wholesale custom jewelry from china How can I get Q coins for free?

wholesale custom jewelry from china Where can the Q coins in QQ games be free?

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  1. karma jewelry wholesale 1. Take 10 yuan in your wallet or bank card, go to or run or take a car, go to the currency card sales outlet or game point card sales point, use your 10 yuan to exchange for the corresponding Q coin ; Or online currency card trading platforms, buy 1 Q coin with virtual currency; or use China Mobile and China Unicom to get a Q coin with your pre -reserve call fee.
    2. Walking down on the road, suddenly found a "Q coin" on the ground, so he picked it home.
    3. Dial Tencent's customer service phone call. After the lady of the briefer picks it up, you say to her: I am a QQ user, please give me a Q coin. And intimidated, I know where you are careful ...
    4. Handheld AK-47 rushed into the Tencent's office, using a gun to force the administrator to add 1 Q coin to you.
    5. Go to the restaurant to drink 3 pounds of 85 degrees to burn the knife, take a hot bath in the evening, and always read "Give me a Q coin, give me a Q coin", read 10,000 times, then sleep, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream You get a Q coin.
    6. Buy a Chinese entrepreneur yellow page, or check the phone on the Internet to Ma Huateng, and then start calling him after 0pm. It was Confucius. The third time I said, I want a Q coin and say that I will no longer use QQ if I do n’t give me Q coins.
    7. Call 110 and various media, saying that you are standing on the 25 -story high -rise platform. If you do not send 1 Q coin for you, you will jump downstairs.
    8. Find a lawyer to write a complaint, go to the court to prosecute Tencent, accuse Tencent to induce you to use QQ online, and ask the judge to judge Tencent to give you a Q coin for free.
    9. Sprinkle rumors on the Internet, posting posts, and sending messages everywhere, saying, "I am Ma Huateng, please add a Q coin to me." Tencent's employees believe that it is true, so you have an extra Q coin in your QQ.
    10.24 hours to send information to friends and QQ groups on QQ, asking them to send you a Q coin. If you don't give you, continue to send it until you give you Q coins.
    11. Your friends were suddenly madly sent to a psychiatric hospital. Before leaving, I gave you a Q coin and told you that we will meet in heaven.
    12. Buy N hackers, learn N years hacking technology, and then invade Tencent's QQ server, modify your QQ information, and add a Q coin to your account.
    13. Crazy click the advertisement on the QQ website, 30 days without interruption, click 10,000 times a day, so you get a Q coin.
    14. It looks like a beggar, and it is on the campus of primary and secondary schools. When I saw a person coming over, he hoeed his head and said, "Sir, wife, and wife, let's enjoy a Q coin for me.
    15. Rumors spread online, saying that Tencent's stock was suspended by the market, and Tencent was about to close. Tencent was under pressure from public opinion, so I had to give you a Q coin.
    16. Starting today, you have been vegetarian, burn incense and worship Buddha three times a day, 365 days a year. Ten years later, if you read your sincerity, you will send you a Q coin.
    17. Looking for Chinese fake masters, he will hire you hundreds of millions of dollars, and let them create a fake Q coin.
    18. On the eve of Shanda acquisition of Tencent's stock, Tencent launched the "National Mobilization QQ Holy Defense War" in order to block Shanda's public acquisitions. Protest the "capital tyranny" of Shanda and Chen Tianqiao.
    19. Tencent learned that in order to get free Q coins, you used the above 18 methods to be moved by your persistence. Send you a permanent Q coin for free, and ask Mr. Ma Huateng to present the "QQ Most Loyal User Award" for you.

    The consequences of 19 methods
    1. You bought Q coins, but lost the coin.
    2. You can pick up Q coins, but only 50 % of the success rate.
    3. You become the second "Mr. Kong Qiang", and your name is included in the 2005 "Top Ten Celebrities on the Internet".
    5. You have enjoyed life completely, and you have a dream, and you will be happy to go to work tomorrow.
    6. You are arrested for intimidation, or you are sent to a mental hospital.
    7. You have become celebrities, and major newspapers and networks have boarded your photos and events. In response to your situation, there are great social thinking. Numerous sociologists, critics, journalists, and editors have wrote a manuscript to express their views, and the society has quickly launched anti -TM and anti -QQ trends. Scholars point out that QQ seriously affects people's lives and causes huge potential threats to netizens. Therefore, Tencent was investigated and punished by relevant departments, and relevant responsible persons were ruled by the Criminal Law. Tencent's stock exploded 10,000 points and announced bankruptcy overnight. And you fully seize the opportunity, and according to your own "deeds", you conceive a novel "Q coin, you make my life full of tears", becoming the first person in China's Internet antitrust, and frequently appear on major international forums and media Essence
    8. You have become the "more true king" in China instead of XXX, and the lawsuit has been played for 10 years.
    9. You were sued by the court for fraud.
    10. You lost all QQ friends.
    11. Since then, you no longer dare to use QQ.
    12. You become the top hacker.
    13. You become the most loyal supporter of QQ.
    14. You got a Q coin and was kicked out of the school gate by the school security.
    15. The procuratorate filed a public prosecution on the crimes of "spread rumors, malicious attacks and slander".
    16. You have become a well -known Buddhist researcher in China and the famous "layman" in the people.
    17. After you use fake Q coins for an hour, you will be blocked by the QQ administrator quickly.
    18. You get a q coin forever.
    19. Not only did you get a Q coin, but also became the new spokesperson promoted by Tencent QQ, and became the best model for QQ users to learn.

