diameters are the same, the diameter of the electronic luminous rod is shortened by half, which not only reduces its own weight, but also is relatively less affected by the outside world (such as wind). At the same time, after it is installed on the floating tail, it is in a relatively upright state, and it will not tilt its head frequently like a luminous stick.

After such a comparison, everyone will clearly see that after the electronic light stick is installed on the normal floating tail, the impact on the floating center of gravity will be relatively much smaller.

Secondly, the brightness of the electronic luminous rod is stronger than that of the ordinary luminous rod. Friends who often fish at night know that when we use a long pole for fishing, if the luminous rod is not bright, it will cause serious difficulties for us to observe the beauty.

In addition, the electronic luminous stick does not darken faster like ordinary luminous sticks, and it becomes darker at every turn, which can save the trouble of frequent replacement of luminous sticks.

In the dark night, frequent replacement of luminous rods is not only laborious, but also time-consuming, and even misses a lot of fish mouths. I think friends who often fish at night know this better than me.

Therefore, in general, this kind of electronic luminous stick still has obvious advantages over ordinary luminous sticks, which is why it still occupies a certain share in the market.

Some people say that this kind of electronic luminous stick is expensive, and the price of a set can buy five packs of luminous sticks. If we stare at the price, we naturally feel that it is a little expensive.

But if we look at it comprehensively from the points that it does not need to be replaced frequently, has higher brightness, higher sensitivity, and longer total battery life, it is actually quite cost-effective.

The only worry about this kind of electronic light stick is that it is the same as ordinary luminous sticks, try not to hit trees or obstacles. I remember that two years ago I went to a kiln farm to fish at night, and the mouth was very good that night, and I caught more than 100 catties of grass carp in one night.

Because grass carp is dishonest and often unhooks. In addition, there is a big tree behind me, and my luminous stick fell off 2 packs (that is, ten sticks) after hitting the tree that night.

Therefore, if you use this kind of electronic light stick, you must learn my lesson. After all, the price of this thing is higher than ordinary luminous sticks. It is recommended that you choose to use it in an open place as much as possible.

Finally, I would like to remind all fishing friends that there are a lot of fake products, not only 425 batteries and 311 batteries, but also this electronic light stick.

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