5 thoughts on “What sound is the dog afraid?”

  1. The dog's hearing is keen. But some dogs will show a sense of fear about the sudden loud sound, such as lightning thunder, roar of airplanes, firecrackers, etc., and some dogs will show a sense of fear.

  2. In terms of listening, pets should be higher than ordinary people or other species.
    The sound of dogs is afraid of noise, tone or high sound.
    The decibel too high will stimulate the dog's hearing. It will show an excessive reaction. Dogs should avoid such sounds as much as possible.

  3. Suddenly, such as thunder and aircraft engine.
    This sounds can scare the dogs,
    and will cause the dog's emotional instability.
    In severe cases, it will cause attacks on human beings.

  4. I was particularly afraid of the sound of artillery, shaking and shaking, especially nervous. A gallbladder, but it looks so pitiful, I dare not pee. Holding the tail.

  5. When it comes to dog barking, you will think of the bleak and long screams on the cliff on the cliff. It is said that in the case of dogs, far barking is to summon companions to find prey together, or to inform their companions, and it may be to declare to other groups to declare that this is their own site.
    So why does the dog still bark for the sound of the whistle or other sounds of the first aid car? The reason why the dog is far away: the dog's barking is a group of living habits

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