    VII (feasible method)
    20. First go to the next Chinese chess single version, then enter the QQ game
    The Chinese chess played 200 game coins once, and then wait for someone to come, open the stand -alone version of the chess, select the expert level, then wait for the opponent to play, then cut it to the stand -alone version of the opponent, and then go to the computer to walk by the computer. You just go the same step as it. Because the stand -alone is an expert level, the general opponent can't fight, and then wait for the game coin! This method is a bit troublesome, but at least
    to earn 10Q coins in the afternoon!

    Reference materials: u003Ccomputer enthusiasts>

    The method of contributing a high -end group charging that is to bypass tencent and has a 2G shared space and unlimited large space album! Hope to help you! Intersection Intersection
    The description: I applied for a free 2G mailbox for Sina as a shared space for everyone to use together!
    and the album, use the vulnerability that BBS can reprint from Sina's album!

    bbs Patching method:
    E everyone can log in to the homepage of the Sina from the outer network, type the ID and password, and open my album upload photos (note that only as a user login can upload photos), Sina The album space is infinitely large and very small. It does not need to change the format (support the most common GIF and JPG format) and size, which is equivalent to we have an infinite album and 2G shared space! Intersection
    ^_^Are you happy? Intersection
    Plip the photo after opening the album. After the full display is displayed, the right -click attribute, copy the URL address to the picture link address of the BBS!

    Note: If the tencent deletes or blocks pictures on the BBS without a legitimate reasons (such as: reaction and pornography), then the behavior of Tencent is illegal! Intersection Intersection
    It hope it will be helpful to you! Intersection Intersection

    Note: If the tencent deletes or blocks pictures on the BBS without a legitimate reasons (such as: reaction and pornography), then the behavior of Tencent is illegal! Intersection Intersection
    It hope it will be helpful to you! Intersection Intersection

    advise everyone not to easily believe in the so -called various methods on the Internet !!

  2. wholesale mom jewelry Blocking hackers: QQ security problem solution
    Source: QQ Paradise
    Editor in charge:

    [06-2-23 19:03] Author: Anonymous

    QQ is a free chat tool launched by Tencent. Because the user base is very wide, it has become the mainstream attack method and attack target of hackers. Many hackers have followed this channel, using the safety vulnerability of the chat tool to launch an attack, and mastered the other party's chat tools to get the administrator authority.

    The attack on QQ users mainly has the following aspects.

    1. Preventing the QQ number of stealing

    The method of stealing QQ numbers has to attack weak passwords and install keyboard records on the public computer, or send a Trojan horse to users, or send a Trojan horse, Use tools to steal passwords.

    It weak password attacks is to use QQ passwords to exhaust the software. Try the possible password combination online. The situation is easy to find out by the endless software. The method of dealing with this attack is to use as complicated passwords as possible, such as the combination of letters and numbers. The password length is at least 8 digits.

    The keyboard recording tools were installed on many public computers, especially Internet cafes. When the computer is turned on, every character in the keyboard is completely recorded. Record files, it is not difficult to find the QQ number and the corresponding password from it. The method of dealing with this attack is to use the keyboard and mouse together when entering the password. Use the mouse to adjust the input order of the password. If your password has more than 8 digits and each character of the password is different, even if the hacker knows you, you know you. All the password characters are not worried. Think about the 8*7*6*5*4*3*2*2*1 = 40320 of the 8th step, which has been hacked for a long time. Remember to modify the password and increase your safety factor.

    It another way is to use the user's greedy and cheap psychology to steal the QQ number. The most famous is the following deception. Some people posted such stickers on some forums, claiming that several hackers successfully sneaked into Tencent's homepage and got some valuable data and vulnerabilities. The principle is that after entering the homepage of Tencent, they made a number of numbers that can be read automatically on the server QQ ********: The company's administrator is to complete the simple job by sending instructions to such QQ to give a simpler job to such QQ to make a relatively simple job to work like this QQ. (For example, recover QQ and recover passwords, etc.) This QQ number is: ************ (Tencent In order to not attract everyone's attention, this QQ is more ordinary. This QQ is generally invisible. Send code to this QQ number {Jerusalum/Plo *********} {velin bontchev @@@} {framemuzk ###} QQ password, ### Fill in the number of Q coins to apply for Q coins, you can wait for the Q coins, and you can get a good number. The user who wants to get QQ coins to the person who wants to get QQ coins to this person Numbers are naturally stolen.

