jewelry plastic bags wholesale Where is the best women's clothing in Hangzhou?

jewelry plastic bags wholesale

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  1. wholesale genuine incolay stone trinket jewelry box Answer Hello, I have received your question, please inquire for you right away, please wait a bit ~nThere are several main places to recommend it to you ~ no1. Hangzhou Siqi Qingqing Clothing Wholesale Market has the old clothing professional market. It is located in Hangzhou, the capital of the Yangtze River Delta provincial capital of the Yangtze River. It has a unique geographical location. Such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Nanjing, etc. These places are common, and people are rich and they all like fashion. Therefore, it should not be too much purchasing power nationwide. Four Jiqing is one of the earliest professional markets to carry out network batch. A long time ago, I have already had their own professional network approval platform, and also actively cooperated with large B2B platforms, such as Alibaba, Multivarians, and so on. During the outbreak of e -commerce around 2008, the four seasons have gained a lot of customers and orders, which has increased its popularity across the country. In contrast, many famous clothing wholesale markets have no own online wholesale platforms. Therefore, whether it is physical purchase or online approval, the four seasons are in the leading position in the country. Here I have to mention that the Shanghai Qipu Road wholesale market in the same area is similar to its geographical location. The road high -end products are stronger than the four seasons. After all, in Shanghai, the consumer groups are slightly different, and the focus is also different.nNO2. Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market Shahe is the fastest who has developed the fastest wholesale market in recent years. In just a few years, dozens of unique clothing wholesale cities have been developed. Women's clothing, denim, men's clothing, children's clothing, etc. The streets here are almost unable to travel. Shahe Street and the surrounding streets are crowded. Entering a large number of sending cities, it is also crowded with people, especially the Golden Horse, the core area of ​​Nancheng. Do n’t go shopping for friends. Do n’t bring extra items, otherwise you will be difficult to walk. The Shahe clothing market is positioned and low -grade routes, facing second- and third -tier cities and towns across the country. Shahe market network approval is also very developed. Most of the stalls here support network approval. Many low -cost promotions on Taobao have come from here. If you want to try the network approval, you can try it on multiple commercial networks.nNO3. Guangzhou Shisanxing Clothing Wholesale Market has a very famous clothing professional market in the market. It has been the main source of domestic and Korean women's clothing for many years. Professional main themes of high -end women's clothing, taking into account men's clothing, are the favorite of secondary clothing markets and clothing stores across the country. It is also the source of Taobao.市场以十三行路和和平东路的批发城和两条路之间的几个批发街组成,其中新中国大厦是龙头,包括红遍天服装批发中心,美衣城,东方红,光扬,龙City, Dou Na Street, so wholesale city and other wholesale cities. In recent years, many businesses in Guangzhou Thirteen Cleatings have also moved on the Internet. Most of them have settled in the wholesale platforms in Guangzhou, such as and the Internet of clothing.nNO.2 Hangzhou Huaxi Clothing, brand clothing, price discount, just at 177 Qiutao North Road.n NO.3 Longxiang's clothes have more styles, and the quality and price are directly proportional. There are many students. The summer clothes are basically around 50. No. 298, Yan'an Road, Shangcheng District.nLongxiang Clothing City is located in the middle section of Yan'an Road, the most prosperous commercial street in Hangzhou. It is adjacent to West Lake. The transportation is very convenient. It is a place where tourists are often patronized. Since the opening of Longxiang Clothing City on September 22, 1998, more than 30,000 passenger flows have been opened, and the business is booming and the benefits are stable. It ensures that the company's assets are appreciated year by year. The professional market with complete service, complete service, standardized management, popularity and transaction is very prosperous, and has won a good reputation in East China and even the national clothing industry.n5 morenBleak

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