wholesale jewelry blogs How to make accounting points for small -scale companies to buy game currency? What accounting subjects are game currencies?

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  1. wholesale brazilian jewelry 1. The purchase of game currency in the entertainment service industry should belong to the "low-value consumables", and calculate it in accordance with the "Five-Five Five-Five Stalls Sales Law";
    When purchasing End consumer amortization (50%)
    borrowing: low-value consumables-game currency (50%)
    loan: inventory cash, or bank deposit (100%)
    %When all damage:
    borrowing: operating expenses-low-value consumables amortization
    loan: low-value consumables-game coins
    , wholesale and retail industry purchases game coins For sales, it should belong to inventory goods
    when purchasing:
    borrowing: inventory product-game coins
    The accessories of the game machine for the game console are included in the raw materials:
    In purchase:
    borrowing: raw material-game coins
    loans: inventory cash, bank deposit
    for reference only

  2. wholesale jewelry stores in louisville kentucky Small -scale enterprises purchase game currency are accounting subjects for turning materials. When purchasing, borrow the turnover materials directly, loan inventory cash or bank deposit borrowing.
    This materials have the following characteristics:
    (1) The turnover material is similar to the low -value consumables. Function can be used multiple times to gradually transfer its value. These are similar to low -value consumables.
    (2) The universality of the material
    This materials generally must be installed before it can be used to use its value. The same material is not installed. In order to avoid confusion, a special library should be set up. In addition, there are many types of rotary materials, large dosage, low value, short usage period, frequent transceivers, easy loss, and often need to be supplemented and replaced. Therefore, it is included in mobile assets for management.
    The above characteristics of the rotary material, in terms of the management and accounting of the rotary materials, the same low -value and easy consumables, the combination of the management and accounting of fixed assets and materials should be adopted.

  3. scarf jewelry cross pendants wholesale See what you bought for your game currency
    The company production game console, buying for supporting, entering inventory products

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