fashion jewelry wholesale france Where is the largest clothing wholesale market in Shanghai? Great gods help

fashion jewelry wholesale france

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  1. wholesale assorted jewelry Wholesale addresses of color TV, air -conditioning, small home appliances, food, clothing, clothing, wool, bedding, small goods, crafts, curtain decoration, etc. wholesale address: Shanghai Shanghai Qingping Highway No. 598 Shanghai Jewelry Wholesale Address: Fu You Road Fuyoumen Mall Shanghai Auto Parts Wholesale Market, Shanghai Pudong Auto Parts Wholesale Market Address: 1681-1687, Yanggao South Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai Shanghai Packaging Wholesale Market, Shanghai Packaging Wholesale Market, Shanghai Packaging City, Shanghai Packaging City Address: Shanghai Packaging City Address: Shanghai Guangtong Shoe Bag Wholesale Market Address: Shanghai Tea Wholesale Market, No. 1222, Tibet South Road, Shanghai Market Address: Shanghai Glasses Wholesale Market, 500 Chengshan Road, Pudong, Shanghai, Shanghai Kaitai Glasses Wholesale Market Address: Shanghai Sanye Glasses Wholesale Market, Shanghai Baochang Road, Shanghai Bei Plaza) Shanghai Aquatic Property Wholesale Market, Shanghai Caoyang Water Property Wholesale Market Address: Shanghai Cao'an Siping Aquatic Market Address Address: Shanghai Miyun Road No. 10L8 Shanghai Clothing Wholesale Market, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai Luhu Shanghai Xingpu Clothing Wholesale Market Address: Shanghai New Ginkgo Clothing Wholesale Market Address: Shanghai Jing'an Xiaoting Clothing Market Address, Shanghai, No. 258 Qipu Road, Shanghai, Shanghai Market Address: Shanghai Light Textile Market Address: Shanghai Cao'an International Shoes City Address: Shanghai Cao'an Road, Shanghai Cao'an Road No. 1777, Shanghai Cao'an Road, Zhejiang Middle Road. Marketing Shanghai Starlight Phase Equipment City Address: Shanghai Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, Shanghai Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Trading Market Address Address: Shanghai Longwu Road, Shanghai Longwu Road, Shanghai No. Shanghai Shanzhen Wholesale Market Shanghai Longshan Zhen wholesale Market Address: Shanghai Bei Food Wholesale Market, Shanghai Bei Food Wholesale Market, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai Zhongshan Style Food Wholesale Market Address: Shanghai Cosmetics Clothing Gift Market, No. 100 Guyi Road, Shanghai Market address: No. 113, Caoxi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (relying on Caoxi Road Light Rail Station) Shanghai Lighting Wholesale Market Address: No. 125 Liuying Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai The market in Shanghai Fuyoumen Commercial Building is located at No. 47, Fuyou Road, Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai. It is located at the intersection of Henan South Road. Shanghai Fengze Figures wholesale Market Address: Shanghai Wanuo Hardware Electric wholesale Market No. 315 Shanghai Wanguo Hardware Electric is located at the junction of Beijing East Road and Tibet Middle Road, leading the streets of Beijing East Road. The first phase of the market has been completed and the business has been hot; the second phase of the launch of the boutique reserved shop, providing more business opportunities. IWC has a total of about 200 shops, one layer: hardware and mechanical accessories; mezzanine: hardware tools and welding equipment; two layers: mechanical and electrical products and tool hardware; three -layer and four layers: whole floor rental and sale, sell Can be used for operation, office, catering, leisure, entertainment, etc. Shanghai Fruit Wholesale Market: Sixteen Shop Land Fruit Wholesale Market (Zhongshan East Road 16); Zhongshan West Road Land Fruit Wholesale Market (No. 2332, Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai); Caoyang Road Land Fruit Wholesale Market (Caoyang Road No. 1379); Pudong Shanghai Agricultural Products Center Wholesale Market (North Cai, No. 2000 Shanghai Road). Tianjin Road and Qipu Road are the famous clothing streets in Shanghai, where the representative clothing wholesale market is concentrated. For example, Xinqi Pu clothing market, Liying clothing wholesale market, promoting clothing market, etc.

  2. wholesale jewelry gold pendants The biggest and most complete and most complete and most comprehensive place for Qipu Road's clothing wholesale market is Shanghai's well -known clothing wholesale place. Many clothing stores enter the goods there. From a buses 15, you can get to Qipu Road. Small jewelry wholesale is in Chenghuang Temple. There are many wholesale departments in the Belt and Wholesale Market of Fuyou Men's small commodity wholesale market. You can go to see the 42 bus from the Wan Tube, you can get to the Chenghuang Temple. Fudoumen's small commodity wholesale market can also be available in Jiading's light spinning market.

  3. discount jewelry displays wholesale The country is more famous in the country in Guangzhou and Hangzhou
    Strophic in Guangzhou: White Horse Market in high -grade areas, middle and high -end thirteen lines, and low -end Shahe
    It Hangzhou concentrated in: north old market, four seasons new and old markets.
    This markets are relatively mature and large scale, and manufacturers' resources are also concentrated.
    has been making clothing for more than ten years. From young guys to middle -aged uncle, I hope to bring novice friends
    The valuable experience in these years, and let novice friends find the supply of supply less. detour.
    Add emblem: 93.33.08 .. Communicate together.

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