How to Find Your Telegram ID?

How to Find Your Telegram ID?

Knowing simple things such as how to find your Telegram ID can be extremely valuable for a variety of reasons, like when you want to correctly configure privacy settings, as well as to deploy bots. Referred to as Telegram ID Telegram ID is a special identifier linked to your account that enables you to be distinguished from other users And here are step by step instructions on where to find this vital information in the Telegram app.

How to Find Your Telegram ID?
How to Find Your Telegram ID?

Using Your Telegram Account

Step 1: Pull Up Your Profile in the App To do this:

Start the Telegram on your device.

It is the settings icon which is generally found in iOS at the bottom right corner of the screen whereas for android users it is available in the menu on the top left.

At the top of the settings screen will be your profile information, which shows your name and phone number.

With Username as a Key

When you have a public username, this is a friendly name for the Telegram ID you have created. It is a globally unique username which any Telegram user can keep using to find your profile if they do not know your phone number. Here’s how to set or find it:

In your profile in settings menu try to find column "Username".

If you haven't already created a username, you can tap into the area and key in a username you prefer. Make it unique and one thing that you or your small business stands for.

How to Find Your Numeric Telegram ID

To get a numeric ID (separate from your username) that some Telegram task requires, you should use a special bot/tool for this, as Telegram does not display it directly (for security reasons). Step by step guide to how to find your numeric ID

Search for "userinfobot" or a bot like this one in the search bar in Telegram.

Initiate a chat with the bot and execute some command like /start or /myid.

You Will Get Your Telegram ID ( Numeric )

Using your ID, privately

Once you got your Telegram ID be careful where u expose it. A numeric ID is your serial number, a unique identifier that may allow to access your public Telegram information or work with bots and third-party services.

Telegram ID

Visit the link provided, and learn your ID management and be able to use your ID safely from the comprehensive resource.

Ensuring Security and Privacy

As the Telegram basically is an online based application that means a user can create only this application based user ID which will be known as the Telegram ID or Users can have their Telegram iD and they can register it on Telegram wherever they go. Above all, consider it as a personal detail, just like you would with any other concepts about you. Telegram offers you the option of protecting your profile privacy through careful restrictions you can set on privacy settings for accessing your profile and means of contacting you.

Perform those steps and you will have a good way to locate and properly handle your Telegram ID, increasing its user-friendliness and your security on the platform.

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