wholesale diamond hip hop jewelry How to access the digital RMB API

wholesale diamond hip hop jewelry

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  1. wholesale j crew jewelry Access to the bank mobile web page is a kind of direct connection mode.
    The number of digital RMB payment interfaces (online) that can be selected by merchants:: Digital RMB H5 payment, digital RMB -free agreement payment, sub -wallet push function, and digital RMB app payment.
    D digital RMB H5 payment is suitable for merchant virtual account recharge scene. Digital RMB-free payment is suitable for traffic travel-bus/subway exhibition code. Sub -wallet push is suitable for merchants' own platform business scenarios, which is one of the main ways to push the Institute. The principle of digital RMB APP payment payment is the same as the merchant took up WeChat payment/Alipay payment (future main promotion). When the user selects the product to determine the payment, the user selects the digital RMB app payment for payment. During the payment process, the merchant took up the digital RMB app for payment requests; the user selected the open wallet in the digital RMB APP to complete the payment.

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