wholesale jewelry receipt What equipment does DNF35 mad warrior wear?

wholesale jewelry receipt

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  1. wholesale colored rhinestone jewelry sets It is recommended to wear blue equipment. This level does not require good equipment. It can reach more than 40 levels in 2 days. Just take a 35 purple weapon.

  2. where can i get wholesale indian jewelry A set of Longming, below 25%blood hard straight, Snow Lotus Ming phoenix sword or Emily's silver makeup knife is both attribute attacks, the title is the sky task, the jewelry with interference launchers, and other purple clothes It's okay, I personally feel that the madness brushing the picture can not use much magic, open a violent point of the other tricks.

  3. wholesale copper wire for wire wrapping jewelry Long Ming! Long Ming is the best equipment in level 35! You can also buy a set of 35 CC suits to accelerate! You can buy more than one million now! It is estimated that the chairman is in the future!

  4. wholesale jewelry accounts I feel you want to wear a reckless set! The first is cheap! 2 is more blood and more strength! Red eye is a single brush ratio team brush efficiency! The effect of the preliminary skills is not obvious! So don't wear a suit! Good technology can make up for everything!

  5. wholesale china stainless steel and cz diamond hip hop jewelry The reckless set or silver blade set ~ Long Ming suit I personally think it is not very good and expensive! 35--40 is very fast, there is no need to wear so well

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