    The QQ number mobile phone binding function launched by Tencent can solve the stealing problem of QQ numbers once and for all. Friends using QQ software are a big challenge


    Now, a fake free free to get 6 digits on the Internet QQ's webpage address, this address is like this /whois_lookup.cgi? 1 || Without entering the mailbox, I tried more than ten times, and the results appeared all the same. At the connection on the left, I found that I ca n’t click. It can be said that as long as you are careful, you will find a lot of loopholes. Some netizens ask me, why do he do? Make such a page?

    This is definitely a purpose to make such a page. Like the above example, there is no advertisement on the page, so you want to get an advertising income to eliminate it. You can lie to your QQ password and do not want you to enter the real information, so you can use your information to make illegal hooks. In my opinion, the only thing is to enter the mailbox. Email, tell you the password of QQ, either bring a Trojan horse directly in the mailbox, or give you a connection, and you want you to get the password here. As long as you enter the connection, you will heavy his trap. n
    The cases of deception through QQ. Let ’s take a look at some common fraud

    1. Pretending to the website of Tencent, the banner of sending Q coins or giving away QQ numbers , Require users to enter QQ numbers and passwords in the dialog box. Most of the website addresses have QQ words. Click to enter the page with imitation QQ dolls. There are obvious dialog boxes in the pages. In order to deceive the click -through rate of users, it may develop into a number of stolen in the future the wrist of. After the user is required to enter the QQ number and QQ password, there is no verification at this time, or the verification code box shaped as virtual without any verification effect. Because these websites cannot obtain any information of Tencent. If you enter the QQ number and password here, the information will be collected by the scammer, so that you may steal your QQ number.

    2. Precuffing system broadcasting, deceiving mobile phone costs, scammers send information to users through the text message channels of the QQ client, the purpose is to deceive the user's mobile phone cost; "Actually, the scammer customized instructions to obtain cheats in a game business. The purpose is to allow netizens to receive this information and think that they have customized a certain business. Blind binding "; at this time, the trap was originally thought to be a copy of the business, but it turned into a customized business, which led to loss of your mobile phone cost.

    3. Precursing hackers, saying that someone sneaked into Tencent's homepage and found valuable data. They made a QQ that can automatically read the instructions on the server. The password, etc.), then tell you his own QQ, saying that this QQ is Tencent's special number, and then you can receive the code to receive countless Q coins to this QQ.

    4. Grafting SMS, trick the dream network password, and the scammer (QQ: 3211xx) uses a mobile QQ to send a text message to the user, sending the number "" (3211xx is the QQ number of the scammer) To: "Congratulations to you successfully subscribing to the mobile book will charge 30 yuan per month, please reply 86 for refund (not charging any fees within 24 hours)." , Click "Forget Password", at this time Mengwang will automatically send "Dear users, your password is *****, welcome to log in to mobile dream network" to the user's mobile phone. When the user receives the message sent by the deceased, he will intuitively want to cancel the service, and then receive the message sent by Mengwang to retrieve the password, which is somehow. The scammer (QQ: 3211xx) uses the mobile QQ to send a text message to the user, sending the number "", and the content: "Please confirm that this service, please reply to the verification password we sent you as soon as possible. Thank you for your use!" The user will meet your use! "The user will meet your use!" The user meeting will If you take it for granted, you can get the Dream Network password just received, and the deception is obtained. The scammer uses the dream network password to open the service of the Tencent website or other websites.

    5. The scammer uses emotion to deceive. Such as: The old classmates who have not been in contact for a long time, suddenly contacted themselves by self -writing text messages, and then greet a few, and then said: Mother is sick, XX cancer, and owed some money. Also, ask other classmates' contact information; because the old classmates can call their accurate names, and there is an impulse to be obvious, and the money will be remitted according to the bank account provided by the other party. From then on, the "classmate" disappears. Deat.

    The people know that everyone knows that fraud can not be fully listed. Old discovery, new deception will appear again, so that you are not defended. Here, I teach to teach How do you recognize fraud, it is me to teach some experience for the buddies of the State Master College Forum, haha ​​~~~

    . If you have not subscribed to any text messages or the like, do not I believe that if you have subscribed to the information on your mobile phone, please go to the official website to inquire

    2. Direct contact to determine friends who help the need.

    3. Identifying network fraud information. For example, the example mentioned above, you can enter his page to see, in which aspect, (1) the domain information of the scammers website, (2 2 ) Look at the ICP certificate is true or false. (3) Look at the URL. The scammers' websites are very similar to the QQ domain name, or the suffix is ​​different. I look at the above example. The suffix of the CC knows that there is a problem. (4) Please believe that there is no free lunch in the world.


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